Jets Vs. Pens Feb11th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 26-24-6, 58 pts

Pittsburgh Penguins 30-19-5, 65 pts

1pm Consol Energy Center

After stealing one in Washington the other night the Jets are right back at it as they face the Penguins this afternoon. The Jets will need to play a lot better then they did against the caps and shouldn’t expect to get as lucky as they did. Games like that only happen once maybe twice a year. The Jets were fortunate to get out of there with one point let alone two. No matter what they may have to face the Pens without Bogosian who has been their best D man of late. Bogo took a shot in the foot last game and will probably be a game time decision.



The Jets need to be weary of the Russian Superstar at all times. Malkin is by far the best player in the NHL right now and the Jets must account for him at all times. Even without Sid the Pens are a potent team that has been underachieving as of late. They are going to come out hard and fast and all their offense will run through the young Russian. The Jets will have to keep a man close but  also they need to make sure that they don’t over commit. Malkin will make you pay if you try and force him. The best bet for shutting him down is have a guy pressure him hard with another guy floating in to take away the most obvious pass. If Malkin is going to beat you make him earn it.


I can’t stress this enough. The Jet just don’t score as much as the should and as much as they will need to. Yeah you can steal the odd game scoring 3 or 3 goals but the stark reality is that this will not get them into the postseason. Its not like they aren’t getting chance. Either they miss the net or the goalie makes a spectacular save. There is nothing the jets can do about a hot goalie but missing the net is something they can.


There are a lot of Jets who haven’t been able to find the back of the net. There are a lot of players that are not playing up to their ability this season. Eric Fehr and Andrew Ladd are two names that spring into mind. Now to be fair its not just them. Most of the Jets players are well off their projected point totals. But these are two guys that the Jet expected to put the puck into the net. A big game could help lossen the guys up to where they are comfortable again. If they can get comfortable they will be more likely to put the puck in the net. Streaks are a funny thing. When you are hot you feel like nothing can stop you. When you are not it feels like the world is conspiring to keep the puck out of the net. The Jets must find a way to get their top players going. If the Ladds and the Fehrs can ever find the back of the net then this team will cruise to the post season with ease.

Go Jets Go.

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