OIlers Vs. Jets Feb 27th Game Preview

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Edmonton Oilers 24-31-6, 54 pts

Winnipeg Jets 30-26-8, 68 pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

What will the Jets roster look like for today’s game? Will Chevy make any blockbuster trades? I’m going to say that there might be a couple minor moves but nothing earth shattering. If they Jets struggle in the home stretch then Chevy needs to take a brunt of the criticism. Its fine to build for the future but its also a trap. You are always building for the future. One day the future has to become the present. A lot of teams run into this problem. They stockpile draft picks and prospects yet never make that next step. That was the downfall of the Atlanta Franchise. Just look at the Jets roster and see how many top 10 1st rounders they have. Eventually you have to find the balance between building and winning. Anyway tonight the Jets face the Oilers in which should bring back a lot of memories to a lot of Jets fans. This was a great rivalry in the 80’s and hopefully once realignment happens they can renew it.



I expect the fans tonight to be in rare form. These young Oilers will have never seen an arena so hostile. It will be interesting to see how they respond.  This is one game that a lot of Jets fans have had circled on their calendar ever since the schedule has been realsed. There will be a lot of emotion as Khabby makes his return to Winnipeg. He was always my favorite Jet goalie and I expect a warm welcome for the former Jets goalie. Ryan Carmel Nugget will probably get the brunt of the boos, though I do expect a few “you paid too much” chants to ring out when Hemsky gets on the ice.


Teams are now going to focus on Blake Wheeler and the power forward is going to need to figure out a way to withstand the extra attention. The good news if he’s first and formost a passer. If other teams try to Key on him that will just open up space for his line mates. When a goal scorer gets hot you can just try and shut him down by double teaming him. When its a set up guy its different. Space is going to be tighter for Wheeler so he’s going to need to figure that out and put the puck into open space.


The Jets cannot control anything expect how they play. They cannot control the schedule or what other teams are doing. There is no use watching the scoreboards to see how the other teams are doing. All the Jets can do is play the best hockey they can and the rest will take care of itself. This is a young Oiler’s team with a lot of talent and one day they will be a force in the NHL. That day is not today so the Jets have to take full advantage of a lesser opponent. The OIlers make a lot of mistakes, it will be up to the Jets to play sound defense and then jump all over them when they slip up.

Go Jets Go!

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