Jets Vs. Devils Jan 17th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 21-19-5, 47 pts

New Jersey Devils 25-17-2, 52 pts

6:00pm Prudential Center

Didn’t we just play theses guys? The Devils haven’t played since they stole one in Winnipeg Saturday afternoon, while the Jets had an impressive win against the Senators last night in Ottawa. Since this is a back to back game history has to be on the side of the Devils. The Jets played a full 60 minutes last night and got the win to prove it. They dominated all phases of the game and were by far the better team last night. They will need to replicate that performance as they look to avenge their last loss to the Devils. The Jets will still be without their three big men as Buff, Wheels and Bogo are still out.



As the distinguished Senators broadcast crew adeptly and repeatedly pointed out the Jets pass too much. This was a problem in the beginning of the season where players wanted to try and make one more pretty pass rather than take the shot themselves. It looked like Claude Noel had solved that issue but then last night it reared its ugly head again. on multiple occasions the Jets tried to force one extra pass which wither was picked off or errant. Didn’t matter the end result was the same each time. Too many passes means no goals for the Jets and they sorely need as many as possible. This isn’t a team that is going to score a ton especially when three of their offensive catalysts are hurt so they need to take the shots when they have them.


The Jets were dominate last night. They weren’t flashy but its that kind of lunch box effort that usually wins games in the NHL. They came out quick and scored less than a minute into the contest. They controlled the neutral zone thus limiting the chances for the sens. They were very physical without taking any dumb penalties. In other words they played a very smart hockey game. Well lace them up because they need to do that again tonight. The Jets will need to play a game where they minimize their mistakes while taking advantage of ones made by the Devils. New Jersey will be rested going into this game while I am sure the Jets have more than their share of bruises after the game in Ottawa.Well for 60 minutes that doesn’t matter. They need to put the pain aside and start the game with the same vigor they did last night.


Evander Kane is a tough kid. If you don’t believe me google his fight with Matt Cooke. I could watch that on a loop all day. With that said he has no business dropping gloves with a troglodyte like Chris Neil. Kane maybe tough but Neil is in a whole different weight class. Though I do give credit to Kane for not backing down and Mark Stuart did try to get in there and protect the Jets star. They still should never put themselves into a situation where a star player has to fight a goon. Now I know that everyone is talking about Kane’s hit but really what was Ottawa doing sending Neil out there to go after Kane. You have to think the NHL isn’t pleased with a goon going after one of their future stars. Claude Noel is going to need to recognize situations like this and have his fighters ready to go before their goons can lay a hand on our stars.

Go Jets Go!

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