Kris King Remembers The Jets Days

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Kris King | Winnipeg JetsPaul Friesen from the QMI Agency tracked down some former Jets players and asked them to share some memories from their days in Winnipeg.

Kris King shared some quick quips about his time with the Winnipeg Jets here:

Kris King, who’s the NHL’s vice-president of hockey operations, to have a Jets Christmas ornament in his Toronto office, when he also played for the Leafs, Chicago, Detroit and the New York Rangers?

“That was probably, of my 15 years, four years that I enjoyed the most,” King said.

Then he went on to tell stories about ice fishing trips and tobogganing excursions with his Jets teammates, and you realize he’s not just snowing you.

Seems those were close teams the last few years, with players who actually enjoyed each other and this small-market popsicle stand in the middle of nowhere.

A place where a member of the professional hockey team could count on a neighbour to shovel his driveway while he was on a road trip.

“That’s what I remember about Winnipeg, was the people and how much they cared,” King said. “How much they cheered for a team that wasn’t overly talented, but worked hard. That, to me, is what Winnipeg is still all about.”

The more you talked to these guys, the more stories they’d tell you.

About how Dave Manson would go water-skiing, barefoot, along the Red River in summer.

How Keith Tkachuk didn’t really like his first fishing trip with the boys, at least, not until he got a small plane to fly in a boatload of beer.

How Dean Kennedy got so mad he almost beat the living daylights out of Sheldon Kennedy and Neil Wilkinson after they carelessly fired their rifles during a duck hunting trip.

Priceless stories, from a priceless piece of history.

Interesting and intriguing. Wouldn’t you love to hear the details?

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