Jets Vs. Bruins Jan 10th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 20-16-5, 45 pts

Boston Bruins 26-11-1, 53 pts

6:00pm TD Garden

Tonight the Jets face the Marchand-less bruins as the close out a four game road trip before returning back to the comfy confines of he MTS Centre. I for one will be glad the marchand is out of the lineup. I watch the game when he hit Salo and it sickened me. I just glad he doesn’t get the opportunity to do that against the Jets. The guy is a dirty player and this “he plays on the edge” crap is complete BS. Thats just code for he doesn’t care about the welfare of other players. Yes play hard but theres a line you can never cross and Marchand does it on a nightly basis. So for the next five games marchand gets to watch from the press box and thats good news for the Jets.



The Bruins are pissed. They are mad at the Canucks. They are mad at the NHL. They are mad at the world and are looking to take those frustrations out on the Jets tonight. The crowd tonight will rival MTSC as the fans will be looking for anyone’s blood tonight. The Bruins are going to come out fast and strong. If the Jets can survive the first 8 minutes then they should be OK. Boston will throw everything at the Jets as they look to make a statement. It will be up to the jets to respond in kind. They need to meet each hit with one of their own. They need to take the crowd out of the game and use Boston’s emotions against them.


In the Sun today they calculated that the Jets have spent about one full game in the penalty box this season if you add all the time up. That is unacceptable and the team needs to do better than that. Sometimes you have to take a penalty and I can appreciate that but what kills the Jets is when they take dumb ones. Too many times they Jets get called for a hook or another obstruction call in the offensive zone. Those are just stupid penalties that need to be avoided. The game of Hockey is hard enough you don’t need to shoot yourself in the foot and make it harder.


This team needs an offensive explosion in the worst kind of way. They have 4 goals in their last 3 games but hav give up 11 in the same time span. That kind of goal differential is not going to make the playoffs. Goals are going to be hard to come by tonight as the Bruins have probably the best goaltending duo in the NHL. It  doesn’t matter who they put in the Bruins will be solid between the pipes. So then the Jets need to find a way to manufacture some score. Crashing the net and screening the opposing goalie is a good place to start. The Jets have a lot of size up front, they need to use it and try and get a few scramble goals. Boston is too good to try and beat with finesse. Sometimes you just need to get a little dirty.

Go Jets Go.

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