Jets Vs. Red Wings Dec 10th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 13-11-4 30pts

Detroit Red Wings 19-9-1 35pts

6pm Joe Louis Arena

The STREAK continues as the Jets have a quick turnaround and face the Mighty Red Wings tonight. This is going to be a good test for the Jets for two reasons. Firstly they had to jump on a plane late last night and fly in to the Motor City with little rest before the game. Secondly they are playing the freaking Red Wings who no matter how old they get still manage to be one of the elite teams in the NHL. This game will be a little special since it was the Red WIngs the Jets played in their last game 15 years ago. Well times sure have changed as now they Jets are back and on a roll.



The Jets are going to be tired. There is no getting around that. They just played a game against the Canes and now have to head to Detroit to face the wings. Hopefully they were able to get some rest on the plane but if they are anything like me it takes at least a few hours to wind down after a game. I know my wife hates it when I have a late game because that means I’m not in bed until at least 2am. Somehow the boys need to get enough rest to be able to come out and challenge the Wings. Detroit is smart they will try and take advantage of this and push the tempo. The good news is that the Jets are a very young team and should be up for it. I tell you what though tomorrow is going to hurt for these guys no matter their age.


MTS Centre is fast becoming known as one of the hardest places to play in the nHL. The Jets seem to feed off of the atmosphere and it takes them to the next level. Well the problem is that you only get to play half of your games at home and you have to go on the road sometimes. The trick for the Jets will be to find a way to win away from the confines of MTSC. If they want to be a playoff team they are going to need to find a way to do that. Tonight will be a great test as they head into the venerable Joe Louis Arena one of the last grand barns in the NHL. This is a tough place to play and the Jets are not going to have their crowd to lean on to and to give them support. Its going to be hostile, nasty and down right uncomfortable.


This seems to be the system the Jets play, get the puck in deep and then try to work it to the perimeter then fire it through layers of traffic. Its not the prettiest way to play the game but this isn’t figure skating so you don’t have to worry about artistic impression points. This system has worked well for the Jets so far but I think that they might a have a little trouble with it against a team like the Red Wings. Detroit has a veteren D corps that has pretty much seen it all. They are well coached and now how to counter almost any system that they come across. Their D has a lot of speed and will ty to get to the puck before the Jets forwards can get there. if they can be the forechecker cleanly then they are able to clear the puck and begin the transition game. If the jets want success with this system against a team like the Red Wings they will have to do it with speed. They need to get to those deep pucks first or at least force the Red Wings D to make a mistake.

Go Jets Go!

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