Jets Vs. Lightning March 31st Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 36-34-8, 80 pts

Tampa Bay Lightning 35-35-7, 77 pts

6:00pm Tampa Bay Times Forum

The Jets have slim playoff hopes and tonight will tell if they will continue or fall by the wayside. A win against the Bolts and hope continues for at least another day. A loss and it is all over. At this point no one has any illusions of the Jets making the post season but everyone would like for the Jets to finish strong. There is a lot of pride on this team and if last night was any indication they will not go quietly into the good night. I for one was proud of how they battled back in a game that only determined draft position. The Jets played hard when it would have been really easy to just slid away.



Tanner Glass epitomizes what we want these Jets to be. Even when it looked like this team was out of the hunt he refused to give up. Last night was no exception. He broke his foot and instead of giving up and calling it a season he risked further injury and played the rest of the game. There was no reason for him to do that other than he refused to give up. Its like the team fed off that and used it to carry them through the game to victory. Glass is done for the season but the Jets need to imitate his spirit and courage. This needs to be the battle cray for next year and these are the players we want to where the Rondel.


The Jets have been horrid in back to back games this season and tonight will be a chance to try and revere that trend. They have only won a single back to back game all year. The Jets in the future need to figure out a way to at least win the odd back to back match up. These guys should have the conditioning to do it they just need to figure out a way to get over the hump mentally. Until the last game of the year it should be abut next year and setting the proper tone. There are two areas they need to work on, road games and back to back contests. Tonight the Jets can kill tow birds with one stone and start a trend that can hopefully carry onto next year.


The Jets have given up 8 short handed goals this season with 6 coming in the second half of the year. One of the issues is that Coach Noel has been trying to put a forward on D wither for his shot or to Get buff to move up. I like this agressive stance but when you do that you play with fire. If you take chances theres a chance you are going to be burned. The Jets need to figure out the balance of having a dangerous power play without it being a defensive liability.

Go Jets Go!

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