Sabres Vs. Jets Jan 19th Game Preview

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Buffalo Sabres 19-22-5, 43 pts

Winnipeg Jets 21-20-5, 47 pts

7:30 MTS Centre

When this season started a lot of the experts were certain Winnipeg would be outside a playoff birth. They were right but not for the reasons they thought. Its been injuries that have really hurt the Jets not lack of talent as much as the local media would like to contest.If this team gets healthy they can make a legitimate run towards the playoffs. Don’t listen to the Gary Lawless’s of the world when they tell you that this team doesn’t have what it takes. Now on the other hand you have the Sabre whose new owner promised they would be winning Cups in the near future. He went out and paid to much for marginal players through free agency and now look at where the Sabres are.



Lets not mince words here the Jets are horrible in back to back games. The sort of good news is that so are most teams and tonight the Jets face a Buffalo team that played last evening. Winnipeg needs to take advantage of this and come out quick. They have to set the tone quickly and dictate the pace of play. The Sabres are going to be a little sluggish so it would behove the Jets to try and put them away early before they can get their legs. I truly believe that teams deep down on a subconscious level think they are allowed to slack off in back to back games. Most teams for some reason look like they are phoning it in during the second part of their double header. Whatever the reason is the Jets need to capitalize on it.


Last game against the Devils the Jets could only muster 20 shots in the whole game. You are not going to score against any goalie in the NHL if you can’t get more shots than that. Its not just the amount of shots its also the quality. This past month the majority of shots the Jets have been taking has been from outside the face off circles. If there is no traffic a NHL goalie will stop those 99% of the time. The Jets need to find a way to work the puck into the sweet spot just below the face off circles. This creates more of a target for the jets to hit and becomes a more high percentage shot. The Jets like to take the perimeter shot and thats OK when Buff and Bogo are in the lineup but when the big shots aren’t available that loses some of its shine. They need to work it low and take the right shot.


Everyone is an expert. Its easy for a guy who has never played pro hockey to sit back and say “you should do this or do that”. Its also easy for the players to say that this does not effect them. That they don’t care what is written about them in the media. The fact is that it does effect them. They have to read it in the papers and see it online. If they have kids you know that they are hearing it form their friends. I edited a movie once that got horrible reviews. It was really hard to look online and read the comments. After a while you just have to grow a thick skin and realize there will always be haters. In Atlanta no one cared. The guys could easily ignore the rumblings but they aren’t in Atlanta anymore. Now they have to face a media that will go after them any chance they get. The media is not their friends and it would be for the best if the Jets just try and ignore what is being said.

Go Jets Go!

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