What NHL Tickets In Winnipeg Might Really Cost

| June 20, 2011 | 16 Comments

Winnipeg Jets Goalie

Update: Winnipeg Jets Single Game Tickets now available here.

It is quite obvious by the speed at which the Winnipeg NHL season tickets sold out, that there will be some sort of a premium for Winnipeg Jets tickets on the secondary market. While this might be a new phenomenon for the people of Winnipeg, it certainly isn’t out of the ordinary for NHL tickets in the other Canadian markets to sell for a premium over face value.

Below are the average secondary market ticket sale prices for each of the other Canadian based NHL franchises.

Average Secondary Market Ticket Price

  • Canadiens- $248.89
  • Leafs- $219.44
  • Senators-$121.23
  • Canucks- $279.88
  • Flames- $107.78
  • Oilers- $116.40

Now, let’s take a look at what the average price of tickets are for the Canadian NHL franchises.

Average Primary Market Price

  • Leafs- $114
  • Canadiens- $82
  • Canucks- $65
  • Flames- $60
  • Oilers- $60
  • Senators- $56
  • Winnipeg- $82*

*-Average based on announced prices
- Prices provided by Forbes

Now, let’s calculate what the average percentage premium over face value is for each market.

  • Leafs- 92.5%
  • Canadiens- 203.5%
  • Canucks- 330.6%
  • Flames- 79.6%
  • Senators- 116.5%
  • Oilers- 94%

The Average % over face value is 152.8%

Based on this information, the Winnipeg secondary market ticket price is projected to look like the following:

  • Average- $207.30
  • Low- $147.27
  • High- $271.09

Would you pay these prices to attend a National Hockey League game in Winnipeg?

Ticket data aggregation and calculations provided by our good friends at Tiqiq.com , the smartest ticket site on the web! Tiqiq aggregates ticket resale data from multiple sites in near real time, indicating best prices and tickets available.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I would be very intersted in purchasing some tickets if someone has them to sell. Two seats per game

    This would be for promotional as well as family. Montreal would be great in October or Decmeber. But open for offers.

  2. Mike says:

    I would like to know if you are willing to sell 2 tickets for the Oct. 9 game against Montreal, please email me

  3. Shannon says:

    I’m interested in 2 tickets to the Leafs game on December 31, 2011, if you are willing to sell, please email me…thanks

  4. Jeff says:

    I know this is a long shot but I would be very interested in 4 tickets for the Dec 17th game vs the Ducks. I would even be willing to offer up some Fighting Sioux tickets in exchange or in addition. We have 4 season tickets to the Sioux.

  5. Johan says:

    Would love to get to a few games and take my son. Any games would be great, but we have a soft spot for Boston.

  6. Vanya Tucherov says:

    With Vancouver and Montréal skewing the average so badly, you’d probably be better served calculating from the median- the value which splits the results so that half fall above and half below. That value works out to 105.25% and represents the range between Edmonton (94%) and Ottawa (115.5%).

    Calculating from there, you end up with a value of $168.31, with the range $159.08 to $177.53. I’d guess the opening game will go near Stanley Cup Finals magnitudes over face value, and that the first visits from the other Canadian teams, possibly the Original Six and the Coyotes may go higher, but speculation that they’ll average a street value over face value of 152.8% seems unlikely.

  7. Jennifer Lamb says:

    Hey Dave,
    my boyfriend is a huge Montreal Canadiens fan and I realize tickets to the opening game is probably a no, but if you’re getting rid of the dec. 22 game, i’d be super interested in those! Thanks a lot.
    i’m at shooshoobaba@hotmail.com

  8. Darryl says:

    Dave, Love to hear from you if you have tickets to sell. It’s a great thing you are doing.

  9. Tom Milne says:

    Hi Dave

    I am interested in any tickets you may have for sale. If you have any left, you can contact me at tommilne@shaw.ca. Thanks, Tom

  10. sperr says:

    Hey Dave,

    I am a student and so happy to see the Jet’s back here. I fear that with season tickets selling out so fast that I will not be able to see a game for years though. I would gladly pay face value for a couple sets of tickets. If you are still willing to sell some please contact me at sperr2@hotmail.com

    thank you in advance

  11. Carney says:


    I would be real interested in purchasing a set of tickets off you for the upcoming season. I am willing to pay any price, for any game. I’ve been a Jets fan since birth, and it would make my year to see my team back!

    Cheers, and please feel free to contact me through phone or by email.

    Chris Carney

  12. Marshall says:

    Dave, can you please get in touch with my on twitter via @spryd – very interested in purchasing some of your tickets for promotional and personal use.


  13. admin says:

    That’s great that you will be sharing with your fellow fans… wish there were more people like you!
    Unfortunately, the crazy amount of demand is what enticies those brokers/sclapers etc. to try to make money. And, when fans do pay over face value for the tickets, it simple perpetuates the cycle.

  14. dave says:

    Just for the record. I have season tickets and will be selling about half. I only want face value. Not everyone is out to screw each other

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