The Spirit of Christmas

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Tis the season and as Jets fans we have a lot to be thankful for. We are back in the NHL, the team is half decent and we have an ownership group that seems committed to doing the right thing. What a difference a decade and a half can make.

Yet there are those who aren’t as fortunate and at this time of the year its important to remember that. While we all bask in the glow of the Return of the Jets there are those without NHL hockey.

There is Atlanta whom we “stole” the Thrashers from. There is still a very small yet vocal group of Thrasher fans who still have a lot of misdirected anger towards Winnipeg and its citizens. Articles still appear in their local paper about how people are coping with the loss of the team and there are a few Facebook pages dedicated to reveling in every Jets loss.

So since its Christmas I want to say I forgive you Atlanta fan. I forgive you making fun of the city I grew up in. I forgive you for disparaging its fine citizens and for making up lies about why the Jets 1.0 left in the first place. You are angry and I understand, I’ve been where you are and losing a team is hard.

I know this season must be hard as you watch the team you loved be embraced by another city. Players who you cheered for now are commenting on how much better playing in Winnipeg is than Atlanta. Its gotta be difficult, you guys hosted the olympics. Sure it was a financial and social distater but its something to hang your hat on. You have a lot of pride and to be beat by a city with 5x less the population has to sting.

To be fair Winnipeg fans have given you guys quite a ribbing about your lack of education and love of cars that turn left. So I want in the spirit of christmas to call a truce. You can’t have the team back but you can cheer for them and relish in their success rather than just gloat when they lose a game. In return we Winnipeg fans will try to be a little more respectful and understanding.

I know some of you are secretly wishing Santa brings you a brand new Wellwood jersey since the Jets Jersey looks so much better than the atrocity you called a uniform. Seriously who designed that Ray Charles?

I’d like to invite you to Winnipeg to see a game and enjoy what this great city has to offer but sadly we are sold out for 5 years (and probably beyond). Still you should come to Winnipeg and see that we aren’t that different from you. Sure its cold but its a great city with a lot to offer. As so many pof you fans have said its a islated northern out post with nothing to do.

Well sadly your fans were illinformed. Yes its an isolated northern outpost but at least it has NHL hockey. Something that Atlanta won’t have for a long long time.

Merry Christmas. Go Jets Go!

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