Jets Vs. Wild Feb 16th Game Preview

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Winnipeg Jets 26-26-6, 58 pts

Minnesota Wild 25-23-8, 58 pts

7:00pm Xcel Energy Center

How the times have changed. When these two teams last met both were flying high. The Wild were at the top of the West and looked to be the story of the year. The Jets on the other hand were in the middle of an epic homestand where they saw their fortunes change from bottom of the standings to middle of the playoff race. Well just under two months later and boy have things changed. The Wild have stumbled and are currently in 12th place in the west. The Jets too have stumbled but miraculously find themselves still in the hunt. Since the new year both teams have had trouble putting the puck in the net so we probably shouldn’t expect a 7-6 score fest.



During this slump the Jets are all saying the right things. They talk about how the stars need to step up, how the role players need to dig a little deeper and how everyone just needs to want it more. The problem is they have been talking since January. Now is the time to put up or shut up. The time for talking is over, what the Jets need now is action. They have the talent to compete with any team in this league. They need to stop talking about it and start doing it. This is a winnable game and the jets must just get down to the business of putting pucks in the net. Yes taking responsibility is important but there comes a time to stop talking about it and just getting it done.


Lets face it other than the game against Washington the Jets haven’t really had many bounces go their way. The law of averages says that eventually the Jets will start getting some good luck rather than the plethora of bad they’ve been enjoying forever. When things are good they seem like they will never end. The same when things are going bad. It seems like you will always be stuck in that rut. The good news is, hockey like life is full of ups and downs. The Jets will get up agains it just a matter of time.


The Jets do best when they are able to feed off of the emotions of the crowd. Tonight in Minneapolis the Jets will be playing infront of an energized crowd with a large contingent of Winnipeg Fans in attendance. The Jets need a spark to gett their playoff hopes back on track. A road win could be just what the doctor ordered. The problem is the jets are woeful away from MTSC. Well tonight it should be like they took MTSC with them. The Jets need this win. The wild are struggling as well and are ripe for the pickings.

Go Jets Go.

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