Panthers Vs. Jets Jan 21st Game Preview

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Florida Panthers 21-15-10, 52 pts

Winnipeg Jets 22-20-5, 49 pts

6:00pm MTS Centre

Well despite Gary Lawless’s wishes the Jets are continuing the season and fighting for a playoff birth. Tonight they will face a team that is directly infront of them in the Florida Panthers. A win will put them within 1 pt of the 8th and final playoff birth. The Jets should also have Bogosian back in the lineup which will really help a depleted D corps. Also in good news the Panthers are playing their second game in two nights as they had a game last evening in Chicago. The Jets are 8-0 at home when facing teams who played the night earlier. Lets hope the trend continues.



The Jets take a lot of shots. Both Kane and Big Buff are always near the top of the shot takers int he NHL. There would be a lot of other Jets on that list if they hit the net once in a while. I’ve watched a lot of hockey in my like and I have never seen a team miss the net as much as this team does. I think its due to the fact that they like to shoot from distance but they have also missed their share at point blank as well. Theres a saying that you’ll never score on the shots you don’t take. Well you also will never score on shots that miss the net by 15ft. At the start of the season the Jets weren’t shooting enough. As the year has progressed they have rectified that situation but the only problem is they are missing the net a majority of the time. As Mel Gibson said the The Patriot “Aim small, miss small”.


The Jets have been without their most improved player for a while its really hurt the bottom line. Without Bogo in the lineup the Jets have struggled. Yes he can still frustrate the hell out of the fans and coaches with his constat turnovers and boneheaded plays but he’s slowly turning into the player that everyone thought he could be. Bogosian is a big physical kid with a booming shot. Under the tutelage of Charlie Huddy the former first round pick has honed the defensive side of his game and has really cut back on the mental errors. Now that he’s back it will be important not to push him too fast in fear of injuring him again. Bogo has the chance to become a franchise d-man, the Jets need to be just as careful with his health as they have been with his development.


I can’t state the fact that this game is of the utmost importance enough. With a win the Jets will be in position to strike for that final playoff birth. A loss today will set them back and the last thing this team needs is anymore setbacks. Once this game is over the Jets will depart on a road trip that will probably decide if they will play anymore than 82 games this season. Winnipeg needs to set the tone tonight. They need to be able to go out on the road with some confidence and ready to shake the demons that have haunted them anytime they leave the comfy confines of the MTS Centre. They will face the Panthers four more times this season and as south east rivals the Jets need to win or at least get points out of everyone of them.


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