Let’s not panic yet…

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When do you panic? Two bad games in a row? Three? Four? When do you let the fears that this team may not make the playoffs creep in? When so you start listening to the media telling you they they knew all along that this team wasn’t as good as their record indicates?

As it stands right now the Jets are currently in 10th place only one point out of a playoff birth and only four out of 5th place. Not really a position in which you should be scrapping the season and booking tee times. With that said the last two games leaves a little room for concern.

Now lets be fair in the game against the Habs the Jets played well until they fell apart in the 3rd period. We found out later that a few players have the flu to go along with injuries to stars Big Buff and Bryan Little. Then a night later they had to face Toronto a team looking to avenge a new years eve loss in the River City.

The sloppy uninspired play from the 3rd period in Montreal carried over to the game against the Leafs. Bogosian was slow and seemed to have regressed for at least a night into last years turnover machine. Fehr looked a step slower than everyone else and the big gun Evander Kane just couldn’t get anything going.

So its been two bad games in a row. Is this the real Jets or is it the team that dominated the month of December while at home? Will the Jets replicate the Thrashers famous collapse from last season. If you ask former Atlanta fans they are down right giddy with the Jets falling out of playoff contention. They contend that this is just par for the course and that Winnipeg fans should get ready for years of mediocrity.

Well, to quote college football analyst, funny hat connoisseur and Burt Reynolds’ former roommate Lee Corso. “Not so fast my friends”.

Yes they had two bad games but lets give this team the benefit of the doubt. They are playing their first prolonged road trip in over a month. A nasty flu is ripping through the team and they just came off one of their longer layoffs of the season. Lets try and reserve judgment until this stretch of 15 games is over. By then we should know if this team is contenders or pretenders.

A lot has been made about how this team can’t win on the road and the past two nights have fueled that theory. The truth is team usually do better at home and this is just something for the media to prattle on about. Like my Dad used to say a broken clock is right two times a day. Even when the Jets were having success at home the media was already starting on with this “they can’t win on the road” narrative. Then the Jets poop the bed against the Habs and the Leafs and these guys think they are Nostradamus.

The truth is you can’t win every game. Yeah would be nice if you could but you can’t. You are going to lose two or three in a row from time to time. Even the top teams in the league struggle every now and then. Its just a reality of playing an 82 game schedule in the NHL. So lets give the boys some support from afar and remember that its a long season. We can’t just press the panic button because it fits the narrative that the media wants you to follow.

Claude Noel is not going to let this team slip out of contention without a fight. The Jets have all the pieces to be a playoff contender we just need to remember that this is still a very young team and there will be growing pains every now and then. So keep the faith, shake off those bad losses and just be happy we are talking about this rather than the latest failed attempt to buy the Coyotes (if I were their fans I’d be panicking right about now. What a gongshow).

Go Jets Go!

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