Pittsburgh Vs. Winnipeg Oct 17th, Game Preview

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Pittsburgh 3-1-2 8pts

Winnipeg 0-3-0 0pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

Well things don’t get any easier for the Jets as they face the Penguins tonight at the MTS Centre. There is good and bad new for the Jets tonight. The good news is that both Crosby and Malkin will be out of the lineup. The bad news is that Crosby and Malkin are both out of the lineup and Jets fans will miss out on a chance to see two of Hockey’s biggest stars.

The Jets come off a horrible performance down in Glendale. They had no hustle and committed way too many turnovers again. Bogosian was a little better, but apparently it was Big Buff’s turn to cost us a couple goals. It seems that each game we have at least one D man who plays so bad that it costs us a few goals. While the D was bad on Saturday, the offense wasn’t much better. To put it in the simplest terms, this team needs to shoot a lot more.




Just shoot the puck. Its pretty easy. Get over the blue line and shoot. Throw pucks on the net and have players hunt for the rebound. Its hockey 101, yet this simple concept seems somewhat foreign to this team. The offense has been anemic and it starts with the top line. These are the guys who need to provide the scoring punch. However, through three games, they only have 2 pts combined. Now, the problem is that players will start to get frustrated and start forcing things and that is the last thing you want to do when you are in a slump. That’s why then need to just simplify and shoot. When you shoot, good things happen. When the other team is having to defend, they can’t score. It all starts with shooting.


I play adult hockey and I see the same type of mistakes in my league that the Jets are making. The D try and force a pass across the middle rather than taking the safe route up the boards. Now, this is usually for one of two reasons. Either the forwards are two high and the D has no outlet, or that the D are not looking at their progressions and are trying to complete a home run pass. I think with the Jets it’s a combination of both. The D bringing the puck out of the zone should always have 3 options. First option is always his D partner. If the play isn’t there, pass it to your partner and that will open up lanes. The second option is the winger along the boards. The third should be the center who is hanging back. From the three games so far it seems the Jets are always going for the third option. They need to simplify the breakout and just worry about getting the pucks out of the zone.


Until we score, this will remain as one of my keys. Kind of sad, because I have a lot more I want to talk about. I would rather talk about the need to forecheck more, or how the goaltenders need to handle the puck better. But, I get to prattle on about how we have yet to notch a power play goal this season. Our power play has been so bad I think the NHL should allow us to decline and just get the next three faceoffs in the opposing team’s zone. You can tell that Coach Noel is getting frustrated with his special teams unit. He has let everyone have a shot in an attempt to  kick start the power play. It really comes back to my first Key, just shoot more. The Jets move the puck nicely along the perimeter but sadly for us, they don’t give out points for style. Lets just shoot and get a body in front of the goalie. All three of these Keys can be summed up by just simplify.

Go Jets Go!

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