Mayor Katz:New Team Won’t Be Called Winnipeg Jets

| May 22, 2011 | 41 Comments

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  1. admin says:

    I don’t think he knew. It is apparent that it wasn’t an easy decision for TNsE to name the team the Winnipeg Jets. I believe that they initially had thoughts about naming the team the “Manitoba _____ ” until the public spoke up.

  2. Looks like the mayor lied!

  3. sir_steveoh says:

    All things tell me that it is in fact going to be the WINNIPEG JETS, but if not it may still be the Manitoba Jets.

    Regardless of rumors, all things point to the Jets for me, and all things point to Winnipeg for the place. We may hear the name as early as Friday afternoon or this Saturday.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you our newest NHL team…
    The Winnipeg JETS…

    And the crowed go Haraaaaaaaaw…


  4. driddell says:

    I live in ny im a huge rangers fan and id love to see the jets back i think the history of the team and the winnipeg areana bring’em back

  5. MichaelH says:

    errr….in the “hockey desert” that was Atlanta…

  6. MichaelH says:

    Winnipeg Jets. Never mind they slept in a strange bed for 15 years, in the desert. They are back. They were born in the Peg…you dance with the one who brought you to the dance. Nothing less than Winnipeg Jets is acceptable.

    But pleasssssse…lets update the primitive logo and oh-so-boring, bland uniforms. Keep a shoulder patch of the 1996 logo on each shoulder – but UPDATE the rest…a clever compromise…a re-branding is critical,imo.

  7. Stu says:

    You do have to remember David that 30 million dollars of “OUR” money was put into the MTS centre when True North was touting that they needed the money to build the MTS centre…. yes I know the building cost much more, but it was “OUR” money so we should have a say.
    As for Sam Katz telling us they won’t be called the Jets …who is he? … only one voice of many.

    Dave said……1. TNSE built the MTS Centre and returned the NHL to Winnipeg so THEY, not you, get to name the team. You should be happy you even have a team.

  8. Doug says:

    People saying it must be the Jets or they won’t buy tickets are delusional.

    First of all, 13,000 tickets have already been sold and there are 8,000 others on a waiting list ready to take your spot.

    Second, who the hell does everyone think they are demanding the team be called the Jets?

    1. TNSE built the MTS Centre and returned the NHL to Winnipeg so THEY, not you, get to name the team. You should be happy you even have a team.

    2. This team is the Thrashers, not the Coyotes. The Coyotes are the team that has the Jets history. Calling this team the Jets doesn’t change the fact that the original Jets history is in Glendale for now.

    3. The Jets were nothing special in the NHL. While they had WHA success, all the Jets were in the 80’s were a stepping stone for Edmonton on their way to 5 Cups.

    I don’t mind the team being called the Jets but I do mind Peggers being outraged if it’s not. You better embrace this team regardless of the name.

    That being said, it looks like they are going with “Manitoba” not Winnipeg, so I offer the following suggestions:

    Manitoba Lakers
    Manitoba Falcons
    Manitoba Monarchs
    Manitoba Bears

  9. Barry says:

    Congratulations Winnerpeg, er I am sorry, Winnipeg. You are certainly winners as you have ownership and a city
    government behind your team; unlike the losers we have here in Atlanta. As a day 1 Thrasher season ticket holder, I was sad to see our boys go, but if they had to leave at least they are going to a place they will be loved! Thank God it is was not Hamilton; or any place “down East”. Be good to them, they are going to have to adjust from Peachtree Street to Portage and Main and that one piece of barbed wire in Saskatchewan that blocks the wind coming in from Siberia. (I have spent a lot of time in Winnipeg and St. Boniface). So if the opinion of a below 49er means anything to you, keep the “JETS”. That name has a great legacy and meaning to all of Winnipeg and Manitoba. And it will be a lot easier for us here in Blueland, to remember and cheer the boys on.

  10. Brad says:

    Only the Jets works. Change the logo if you’re looking for a bit of a change.

  11. Kimberley Vallance-Robinson says:

    The team MUST be called WINNIPEG JETS….we have waited all these years to get them back, so if they are called anything else….we really won’t have our JETS back, will we…..

  12. Tommy2 says:

    What about “The Manitoba Katz”?

  13. richard sathianathan says:

    Have all of the people above gone crazy? I mean come on folks, let us all think about this logically – okay? We outright cannot name the NEW team the Jets for the simple reason of karma – we cannot name the NEW team the Thrashers for we are proudly Canadian – not America’s 51st state. So then what should the name of the new team be? Well since the license plates in Manitoba read – “Friendly Manitoba” – it only makes logical sense that the new team in Manitoba be named – “The Winnipeg Charmers”, right? RIGHT!!!

  14. chris says:

    weve got our beloved team back, now keep our beloved name. if u want to start a new era consider augmenting the original team colors and logo, and maybe a third jersey with something classy and different. IF for some reason the name is to be ‘manitoba-‘. Then how about some history? the Red River Rebellion was a great moment in our country’s history. This would be a fantastic name. Or less so, the Manitoba Rebellion.

