Jets Vs. Senators Jan 16th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 20-19-5, 45 pts

Ottawa Senators 25-15-6, 56 pts

6:30 pm Scotiabank Place

Its been a tough few weeks for the Jets. The new year hasn’t been kind to the boys. The team was hit hard by the flu and now a rash of injuries has decimated the team. I think Coach Noel could contend with losing one of his top D men but not both at the same time. Without Bogo and Buff the Jets looks an entire element to their game. Now it looks like Wheeler might miss tonight’s game and more. This is not what the doctor ordered. The Jets need all hands on deck if they wish to make the playoffs. Even though they have dropped 5 of their last 6 they are still only 3 points out of 8th spot and the final playoff birth. This next stretch is uber important as they play 6 eastern conference teams in 9 days. A good run over the next week and a bit and they are back in the hunt.



This one is easier said then done. Wheeler’s injury, a puck to the throat was a total fluke. Most guys in their carrer will never see anything like that happen to them. It just comes down to bad luck and the Jets have had a lot of it over the past few weeks. So tonight they need to do what ever it takes not to sustain any more injuries to the Key pieces. Pray, sacrifice a goat, do what ever it takes to appease the imaginary man in the sky so that no other players get hurt. In December this team was healthy and were winning. Now in January a rash of injuries have swept through the lineup. Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out what’s going on. Someone has a Winnipeg jet Voodoo doll and they need to be stopped.


The 3rd period has not been kind to the Winnipeg Jets. These past two weeks have seen the Jets go into the 3rd either with a lead or within reach of the game only to have them crap the bed in the final frame and lose the game. All season the Jets have had trouble in the 3rd and it just seems when the calendar changed that problem got a whole lot worse. The problem is 100% mental since I’m pretty sure Claude Noel’s speeches in between the 2nd and 3rd don’t include “play really bad”. It could be a conditioning issue but I doubt it since we are halfway through the season. These guys should be in shape by now or they have no right to be in the NHL. No I’m pretty sure the problem lies between the ears of the players. last year most of these guys were Thrashers and they famously collapsed after the Christmas break. I think that is lingering in the back of their minds and they are creating a self fulfilled prophecy.


OK so this one  also is easier said then done. I’ll wager that these guys aren’t not scoring on purpose. They want to score but for some reason the pucks are not going in. They just need to get back to what brought them success a scant month ago. They need to get pucks in deep, work the puck around the perimeter and get shots through traffic on net. There I just solved all the problems of the Jets. man I wish it were that easy but the sad fact is thats sometimes the puck just doesn’t go in for you. At times it feels like you can do no wrong and others when it feels liked you are stuck in quicksand. Well right now the Jets are sinking and the only thing that can save them is to put pucks in the net.

Go Jets Go.

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