NHL Christmas Wish List

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Since the holiday season is fast approaching I thought I would break out my Christmas wish list for some of the Jets and others in the NHL.


The Media – A bill for season tickets – Maybe if these guys actually had to pay for a ticket rather than just sit in the press box (for free) they wouldn’t be so quick to judge fans for booing whomever they want.


Dustin Byfuglien – The definition of what a defenseman is – Big Buff is a polarizing character and there is no denying his talent. Yet I would like to see the guy play D first. If he want to play forward so much then Coach Noel needs to move him.


Illya Brygalov – A trade to Edmonton – You thought Winnipeg was bad?


David Thomson – A decent suit and haircut – The guy is the richest man in Canada, there is no reason that he should dress like his home got destroyed in a tornado and he had to get a suit for work from Goodwill.


Phoenix Coyote Players – French lessons – You are going to love Quebec City. It’s just like Glendale, well its not except for the penchant for government handouts.


Brendan Shanahan  – A little consistency – It would be nice if the guy who is handing out suspensions actually tried to make sure he followed his own guidelines. I love Shanny, but he just seems to fall into the same traps as Colin Campbell. It’s OK to give suspensions to guys with a big B on their jersey.


Johnny Oduya – An eye test – Either he doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to pass the puck to the other team, or the guy is color blind. Either way he needs to start ruling things out.


Bob McCown – An Atlas – To prove that Toronto is, not in fact, the center of the universe.


Bitter Atlanta Fans – A mirror – Want to know why you lost your team? It wasn’t your owners, Gary Bettman screwing you, or some vast conspiracy to prop up the Coyotes. Yes, you were pissed that you hadn’t had any success on the ice, but not showing up isn’t the way to protest. Go watch NASCAR.


Gary Bettman –  A hug – The poor guy gets booed wherever he goes and is considered nothing more than the owners tool. The truth is, while flawed, the little man has done a lot to grow the game.


Chris Thorburn – A one way ticket to St. John’s – Can someone explain why this guy is still with the team? In 27 games he has 1 assist, 26 PMI’s and is a stunning -10.  What’s scary is that he locked up until 2014. OK, maybe Atlanta fans were right about their owners.


Alexander Ovechkin – An audition for the next Geico commercial – If his slump continues Ovi could easily step into the role of one of the Cavemen. What’s wrong with his face?


Kyle Wellwood – A new agent – The Jets signing him for only $700K was the steal of the century. The guy has proved to be worth 3x as much.


Darren Dreger – A Calendar – To prove that two weeks isn’t the only time frame he could use.


Sidney Crosby – A Break – If it were anyone else, no one would question his toughness. This is his brain, not a sprained ankle. If he takes more time, or just a few games off, then it’s the best decision for him.


The Anti Fighting Crowd – A clue – Since the NHL took steps to curb fighting (instigator and other dumb rules) serious head injuries have gone up. Guy are using their sticks and elbows as weapons because they know that there can’t be any retaliation.


Evander Kane – Anything he wants – Kane becomes a RFA after this season and it is important that the Jets lock this kid up for as long as they can. Mr. Chipman break out the checkbook.


Hartford & Quebec City – Back in the NHL – Now that Winnipeg is back its time to right some wrongs. Phoenix to QC and lets move Columbus to Hartford.

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