The Mark Scheifele Dilemma

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Mark Scheifele Winnipeg Jets RookieEven after 2 days, the smile is still firmly entrenched on Mark Scheifele’s face. The talented first round pick stole the show Tuesday night and endeared himself to every Jets fan. It is good to be Mark Scheifele.

Kevin Cheveldayoff, not so much.

You see it’s the Jets GM thats going to have to explain to countless fans why they are sending the 7th overall pick in this years draft back to Junior for another season. It won’t be a popular move, but it will be the right one.

Scheifele has talent, there is no denying it. He has great situational awareness and amazing hands. He is going to be a very good NHL player someday. That day just isn’t now.

How many times have we seen the next “superstar” in the NHL rushed out of junior and then burn out faster than you can say Alexandre Daigle.

Let him spend another year with the Barrie Colts. He’ll score 50 goals and learn valuable lessons from, probably the greatest Jet ever, Colts coach Dale Hawerchuck.

As much as fans want to see him in a Winnipeg Jets jersey, just 2 seasons ago Scheifele was playing Junior B. He still needs time to get used to playing in front of big crowds and under immense amounts of pressure. If he stays in the OHL he’ll also have a great chance at playing for team Canada at the World Juniors.

While his performance the other night was impressive, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. It was a spilt squad game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, not exactly the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. Lets see how he does against top NHL talent before we annoint him to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The best place for him to develop at this time is Junior. At just 175lbs, Scheifele still needs to bulk up a bit and get a little stronger on the stick. Numerous times during the Columbus game he had the puck taken away from him by just lifting his stick.

Winnipeg fans know what it means to be patient. We waited 15 years for NHL hockey to return, surely we can wait another one for a potential superstar.

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