Jets Vs. Senators Oct 20th Game Preview

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Winnipeg 1-3-1 3pts

Ottawa 1-5-0 2pts

7:30pm Scotia Bank Place

The Jets have to come into Ottawa feeling very confident and a little pissed off – which could mean a lot of trouble of the Senators. The Jets really should have walked out of Toronto with their 2nd win of the season, but a bad call and a bad bounce did the good guys in.

Winnipeg finally got their power play going, which was able to notch two goals, and look like they are finally getting into a groove. Zach Bogosian is starting to play up to his potential. Buff is still jumping into 50% of the plays, but it seems now the rest of the team is ready for it and are covering well. Nik Antropov has played really well and dominated up front. He’ll need to do that tonight when the Jets face the Sens who have looked pretty bad to start the season.

3 Keys


The Jets are extremely disorganized in their own end. Instead of settling into a defensive posture, they just chase around the other team. Coach Noel needs to settle his team down and have them adopt a box or diamond +1. Let the other team have the perimiter just eliminate shots and pucks in the middle. These are basic Hockey concepts that all professional players should be used to. Not really sure why they revert to mini-mite hockey when the puck is in their own end.


The Jets need their scorers to score. Both Ladd and Kane have to be disappointed with the start. These are the guys the Jets are going to rely on to lead them on the score sheet. Well, if there was ever a night to get it going, it’s tonight against the Sens who are atrocious on the back end. Kane and Ladd have the size and skill to really push around a ‘not very good’ Senator’s team. Their lack of production hasn’t been due to lack of effort. Both men have had their chances. But, as I said the other day, any time you get into a slump you tend to rush things and forget the things that got you here. These guys just need to relax and remember that its a long season and the goals will come.


I know there is a big anti-bullying campaign going on right now, but for one night the Jets need to be the biggest baddest bullies on the block. They need to take their proverbial lunch money, give them a proverbial wedgie and then post proverbial nasty rumors about the Senators on Facebook. They are bigger and better than the Sens and need to remind that to Ottawa and their fans when they go for every puck. The Jets need to dictate the play in all three zones. In their own they need to take away lanes and not give and chances to the Sen’s forwards. In the neutral zone the Jets will have to clog it up forcing Ottawa to dump pucks in and to come into the zone without any momentum. In the offensive zone the Jets have to punish the Sens down low. A quick goal to start the game would be a great way to set the tone. Get up big and stay up. That should be the Jets moto for the game.

Go Jets Go!

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