Jets Vs. Hurricanes March 30th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 35-34-8, 78 pts

Carolina Hurricanes 31-31-15, 77 pts

6:00pm PNC Arena

A week ago this game could have meant something but the Jets collapsed and now its just another footnote for two teams that will not make the post season. There is still lots to play for though. Many guys on both teams will be fighting for Jobs for next season so now is the time to give them some consideration. Next week we will look at the bubble players for the Jets and who you can or can’t expect to be gracing the polar blue next year. Tonight the Jets need to dig deep and prove that they will not roll over. They came out good against the Rangers but when they pushed back the Jets looked like they just rolled over.



The fans, and the staff of the Jets deserve for this team to go out with a bang rather than a wimper. There is no reason for these guys not to go out and play as hard as they can to finish out the season. While everyone had hoped they would make the playoffs I think we can hold our heads high that they were able to stay in the race as long as they did. Yeah it sucks that they will be on the outside but they need to use those disappointments as fuel for next season. Michael Jordan once said that he doesn’t remember the shots he made only the ones he missed. The Jets missed a shot and now its time to go and use that pain to come back stronger. Its doesn’t matter if you get knocked down. Its how you get back up.


Chevy, Zinger and Noel need to take a long hard look at their roster oer the next few games to decide where to go next. I don’t think they need to blow up the team or anything like that. I think the consensus is that this team is a couple of pieces away from being a playoff team. So now management’s job is to figure out who can and who can go. I already have a few thoughts on who you could let go. Their initials are CT, RJ, EF, I’ll let you figure out the rest.


This game could get real nasty real quick. Both teams are playing for their Jobs next season so guys are going to be trying to make statements all game. The Canes  pretty much dealt the Jets the death blow to their playoff hopes last week so their might be a few Jets looking for some payback. The important thing is that everyone plays with their heads on a swivel. We all want to see a tough physical game but I’m pretty sure we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

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