  15. Iggy Fernandez says:

    Bring back the name. Jets…I’m very happy for you all up there. Best of Luck….

  16. Anthony perri says:

    I’m from new York so I don’t know much about the Manitoba area, but I’ve heard it referred to as the “tree capital” of the world. if that’s the case, naming the team something like “Winnipeg jacks” or “Winnipeg lumberjacks” I think would show support to the city as well as the providence. either way I’m just happy to see the NHL out of Georgia and back in Canada!

  17. Jude says:

    … I just hope it’s not another dumb name like the Ducks or Bluejackets. The Jets failed and NEVER won anything. They were always just good enough to make the 1st round of the playoffs, then get knocked out. I completely understand if they rename the team. Plus, the NY Jets already exist. They need to make a name that is unique. The Moose is an awesome name, but everyone is saying that it will remind people of the AHL. If they name the team the Moose, 20 years from now it will be a trivia question of what NHL team name used to be an AHL team. It reminds me of when the Orlando magic came into the NBA and people thought people would think they were named after Magic Johnson. :o)

  18. Jude says:

    I head someone say hang the picture of the Queen back up and call them the Manitoba Monarchs!

  19. admin says:

    People in high places always have “their” reasons for “their” decisions. Sometimes the fans win, sometimes the fans lose… let’s hope they win this time around.

  20. admin says:

    Yes, long term fan and corporate support in Winnipeg is crucial now. We have to put out money where our mouths are!

  21. admin says:

    I think there are a lot of folks in Winnipeg that would willing skip summer now in favor of the start of the NHL season!

  22. admin says:

    Interesting choice. I haven’t heard that one thrown around before…. thanks for the contribution!

  23. dale says:

    Seems that many people still would like to see Jets name and as Sam has indicated. perhaps is not dueable.

    A possible name that that i thought about is to call them the – “Manitoba Greenbacks”, which is a term used for our pickerel/walleye found in Lake Winnipeg and Red River. Species of walleye that many people fish for recreationally and commercially. Kinda parallels the “Winnipeg Goldeyes”

  24. chris davis says:

    Winnipeg jets!!!! Its classic!!! A no brainer!!!! Mayor katz said:“hearts were just torn when the jets left” well that gives you all the more reason to call them the winnipeg jets!!! Who wouldn’t like to see bobby hall warin that classic jersey to drop the puck for the season opener? Is it october yet?

  25. Thom says:

    haha don’t take my comment too seriously… couldn’t help it the irony was killing me- you people ‘begging’ for jets and all you get is a d**n good nhl franchise, you are funny folks!

    but honestly: please support these boys no matter what sweater you put on em… kane, thorburn, ladd, little, enstrom, buff, and the crew are fantastic athletes and class acts- a lot of people in atlanta are going to be disgusted if you folks don’t get behind em. treat our boys right ya hear? that’s the least you can do!

  26. Thom says:

    serves you right… but listen, you better get used to it folks- this blasted franchise isn’t fan-friendly! hmm, now that i’m thinking of it… a moniker like ‘winnipeg whiners’ might be a fine fit.

  27. TRev says:


  28. Brad Thiessen says:

    The obvious choice seems like to name the team the Jets, but who knows, people in high up places can make stupid choices.

  29. Lee Messett says:

    I like the Manitoba Jets – follow the Riders lead on giving a professional sports franchise to the entire province – not just to people within the perimeter.

  30. gunyhrt says:


  31. Kev says:

    There’s an online petition you can sign to show your support to have the Jet’s name brought back. Take the 2 minutes to sign yourself, and send the link to all your frinds, and post the link wherever you can to spread the word.


  32. Phil Bilski says:

    I’m from Los angeles…And a big KINGS Fan but i agree the jets name should stay.. Im very happy that Winnipeg Jets are back..Its a Hockey City and changing the name would be a big mistak….Welcome Back WINNIPEG !!! GO KINGS & JETS !!!!

  33. Bobby says:

    Only jets will do

  34. Hey says:

    Jets jets jets!

  35. Erich says:

    I am from Minnesota and even though they replaced the North Stars with the Wild, It is not the same. I hope they are called the Winnipeg Jets.

  36. Casey says:

    It has always been ‘bring jets back’ campaign.
    No matter what the team name will be, people will chant ‘Go Jets Go’
    Give us our Jets back.

  37. jim says:


  38. stuart says:

    I will buy season tickets and commit to 3 years, if and only if the team name is the jets. If they are called anything else, I probably won’t go to one game.
    Have you ever seen anyone crying for an NHL team? No, it’s always for the Jets return to the NHL.
    I think it would be a big mistake to call them anything else.

  39. JOE says:


  40. Richard brooks says:

    The team MUST be called the Winnipeg Jets! It’s the RIGHT thing to do!

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