Jets Vs. Capitals Feb 8th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 25-24-6, 56 pts

Washington Capitals 28-21-4, 60 pts

6:00pm Verizon Center

With a win tonight the Jets can move with 2pts of the Southeast Division lead. For the Jets to make the playoffs they will need to win their division which will also come with the very important home ice advantage. I think as the 3rd seed in the east the Jets could do some major damage. I know as an opposing coach I wouldn’t want to have to play 4 games at MTSC. To do that the Jets have to win first. They need a win tonight or they risk slipping so far back that they won’t have a chance.



Good things happen when you go hard at the net. If it wasn’t for Wheeler going in hard against the Leafs the Jets wouldn’t have found a way to win the game. The harder you go at the net the more of a chance that there will be some sort of rebound. When the Jets are able to get rebounds good things happen. But to do that they need to hit the net and thats been a problem of late. so they need to do what Wheeler did last game, go at the net and hope that the puck either goes in or bounces to a teammate.


I’m not asking for a 9 goal explosion. I would just settle for one more a game.Scoring 2 goals a game isn’t going to be enough to make the playoffs. Yes the old saying is the Defense win Championships and while thats true its offense that gets you to the playoffs. The Jets D has been playing great as of late but now its time for the offense to step it up. Its not like we don’t have guys who can put the puck in the net. They just seem to be struggling a little bit right now. If the Ladd’s and Fehr’s could ever get it going and play to their potential then this team would be very hard to beat. So lets start off slow and just try and score 3 tonight.


The one thing this team has lacked all year is the Killer instinct that all good teams need to have. The Jets need to find it and find it quick. They will get up one goal and then try to sit on the lead. When you are up by one thats when you need to press more. The other team will be trying to tie up the game so they will try and open up the play a bit. This gives you opportunities on the counter attack. Th other team will be more likely to pinch and therefore theres a chance they could give up an odd man rush. When that happens the Jets HAVE to capitalize. Any opening given by the other team and the Jets must go through and take advantage of it. Its win or go home from now on. There is no use playing conservative anymore.

Go Jets Go!

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