Jets Vs. Canucks March 7th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 32-27-8, 72 pts

Vancouver Canucks 41-18-8, 90 pts

9:00pm Roger’s Arena

The Jets head west on a very important two game swing. Tonight they face the mighty Canucks who have dropped their last two at home while the Jets come off an very successful home stand. I think the Jets will be the more confident team going into the match tonight. The offense is humming along and they are getting world class performances out of their goaltender each night. The Jets just need to get over the psychological hump of playing on the road. The game is exactly the same away from the MTS Centre. Its still 60 minutes long, you still have to score goals in a net and you still have play infront a loud crowd. The only difference is that this game takes place in Vancouver and not in Winnipeg.



The Manitoba Moose used to be Vancouver’s farm team. A lot of that staff is with the Jets now and are very familiar with the Canucks and their tendencies. The Jets need to mine that information for any advantage they can get. Some of the Canuck’s biggest stars played for the Moose at one time or another and its imperative that Zinger lets Claude Noel know all that he does about the team they are facing tonight. A little information could be the difference between a win and a loss and at this point of the season the Jets need all the wins they can get.


The Canucks have dropped their last two at home and will be looking to right the ship. The Jets seem to play their best when they face top notch opponents. Vancouver is easily one of the favorites to win the cup this season so the Jets will need to rise to the challenge. This game will be played at a pace that the Jets are not accustomed to and have rarely seen all season. They will need to find away to adjust their game in order to keep up with the Canucks.


This team has had trouble on the road all season and its clearly in their heads. Any chance they get the media reminds the Jets  and their fans that they are not that good on the road. The team needs to block all that chatter out and just focus on the game at hand. The Jets played a large chunk of their road games in january when the team was battling injuries. They have rarely played a road game this season with all hands on deck. Other than Bogo the Jets are healthy for this road swing and I think that will make a difference.

Go Jets Go!

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