Jets Vs. Panthers Feb 3rd Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 24-22-6, 54 pts

Florida Panthers 23-15-11, 57 pts

6:30 pm Bank Atlantic Center

I was shocked to find out with last nights win was the first back to back win for the Jets since Nov 3rd. It may have taken an overtime and a shootout to do it but maybe, just maybe the Jets are starting to figure out how to win on the road. Tonight will be a good test for the boys as they face the Panthers who the jets will have to jump at some point if they are to make the playoffs. The fly in the ointment is that this is a back to back game for the Jets having just played last night. Winnipeg has yet to win a game after playing the night previous. Well now would be a great time to break that streak. The Jets can make their case for the playoffs with a win tonight and the team is confident that they can put one in the win column.



The Jets fell into a trap that has haunted them all season. They get a one goal lead and then fall into a prevent defense. The Jets pretty much shut down offensively after they took the lead and allowed the Bolts back in the game. If the Jets would have applied pressure in the 3rd like they did in the 1st and some of the second they wouldn’t have needed overtime. Once the Jets got to OT they opened it up and totally dominated tampa. It was clear in OT that the Jets were the better team but for some reason they chose to sit back and play defense once they got a lead. If the Jets get up they need to keep the foot to the throat and put the Panthers away.


Its nice that the Jets have a lot of guys who are unselfish and think pass first. Yet that has become a problem since it seems like that no one wants to score. I made a joke last night about how after Wellwood scored the game winner that I was surprised that he didn’t try to pass the puck back. The sad thing was that i was only partly joking. Wellwood had numerous chances last night but instead of going towards the net he would stop just inside the blue line and then look for a pass. Wheeler’s goal happened not because of a pass but because of a shot. Ladd took a great shot and forced the Tampa goalie to give out a rebound which Wheeler easily put away. If Ladd passes rather than shoots the Jets don’t score. Sometimes a rebound can be used as a pass. Its time for a few of the Jets to think shoot first. Nothing bad happens if you shoot the puck on net.


The Jets got lucky last night. At least 3 times they had bad giveaways due to the D man trying to do a cute no look pass in his own zone. When it works it looks awesome. You look like you are a magician with the puck. When it fails you look like some hack in a beer league. Sometimes the cute plays work but when they don’t they leave your time in a horrible position. When I would do a play like that my Dad would say to me “that fines but only if its 100% going to work”. If there was any chance of it not working he told me that the risk was too high. Even if it 99% likely to work the risk was still too much. The Jets need to adopt that philosophy. Only make plays that they will know will work 100% of the time. Yeah a behind the back pass to the guy streaking infront of the net looks great but an out let pass along the boards will get you the same result.

Go Jets Go.

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