Stars Vs. Jets March 14th Game Preview

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Dallas Stars 38-26-5, 81 pts

Winnipeg Jets 32-29-8, 72 pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

I’ll be totally honest this is a game that is extra special to me. I have followed the Stars for the past 10 years and have developed a relationship with some of their staff and players. So when I watch this one for a split second I will be tempted to cheer for both teams. Once the puck drops that feeling will pass and I will be able to give my loyalties completely to the Jets. This is a must win game for Winnipeg. The other teams in the playoff race have picked up the pace and the Jets find themselves on the outside looking in. Every game from here on out is of the utmost importance. The Jets have 3 in a row at home and must I repeat MUST win every single one of them if they have any hope of closing the gap. Their performance this past weekend on their western road trip took away any room for error they might have.



There is no use in watching scoreboards or wondering what other teams are doing. From this moment on the Jets can only and should only focus on themselves. There is no use wasting energy worrying about how the other teams are faring. Its pretty simple if the Jets can win they 9 of their next 13 then they will make the playoffs. Lose more than 4 games and the window gets a lot smaller. If they can win 9 more games they will make the playoffs. Is it going to be hard? Yes. Is it possible? Yes. Can they do it? Well thats the million dollar question.


If Disney were making a movie about the Jets then this would be the storybook ending. The Jets lead by local boy Eric Fehr who has returned from a horrible injury and lackluster play improbably make the playoffs. With Chris Thorburn out Eric Fehr gets to replace him on a line with Glass and Slater. This is Fehr’s chance to prove to everyone including himself that he still has a place in the NHL. Its not going to be easy. This line doesn’t suit his skill set since he is more of a sniper and he will be thrust onto the checking line. But if we are to get the Hollywood ending lets make it as hard as possible for Fehr to be the hero of the day so when it happens and he goes on a tear it is even more special. Hey a boy can dream.


The Jets are a young team and young teams do best when they play with confidence, when they believe that they can do it. The last road swing could have broke the Jets back but this team needs to find a way to pick themselves up and fight on. Its time to be cocky, its time to believe. There is no tomorrow, If this team is to make the post season then they must stand here. Its fitting that they are playing the Stars since this is kind of the Jets Alamo. Lets just gloss over the fact the Texan’s lost and look at this more metaphorically. The odds were against the defenders of the Alamo and they were able to hold back superior forces and while they were not victorious, their courage and spirit helped lift a nation. The Jets need to dig deep and fight. This moment will define this team and its season.

Go Jets Go!

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