True North Responds To Fan Requests For Jets Name

| May 27, 2011 | 9 Comments

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  1. sir_steveoh says:

    it well be the Winnipeg JETS. Only morons would not call them the Jets, and these guys seem smart.

    It takes 3 letter of Winnipeg to get Winnipeg JETS on google (in the Winnipeg region), a new name would take time to gain recognition, and respect, the Jets name gives them that.

    As well, why would anyone think the old logo would cost anything more to own because NHL owns it. This ownership is saving the NHL’s butts, and it’s not as if the Jets sold all that much merchandizes over the last 15 years, never mind the next 15, they would have negotiated for it, with the relocation fee of $60M.

    I believe it will be the Winnipeg Jets as Winnipeg’s official NHL website is now up, and it is winnipeg.nhl. com, as well they are know now on NHL as Winnipeg so why change it, works perfect to be last on the name list as it is a bookend, easier to find on the NHL site too then in the middle as Manitoba. Those reasons, plus many others tells me, we will likely hear the name Winnipeg JETS during the Draft.


  2. Steve says:

    When the team returned We all said the Winnipeg Jets are back not the Manitoba whatchamacallits Show the fans you listen name them the Wpg Jets nothing else no other team uses the state or province in the name why start

  3. Oilers fan says:

    Winnepeg Renegades

  4. brent watson says:

    I say keep the Winnipeg Jets the Winnipeg Jets. How many years have people been lobbying for this return? Over 15 years now. And all that time, it was all about bringing back the Winnipeg Jets. Like a previous reply to this site, you can always change the logo.

  5. Martin says:

    Winnipeg Whips

  6. jetsfanforever says:

    When you ask anyone in the world, do you know where Winnipeg is? they’ll say, “Oh Winnipeg jets” I remember them. But ask them where Manitoba is and they say Manitoba what? I rest my case! The true Hockey fans that have been there waiting and believing for this return should be rewarded, please don’t dissapoint them, they are the ones spending their money to go see the Winnipeg Jets. Just look everywhere its all about the jets! You can always change the logo or the style of the jersey, but you have to name them the jets, from the young to the old they are all wearing Winnipeg Jets! We even have the old Jets players excited about the return of Jets, Please name them the Winnipeg Jets.

  7. Dr. Jack says:

    ANYTHING but “Moose” please! I hate that name and I want it gone.

    Manitoba Falcons
    Manitoba Jets
    Winnipeg WhiteOut


  8. admin says:

    I too am glad that they are making an effort. I grew up in Manitoba and my first NHL game was at the old Winnipeg Arena when the Winnipeg Jets played the Montreal Canadiens. I will never forget the experience. I want this generation of young Manitobans to have the same experience I did.

  9. Diggerjohn111 says:

    I like how all sides in this issue are being respectful, and polite. I would love to see the team return as the Winnipeg Jets, but I am just glad that TNSE is making the effort to return a NHL franchise to Manitoba.

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