A Sad Week for Hockey and Humanity.

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Dustin Byfuglien Winnipeg JetsThis is a post I really hoped I never had to make. I’d rather be talking about the upcoming season or my ideas who should be cut, but I feel that I need to tackle this subject.

Last week there was an ugly incident in London Ont. where some bone head “fan” threw a banana at  Philadelphia Flyers’ Forward Wayne Simmonds.

Why is this important? Why are we talking about this on a Jets blog?

Simmonds is Black, as are four players on the Jets. The thought of any of those players facing this type of racism makes me sick to my stomach. I’m sure that during their careers, the Jets players have had to deal with some horrible things said to them and their families.

No one should ever have to go through that. This is hockey and that kind of BS has no place in this sport, or in civilized society. The jerk who threw the banana has been caught and will face some serious consequences.

So that should be the end of the story right? We should all learn a lesson on tolerance and grow as a people. Well, irony had something to say about it.

The other night Wayne Simmonds, the player who was subject to the aforementioned abhorrent act, committed his own.

During a game against the New York Rangers, Simmonds got into it with Sean Avery. And, as they were jawing back and forth, Simmonds yelled a gay slur at Avery. Cameras caught the ugly incident.

Sean Avery is no saint, but he is also an advocate for the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community, which makes what Simmonds said even worse.  Sean Avery made quite a stir as one of the first pro athletes to come out in support of gay marriage.  Afterward, Simmonds didn’t deny it, saying “he couldn’t remember what he said during the heat of battle”.

To anyone who saw the video it was pretty clear what he said yet somehow the NHL decided to let Simmonds have a pass on this incident. They said that there wasn’t enough evidence and that Simmonds now denies ever saying that to Avery.

I’m no lip reader, but I could easily tell what Simmonds said. I believe anyone with a grasp of the English language could figure it out.

The NHL needs to go after all acts of intolerance be it racial, religious or sexual as vigorously as they have to eradicate head shots from the game. Both of which have no place in the Hockey.

What Simmonds said to Avery needs to be taken as seriously as what happened to Simmonds back in London Ont.  Both acts are horrible and both acts should never take place during an NHL game.

Hockey is a great game and should welcome its arms to everyone no matter their sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. The game is big enough for everyone.

We as a people need to make sure all acts of intolerance are stripped out of our society. One act of hatred isn’t any worse than another.

OK, I go that off my chest, now lets play some hockey and keep all the other crap out of it.

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