Jets Vs. Islanders November 3rd Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 4-6-1 9pts

New York Islanders 3-4-2 8pts

7pm Nassau Coliseum 

Game four of the Jets biggest road trip of the season continues Thursday in Long Island as they face the Islanders in a very winnable game. Which Jet team will show up? The one that can seemingly score at will or the one that struggles to create any offense?  Will the Jets continue to have success on the power play? Can Ondrej Pavelec lead the Jets to another win? These will be the questions that will be answered in front of probably a very small crowd as the Jets continue their tour of markets that doen’t seem to care about Hockey.



If the Jets get a lead you can pretty much count on them squandering it at some point. The Jets have had no problem jumping out to an early game this season only to fall into a defensive shell and give it up. Let’s be honest the Jets got lucky against the Panthers with a late goal only to tie and win it in the shootout. It seems the Jets stop playing their game once they get a a two goal lead. Florida looked like they were on the power play for most of the game as the Jets just pretty much let The Panthers dictate the play. As soon as the Jets got behind they opened up and were able to get suatained pressure that lead to the tying goal with 30 seconds left. Winnipeg has to play the whole game like the do before they get a lead. Keep pressing, play a little more free wheeling. Yes you will also open it up for the other team but Winnipeg needs to realize they do not have a D that can easily shutdown anyone.


The Jets are horrid in their own end. They either are running around with their heads cut off or play so passive the other team looks like they are on a power play. What they need to do is play a very aggressive yet smart form of D. Closest man to the puck puts pressure on while the next closest fills the hole. Once the guy with the puck gets away then the pressure rotates. This way you always have a man on the puck yet are not chasing them around or giving away position. Most of the time the Jets have a 3rd man down low standing infront of their own net who looks like he is just screening his own goalie.


Against the Panthers Enstrom got nailed by Skille and had to leave the game. Almost immediately Big Buff came to his D partners defense and started pounding on the Florida player. Skille didn’t fight back (smart move) and Buff got 4 minutes for his act of chivalry. Later in the game Captain Andrew Ladd got Skille to drop the gloves and was able to exact revenge by beating the pulp out of Skille. Now there are some people who probably thought this was barbaric but this could have been a watershed moment for the Manitoba franchise. Buff and Ladd both sent a message that if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us and no crime will go unpunished. Acts like this build chemistry and show your team mates that when the chips are down you have their back.

Go Jets Go!

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