Jets Vs. Leafs Jan 5th 2011

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Winnipeg Jets 19-15-5 43 pts

Toronto Maple Leafs 19-15-5 43 pts

6:00pm Air Canada Centre

Well this could go one of two ways. After a big loss the Jets could rebound and come out hard. Or they could poop the bed completely and come out flat. While normally I would be the eternal optimist and say that they Jets come out like gang busters they are also playing the dreaded back to back game that usually spells doom for an NHL team. The Jets hung with the Habs for the first 2 periods before imploding and giving up 4 in the final frame. Pave didn’t have the best game but all the blame can’t be heaped onto him. It was a teams loss and as much as it stings they need to get over it and take on the leafs tonight.


Last night never happened. There wasn’t a game just a scrimmage that didn’t mean anything. As hard as it is thats the attitude the jets need to take after a humiliating loss last night. Sometimes losses stick with you for a while but with back to back games you just have to let it go and deal with it later. I’m sure Coach Noel had some choice words last night but at this point its all he can do. So as far as the Jets are concerned that game didn’t happen and now they need to just focus on the Leafs.


After a loss that bad the Jets need to come out and send a message. The leafs will see the jets as a wounded animal and will look to go in for the kill. The Jets need to come out strong and show the laughs that they will not be pushed around. In a perfect world they would score a couple goals in the first period but a giant hit or a fight right off the back would suffice. No matter what the Jets need to show the Leafs and the NHL that they will not be pushed around and that last nights loss was not the norm. Last year the Thrashers collapsed around this time. A message needs to be sent. Never again!


The Leafs are very bad on the penalty kill and thats where the Jets can make them pay. Winnipeg has a decent powerplay that torched the Leafs on New years Eve in the Peg for 2 goals and the 3rd came just moments after the penalty expired. The Jets need to try and force the Leafs to take penalties and then capitalize on their mistake. Bodies infront and moving the puck down low will be Key for the Jets whenever on the man advantage. The Leafs look lost when they are a man down which is strange since they have the talent and the coaching to be a decent team on the kill. Eventually TO will figure it out but until then the Jets need to make sure they put the puck in the back of the net when they get the chance.

Go Jets Go!

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