Jets Vs. Sabres Jan 7th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 19-16-5 43 pts

Buffalo Sabres 18-18-4 40 pts

6:00pm First Niagara Center

This has so far been the road trip from hell for the Winnipeg Jets. First they get embarrassed by the Habs, then get smashed by the Leafs and yesterday we find out the NHLPA royally screwed the Jets by forcing them to play next season in the SOuth East again. Well tonight is the night to let some of those frustrations come out. One time I was working on a movie in Texas and we where shooting near a guys property and he wasn’t too happy about that. The guy stood on the edge of his property and shot his gun repeatedly over our heads. I had never been shot at before and asked a cast member what should I do. He replied “return fire”. Well tonight the Jets need to return fire. They just got punched in the mouth and now its time to respond.


Last game I said it was important for the Jets to forget the horrible loss in Montreal. Well today they need to remember. They need to remember how these two losses felt and bury it deep inside of them. This is a turning point tonight. Will the Jets roll over and just give up as the Thrashers did last season? Or will the stand up and fight? Fight for the fans who love them more than anything. Fight for teach other and prove to all the naysayers that this can be a team that can and will compete every single night Most importantly they need to fight for themselves. They need to be able to have some pride in what they do. The last two games aren’t the Jets who fought in the month of December. They need to figure out a way to become that team again.


The flu sucks and this team is being hit hard by it. So much so that Claude Noel made yesterday’s practice optional something he wouldn’t have done after the last two games unless the situation was dire. One a hockey team its hard to contain a virus once it gets going. There are bodily fluids everywhere and there is only so much bleach in the world. Next to breakout play, B2 shot has probably been the most used phrase in the Jets dressing room this week. Tonight is going to be tough as players are going to have to push through the flu and find a way to win a very important game.


As hard as its going to be the Jets and their coaches need to ignore all the realignment talk. The Jets got jobbed and every media person is going to want to hear reactions from all the Jets players. The collapse of the plan will affect the Jets more than any other team in the NHL and it will sure be the major topic of the day and coming weeks. The Jets need to just let it go and realize that there is nothing they can do about it. The best thing is to stay out of it and worry about playing the Sabres tonight. Yes it will have major consequences for the team but its best if they leave it to True North and Mark Chipman. Right now lets just worry about trying to make the playoffs and the game tonight.

Go Jets Go.

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