Question for the Jets. Why is Chris Thorburn on the Team?

| January 11, 2012 | 3 Comments

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When the Jets 1.0 were around they always seemed to have a roster full of guys who probably shouldn’t have been there. These were guys who worked hard, who impressed the coaches, became darlings of the fans yet never really helped the team. They rarely scored, were usually a defensive liability and really didn’t bring anything of use to the equation.

Do this this sound like anyone on the Jets 2.0?

Chris Thorburn I am looking at you.

Listen Thorburn is probably a good guy. The media, the fans, the coaches and his teammates all seem to love the him. I have nothing against him as a person. I just think he’s a bad hockey player who should be sent down to St. John’s or traded for a case of beer and a bag of pucks.

Numbers don’t lie. In 42 games this season he has exactly ZERO goals THREE assists and is a whopping -10. Lets just put it this way Pavelec has two assists already this season.

No one expects him to be putting up 20 goals. His role is to be a third line grinder and I can accept that. The problem is that your third line grinder shouldn’t be -10. He should be a defensive specialist who can shut down the other team’s better players. I don’t care what he brings to the dressing room or how much the fans love him. -10 for a forward is pretty bad and its about time someone noticed.

Claude Noel has no problem calling out his skilled players. He’s taken to the press to admonish Kane, Big Buff and Fehr for lack luster play. Why hasn’t he done the same for Thorburn? Why does Thorburn get a pass?

According to Thorburn is under contract until 2014 with a cap hit of 866K. Last year he signed a new deal. Who was the genius who locked this guy up for 3 years? Maybe the fans in Atlanta were correct about the incompetence of the management down there. How this guy deserves a multi year deal worth 2.6 million I will never know.

Last night Thorburn got a penalty shot and that was all the evidence you needed to know that this guy has no business on a NHL roster. Yes Boston has a great goalie in Rusk but even the out of shape, over weight guys I played with could have stoned him with that move or lack thereof. Its pretty clear that Thorburn just doesn’t belong in the NHL.

Thorburn was a big fan favorite in Atlanta. He was active in the community and you can see that the guy really tries hard out there. I can see Atlanta wanting him since they needed to do anything to try and draw fans. But we aren’t in Atlanta anymore. Winnipeg doesn’t need to keep a marginal NHL player on its roster to appease the fan base.

Now who am I to call out an NHL player? I’m nobody. I’m just a middle aged hockey player with weak ankles and decent hands. If you put Chris Thorburn and myself on the ice together it wouldn’t take you more than half a second to figure out who’s the pro and who’s the rec league player. But this isn’t about me and my lack of skills. I am not being paid over $850K a year. He is and he should be held accountable for his play.

I don’t care about intangibles or what he does off the ice. The sad fact is he is -10 and hurting this team. His poor play and lack of skills is also hurting his teammates. How do we expect his line mates to score if Thorburn is just wasting space out there and not a threat? He can’t set them up, he can’t finish, so please tell me what is his purpose out there? He’s only fought a couple times so he’s not an enforcer. He misses most of his big hits, so he’s not there to be physical. Why is Chris Thorburn out there on a regular shift?

Now if we tried to send him to St. John’s he’d have to clear waivers. I am sure there would be an NHL team who would probably take a flyer on him. His cap hit is low enough and he seems to be well liked in the league. But not wanting to lose him on waivers is not a reason to keep him on the roster. If thats what management is so worried about then they should just trade him for future considerations. I’m sure someone has a 6th round draft pick they’d be willing to part with.

If this team is going to make a serious run at the playoffs then they need to start acting like a serious hockey club and that means getting rid the dead weight.

Go Jets Go.

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  1. Craig Knapp says:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day – One goal doesn’t change a season where the guy has been a defensive liability. He is a marginal NHL player at best.

  2. Fehrsy says:

    Are you still confident Thorburn doesn’t belong? Role player who has stepped up his game when the jets needed it and a leader on the ice and in the room. Congrats buddy.

  3. Mark Snowdon says:

    The Jets are without a doubt my favorite team, I forgo my local team to watch Jets games on the internet, but I have to agree with this one. Slater has been a huge surprise for me and he has succeeded despite having Thorburn as a line mate. Give Klingberg a shot, he can only improve, Thorburn I am afraid has peaked, and needs to go. Maybe he just needs to be in a different system to thrive, I wish him luck, he is living the dream all us rec league players wish we could do. Id block Chara’s slapshot just to play one shift for the Jets, as I am sure many other would too. Go Jets

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