The Jets Beat the Yotes: A Breakdown

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This win was important for numerous reasons. Firstly it has kept the Jets in the playoff hunt. We are still only 2 points out of 8th. I really hope that loss to Ottawa doesn’t come back to hurt us. Secondly it gave the fans a chance to express how they feel for being toyed with for the last two years. Yes the players had nothing to do with it but they represent the Coyotes so they get to feel the brunt of the anger. Lastly it was a complete performance by the Jets. For 60 minutes this team looked like they were playoff contenders. There should be no excuses from this moment on.


Even though they only tallied one goal I thought that the offense did a great job. They were able to create opportunities and force Yotes goalie Mike Smith to make some really tough saves. For once we were the team dictating the pace of the game. We got solid performances from most of the forwards. Goal scorer Bryan Little was around the puck all night. Andrew Ladd and Evander Kane both had solid games again with Kane looking like he playing at a whole different level. The player I was most impressed with was Blake Wheeler. I have been tough on the guy in the past but it looks like he is about to breakout. Wheeler was punishing the Coyote D down low and was able to get a few steals. He has deceptive speed and I think its only a matter of time before he gets his game going.


Best defensive game all year. Yeah Bogosian and Big Buff had some bad turnovers but the Yotes were unable to capitalize so no harm no foul. They would turn the puck over and then make a good play to correct the problem. Mark Flood and Atrus Kulda were very good in their own end and if it weren’t for the play of Pavelec and Kane, Mark Stuart would be my MVP. Stuart has been really good. He jumps in at the right times and also knows when to back up and play conservative. As was with Wheeler this was a big game for Johnny Oduya who minimized the mistakes and played very well when he was on the ice (he did a good job sitting on the bench too). Oduya has been the worst D so far this season but last night he was one of the best. Maybe just maybe Charlie Huddy is getting through to these guys.


Shutout ’nuff said!

THE FANS A+++++++

What can I say about the fans other than it was amazing to hear them be engaged all game. They cheered, they booed, they made the MTS Centre a very tough place to play last night. When this season started I said that the crowd would help the Jets win at least 5 or 6 games this season. Last night was one of those games. I think they gave the Jets that extra edge they needed to take them over the top. It was like the team didn’t want to let the fans down. It was as if they knew how important this game was and elevated their play accordingly.


All the media wanted to talk about  yesterday was “are the fans going to boo Shane Doan” and how classless that would be. All over twitter and the blog-o-sphere last night these journalists were all up in arms that the fans would dare boo a player from the other team. They kept saying that Winnipeg Fans need to just “get over it” and “be classy”. These fans paid good money for their tickets and if they want to boo Shane Doan or anyone else then that’s their right. For the past 15 years Winnipeg fans have had to hear that the NHL wouldn’t work in their city and that there is no way it will ever come back. The NHL used Winnipeg for 2 years as leverage to try and get a deal in Glendale. Peggers have had to hear a countless chorus of Loserpeg from American fans and how free agents would never want too play there. Then Shane Doan one of the remaining original Jets jumps into the fray and says he would rather stay in Arizona. I respect his right to say that but everyone needs to understand how that plays in Winnipeg. The awesome people of the River City took that as a slight and they wanted revenge. To the fans Doan was a link to the past and now it seemed he turned on the city where it all started for him. Their only weapon was to boo and boo they did. Every time Doan touched the puck they booed Doan but then during a TV timeout Doan’s picture cam up on the scoreboard and he got a standing O. Funny thing though none of the media who wanted Winnipeg fans to “be classy” seemed to mention that. You can’t have it both ways guys.

Go Jets Go!


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