Panthers Vs. Jets Nov 10th Game Preview (and heart to heart)

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Florida Panthers 7-4-3 17pts

Winnipeg Jets 5-7-3 13pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

Sweet mother of Jebus the boys are home. After a monster 7 game, 14 day road trip into the depths of hell or otherwise known as the eastern seaboard the Jets return back to the comfy confines of the MTS Centre. They will face their arch rivals from the South Eastern Division the Florida Panthers who they defeated on aforementioned road trip. The main question is what Jets team will be there tonight? The ones who looked asleep against the Rangers or the one who’s looked like they drank a dozen 5 hour Energy’s before their goal filled, penalty riddled game against the Sabres.



Hey Jets come over here, I need to talk to you about something. Listen I am very happy you are back in the NHL. I just got my Jersey in the mail and wear it proudly where ever I go. I think you guys did really good on that road trip but was wondering if you could do me and the other fans a little favor?

Can you try and play a little D please? I know myself and others including your goalie and coach would appreciate it if you actually tried to stop the other team. Yeah trying to score goals and passing it up the middle is fun and all but there is a whole other half of the game you are missing out on. Playing defense can be enjoyable too. You get to hit people and who doesn’t like that. There’s also a sense of accomplishment when you don’t give up four leads in a game. I’m not expecting you to be the New jersey Devils from the 90’s I would just like our D to not look like the other team is playing against a bunch of 6 year olds.


You know what guys come back there is something else I’d like to ask.

When you get a lead can you not give it up? Is there any chance you can jump out to a two goal lead and actually hold onto it for the the rest of the game? Hell you could even build on it if you like. I know its tough you get a 2 or 3 goal lead and then you start thinking about what you are going to have for dinner after the game. You score a few goals, have the other team on the ropes and your mind drifts to getting out of there so you can fire up the XBox to play a little MW3. Listen that’s fine but lets not plan the victory celebration in the 1st period. As it stands now Hockey is 3 20 minute periods and you only get points if you lead at the end of the game. Lets try to play for the whole game. You are going to be there anyways so why not put in a full 60 minutes and walk away with the win?


Before you go one last thing I’d like to ask you please.

Can you guys stop taking stupid ass penalties? Seriously can you just give it up? You guys are only hurting yourself and causing my and other fans stress levels to go through the roof. Now against the Sabres there were some bad calls but there was also some really dumbs moves by you guys. The game of Hockey is hard enough, you don’t have to make it any harder. Our penalty kill got torched last game and now other teams are trying to draw the Jets into taking bad calls. You guys are pro hockey players, you’ve been playing at a high level for a long time. You know as well as I do that the ref will ALWAYS call the retaliation. Do as my Dad would say. Take a number, make a note and get him back when the ref isn’t looking. If you guys gave up less penalties you’d be a .500 hockey team and entrenched in the playoff hunt. yet because you;ve decided to lose your minds and do stupid crap you are on the outside looking in.

Thanks for the talk. Lets do it again sometime.

Go Jets Go.

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