Don’t Write Off The Jets Just Yet!

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Stay the course Chevy!

So yesterday the Jets got a big win at home that leaves them only 3pts out of a playoff birth in the Eastern Conference. They played well and looked like the team we remember from December, not the one that was decimated by injuries and humbled in January. A few hours before the game Gary Lawless from the Winnipeg Free Press wrote an article which he made a case for giving up this season.

I’ll save you from reading it (here it is if you are so inclined) but the gist was that the Jets lack the talent to compete and should be sellers rather than buyers at this years trade deadline. He contends that there is no way this team has a shot at making the post season so we should sell of some pieces in order to build for the future.

Now no one is going to mistake these guys for the ’84 Oilers but to say that they should just write off this season is a complete and utter joke. Yes they had a bad stretch but as I stated earlier they are still only 3 pts out of playoff birth with one of the teams that is directly in front of them coming to town on Saturday. A win there puts them within one point o the playoffs with just under half of the games yet to play.

This team is in the hunt and we need to rally behind them and give them as much support as possible. I’m not saying we throw on the blinders, stick our fingers in our ears and plan the Stanley Cup Parade but I think they at least deserve a fair shake. January has been tough this is true but you can also look to the fact that they have been without their top two defensemen and even their leading scorer. I don’t care who the team is and how much depth you have, losing the likes of Zach Bogosian and Dustin Byfuglien would hurt any team.

I am not sure why sports journalists seem to feel the need to go out of their way to put down the home team. They will hide behind the veil  of objectivity but the reality is that its easier to be controversial than come up with an original thought. Controversy sells papers and gets people engaged in the subject. Gary Lawless may be a bad writer but he’s not dumb. He knows writing an incendiary article like that will get the fans riled up. That means more readers, more comments and more exposure.

Last week when the Jets played the Sharks Ken Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun tweeted that the Jets didn’t have enough talent to compete. Mind you, they played a bad game, but to make a blanket statement like that is absolutely ridiculous. The Jets have been able to beat some of the best teams in the NHL. MTSC is one of the hardest places to play in the NHL and there have been very few games where the Jets have been completely outclassed.

This is a young team with a Rookie coach. There are going to be growing pains, but we are only just over the halfway mark of the season. Its not time to start talking about giving up and planing for the future. The Eastern Conference is so tight that one good week can move you to the middle of the pack, while conversely a bad one can knock you to the bottom. The Jets had a bad first part of January and fell in the standings. Now, if they can string a few wins together they are back in the race. That’s the reality.

To call this season a write off at this point is just another example of piss poor journalism that plagued the Jets first incarnation and seems to have come back again with the return of the team. If we are going to build for the future why don’t we dump a few of the hacks in the local media and get some NHL caliber writers.

Try reading the Free Press or Sun and then take a look at the Globe & Mail or Boston Globe. The difference in quality is staggering. The sad truth is the likes of Gary Lawless might have been suitable for the AHL, but Winnipeg is in the NHL now and deserve to have writers who can handle the big leagues and provide them with well thought out researched articles. Not knee-jerk reactions that are designed to get people fired up.

A piece like this would have been fine if the Jets were sitting where Carolina is, or if it were a few weeks down the road and they still were struggling. But not now, not at this juncture, when they are still in the thick of it.

I can’t repeat this enough. The Jets are only 3 pts out of the playoffs. Lawless likes to say the numbers don’t lie and he’s correct. The numbers mean the Jets are in the playoff race and should do everything possible to make a legit run at the post season.

Go Jets Go!

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  1. Fred says:

    Lawless and Friesen are both terrible writers. They are good at whining, though.

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