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So this week in manufactured scandals it has their out that members of the Manitoba Government have received Jets tickets. Crown Corporations are big sponsors of the Jets, they advertise with the team and in return they get X amount of season tickets which they are free to do what they want with.

Some of these tickets went to high ranking Government Officials like Cabinet Ministers and the such. When this news broke the vocal minority went nuts (as usual). The problem is its hard to tell what they are mad about. Are they mad that the Government is sponsoring a professional sports team or are they pissed because they have better seats?

It seems that the better seat argument is winning the day.

Now lets be clear they are not getting these tickets for free. The Crown Corporations are spending money with the Jets for advertising and in return get tickets just as anyone else would. You can argue that they shouldn’t be advertising in the first place but the truth is that they would be no matter what and a Jets game is great bang for their buck.

If Jim’s pizza becomes a sponsor then they get tickets. If Mandy’s Dress shop comes on board they get tickets too. So then why should the MPIC or Manitoba Hydro be any different?

The truth is people are mad because these are prime seats that the public doesn’t have access for and in a round about way are being paid for with Tax payer dollars. Good tickets are at a premium and when someone gets something you don’t have its natural to be a little jealous.

This is a non-story that is being blown out of proportion by a  couple small groups that have scores to settle. The Torries are jumping on this as a way to attack the NDP and others in the community who are not a fan of Pro sports are using this as a way to score some points.

Sponsors get tickets. Its that simple. Every big advertiser of the Jets gets tickets and lets not act like this is something new. It happens with every team and in every city.

And if you are so naive that this is the first perk members of Government have ever gotten then you just need to go and live in a bubble. Politicians get perks, always have always will. Is it right? Thats a philosophical argument for another time and place.

Here’s another bombshell for you, these same crown corporations also get tickets to the Bombers, Opera, Ballet, Theater and countless other events that they sponsor. Not really seeing the outrage at the same level when a board member for Hydro gets free tickets to Swan Lake.

Its the same issue so why aren’t we seeing the Torries going after the NDP for all the freebies and not just Jets tickets? Its simple no one cares about the others at the same level that they do the Jets. Even though the season is over the Jets are still the talk of the town and thus is going to be a lightning rod. And lets not pretend that the Torries didn’t take their share of perks when they were in power. In politics the party in oppositions job is to be outraged. With a booming economy and low unemployment the Torries need to find an issue to get up in arms about.

I for one have no problem with these corporations getting tickets and giving them out to their employees. The problem is that it just looks bad when people who can afford their own tickets are getting some for free. So here’s the solution. Make them “pay” for their tickets into a fund for a charity and then the problem is solved.

Lets just not blow this out of proportion to score some cheap political points.

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