Jets Vs. Sabres Nov. 8th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 5-7-2 12pts

Buffalo Sabres 8-5-0 16pts

6pm First Niagara Center

The Jets end their monster road trip tonight in Buffalo as they take on the Sabres. Winnipeg comes in off of their worst game of their 14 day trip along the east coast. The Jets looked tired and uninspired in a loss against the Rangers Sunday night. They had no sustained pressure and defensive errors allowed the Rangers to win a relatively easy game. The Jets have to try and bounce back tonight as they face a team that should be doing a lot better. Big off season signings meant that the Sabres were instant contenders or thats what everyone thought. Turns out the Sabres are still pretty much the same as they were last season just with a higher pay role.



Winnipeg is way too passive in their own end. They need to start putting pressure on the puck to try and force mistakes. The guys they are playing against are all pros and if you give them enough time they are going to make you pay. I’ve said this before and I will say it again because it needs to be repeated. The Jets look like they are on the penalty kill even when they are not. They play a box +1 with the +1 just standing infront of our net just helping to screen the goalie. Rotate the box and keep a man on the puck at all times. Our players are fast enough to follow the puck. Who knows we might even get lucky and force a turnover.


Sabre’s goalie Ryan Miller is one of the better net minders in the NHL. When he is on his game he is very hard to beat. The trick with Miller is to score early. He is feeling a little frustrated with his play this season so lets try and give him a little more to think about. Crowd the crease, take him out of his comfort zone, make him have t think about what he is doing. If there is anything a goalie hates to do its to think. If Miller gets confidence then its going to be hard to score on him late. Lets try and get an early one and take their best player out of the equation.


Seriously, we have a bunch of guys who keep doing really stupid things. If it isn’t a bad turnover its a bad penalty or a ill advised pinch in the offensive zone. The Jets are beating themselves. Eliminate the mental errors and this is a team that is over .500, easy. This team  isn’t as bad as its record indicates. Yes we have some issues but a lot of them can be attributed to self inflicted wounds. On this road trip the Jets have given up a ton of power play goals. Here’s an easy solution take fewer penalties. The Jets are bad in the face off circle. Solution; stop having your top guy thrown out before the puck is dropped. Winnipeg gives up way too many odd man rushes. Solution; don’t pinch unless you are sure you can make the play.

Listen this isn’t rocket surgery. Just decrease the unforced errors and this team will win more games. After watching them for over a month I am convinced that they have a legit shot at making the playoffs but to do that then need to toughen up mentally. Games even Stanley Cups are won and lost in a 1ft sq piece of real estate which is located between your ears. The Jets just have to knock off the stupid stuff to give themselves a chance.

Go Jets Go

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