Rangers Vs. Jets March 28th Game Preview

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New York Rangers 48-21-7, 103 pts

Winnipeg Jets 35-33-8, 78 pts

6:00pm MTS Centre

There is a scene in the great King of the Hill animated series where Bobby enlists these pot heads in helping him win a rose growing competition. One of the stoners says “That Million Dollars will be our!” His friend reminds him that there is no money at stake just pride to which he relies “That pride will be ours”. Thats what the Jets season has come down to, pride. The playoffs are now distant memory even though there is a mathematical chance we all must face the harsh reality that its over. So now it comes to pride. This team needs to win for its fans and more importantly for themselves. They need to have something to build on for next year. This team is close and by going out winning would send a message that they will not roll over.



There is no use in the Jets feeling sorry about themselves. They made a good run and no matter what morons like Ryan Lambert say this team has improved and will continue to do so. The stark truth is they are a few pieces away from being there. They will build this team through its minor league teams and the draft. The same way Vancouver has done it. True Norht knows all about that they know that Vancouver’s recent success can be partly attributed to the work done with the Moose. Zinger and Chevy know they have the building blocks they need. This is a long term project and if anyone thought thta this team would move into Winnipeg and automatically become a contender was just fooling themselves.


The hits you deliver in the first period will pay dividends come the 3rd. The Jets succeed when they use their size to wear down the other teams. As much as the Jets would like to think they are a run and gun team the truth is they need to be more a a grinding kind of team. The Last 2 games the jets didn’t finish checks and that hurt them. When you finish a check the player on the other team is slowed down and is essentially out of the play for the next few seconds. When you don’t it leads to odd man situation and that will kill you in the NHL.


The Jets don’t have the talent to play straight up against a team like the Rangers so they need to use their heads to beat them. The first is to eliminate bad penalties. The worst thing you can do is take a penalty in the offensive zone. I was always told there is a such a thing as a good pentaly and a bad penalty. A good pentaly is when you take one to stop a goal. A bad one is when you ttake one in the offensive zone for no real reason. The Jets lead the league in bad penalties. A forward will get beat and instead of back checking he will slash or hook and thats and easy call for the refs. If the Jets want to win this game they will need to avoid taking any bad ones.

Go Jets Go

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