Jets Vs. Predators March 24th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 35-31-8, 78 pts

Nashville Predators 42-24-8, 92 pts

6:00pm Bridgestone Arena 

I am still riding high from last night’s improbable and stunning comeback. The Jets proved they are NOT THE THRASHERS. Atlanta would have folded faster than superman on laundry day if they were faced with the same situation. Instead of giving up the Jets dug deep and dominated the Caps for the second half of the game. The 3rd period was a thing of beauty as the Jets out shot the Caps 17-2 with the Caps only getting their first shot with less than 4 minutes left. You could just feel that it was inevitable that the Jets would tie the game and ultimately come out as victors. While a lot of people are harping that they messed up by allowing Washington a point. Even if the Jets would have won in regulation the Jets would still be 4pts back since the Sabres routed the Rangers. Now tonight they play the Predators who have been very good as of late and with the addition of Alexander Rudalov they just got a lot better. The Jets haven’t fared well in back to back games this season but they need to find a way to dig deep and replicate the 2nd half performance in Washington.

I am a superstitious guy so if something works I keep doing that until it doesn’t. I know I have no affect on the out come of an NHL game but I am still going to keep up the routine. The Jets won last night when I did just One Key and until they lose that’s how we are going to handle it.



I’m not talking about the Wilson sisters, I’m talking about the gutsy performance the Jets gave last night. That win was 100% heart. They wanted to win and they dug deep and made it happen. The Caps had a 3 goal lead and the Jets were reeling. Little gets a goal and then off of the ensuing face off, Jim Slater changes the game. He picks a fight and sends a message to the Caps that they weren’t going to back down. The Caps proved they don’t have a lot of character as they just retreated and let Jets have their way with them. If there would have been a pinball machine on the ice I would have thought we were seeing a community theater version of The Accused and not an NHL game. If the Jets make the post season a lot of people will look back at that fight as the catalyst. Faced with immense adversity the Jets found something inside of them that enabled them to find a way to win. It was epic, exciting and NHL hockey at its best. And to those who say fighting has no part in hockey, all I say is look at that game and how one simple fight changed everything.

They are going to need to dig deep again as they face a very good Nashville team. This could also be a somewhat hostile crowd as many former Thrasher Fans will be doing the zombie walk to Nashville to boo their former team. The Jets were able to silence the crowd last night and if they play like they did last night the arena in Nashville will probably get real quite real quick. The Jets are playing for their lives. Win and there is hope. Lose and the window closes a little more. Lets keep the window open.

Go Jets Go!


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