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Dustin Byfuglien Winnipeg JetsAfter 3 preseason games a clear picture of what this team will look like this season hasn’t yet to emerge. All games have been spilt squad affairs and we haven’t seen what the whole team can do.

This is what we know so far:

The Jets Will Be Physical

Big Buff set the tone for the season with his monster first shift. He wanted everyone to see that this wasn’t a team you could push around. In all three games the Jets have went out and played a very physical style of hockey. This high tempo game is what led Boston to the Stanley Cup last year and is clearly they style of play the Jets want to emulate. With size up front and a bruising defense, the Jets will not be a team that will be easily finessed or intimidated.

These Jets Like to Shoot First

Personally, I love this style of hockey. No shot on net is a bad one and that seems to be Coach Noel’s philosophy. While some NHL players want to make that perfect pass it seems the Jets are content with taking the shot and hoping for the rebound. Sure, you won’t get a lot of pretty highlight goals like that but last year this team struggled with putting the biscuit in the basket so its time to change the approach.

TSN Has Some Work To Do

Yes, the ratings have been high but TSN needs to smooth out all the wrinkles before the season starts. And, that’s what the preseason is for. But, so far, the camera work has been suspect and it seems the announcers are still learning the names. I’m sure by the time the regular season starts the broadcast crew will be a well oiled machine.

Atlanta Fans Need to Look In a Mirror

Atlanta Spirit was ill equipped to run a NHL team, but the “fans” made the choice to stay away and must bear some of the blame for the loss of the Thrashers. The media needs to stop giving them a free pass. The team left because not enough people showed up, and when they did, they were unwilling to pay NHL prices. This week all over the internet and twitter Thrasher fans were taking shots at Winnipeg and openly wishing that the Jets go 0-82 this season.

I understand what these people are feeling but the “loserpeg” or “winterpeg” comments are tired and pathetic. Yes, Winnipeg is cold, but it has a NHL team which is more than Atlanta can say.

Calling My Shot

I want to get this on the record now. The Winnipeg Jets will finish 7th in the Eastern Division this season. They will be in the hunt all season and will even flirt with 4th place for a bit before edging the Leafs for the second last playoff birth.

What’s your prediction?

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