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With 12 games left the Jets must win at least 8 of them in order to make the playoff is you r are to believe what the experts are saying. Many think 90pts will be the threshold of the 8th and final spot in the East. As of right now the Jets sit at 74 and will need to find away to get 16 points out of their final games.

Will it be difficult? Yes but not impossible. So today we are going to look at what the Jets need to do in order to make the post season.

The easiest path is to win all the remaining games at home. That would give them 5 of the 8 games they need in order to meet the magic number. They face the Caps, Canes, Sens, Rangers and Lightning. By far the toughest game of that bunch is against the Rangers. Hopefully emotion and a playoff atmosphere can power them through that one.

Their remaining road games consist of the Pens, Caps, Predators, Canes, Lightning, Panthers and Isles. If and if the Jets win all 5 at home they would only need to steal 3 games on the road to meet 90pts. Winning 3 out of 7 isn’t out of the question even for a team like the Jets who struggle away from home.

The games against their southeast rivals are the best place to start. Win those games along with the 5 at home and the Jets will make the playoffs. I also think that the games versus the Canes and the Isles are also very winnable and could give the Jets a little breathing room. Steal a point against the Pens or Preds and its all gravy.

Now this makes it sound pretty easy doesn’t it? The stark truth is that it is. If the Jets can figure out a away to make this happen then they control their destiny. The NHL schedule makers were kind to the Jets though I don’t think they envisioned the season working out this way.

The remaining games against their Southeast brothers are critical. Just win the two games against Washington and they erase the 4pt advantage the Caps currently enjoy. Beat the Lightning twice and you can knock them out of the playoff picture. Upend Florida and with some help you can compete with them for the lead of the division and 3rd seed in the east.

It all starts tomorrow as the Caps head into the lions den that is the MTS Centre. Just a few hours ago it was reported that cave man lookalike Alex Ovechkin had been injured during practice and left the ice after several minutes holding his head on the bench. If Ovechkin is injured then that adds a serious boost to the Jets chances. (Updates say he’s OK but who knows I trust injury reports as much as I do reports that the Coyote’s sale is going through)

Washington has a tough schedule to begin with. Two games against the Jets and tilts against the Hawks, Bruins, Flyers, Panthers, Rangers and Sabres lead to a tough road ahead. Sure they get the Habs but then you add in the Panthers and the Lightning and the beltway boys have a very thin margin of error. News gets worse for the Caps as they have to play most of those game son the road and they are as bad as the Jets away from their home ice.

The simple take away is that the Jets just need to win. Take care of business especially against their fellow southeastern teams and they have a better than 90% chance to make the post season. With so many gammes head to head with their rivals the Jets won’t have to watch the scoreboard much. They will always know where they stand.

And when this season started thats all any of us could have hoped for.

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