Trade Deadline Musings

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Chevy had a great 1st Trade Deadline.

So after having some time to digest what happened and didn’t happen at the trade deadline I think its safe to say that the Jets were winners. They picked up a Veteren D man of of waivers, moved a UFA with a moderate salary and picked up a 2nd and 3rd round pick.

The Jets didn’t do anything that will help them with this playoff run but they also didn’t just fold it in and “build for the future”. They didn’t get better but they didn’t get worse and still helped the team in the long run.

I don’t expect the Jets to hold onto those picks. Thats probably one of the reasons why they are for 2013 and not for next year. Chevy is going to hold onto them and could use them in a trade next year. Worst case scenaerio is he gets an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick which really can’t hurt.

Johnny Oduya really didn’t fit in with the Jets long term plans. He was going to be a UFA at the end of the season and probably was looking at a pay rasie. Oduya’s play didn’t warrent a rasie and with up and coming D men in the system like Postma and Flood Chevy had a chance to move Johnny No No and clear up some cap space.

Winnipeg also was able to pick up Grant Clitsome off of waivers. I think that the Jet still move Oduya with out picking up Clitsome, this just made it a little easier. These guys are pretty much a wash when you compare them head to head. From what I heard there were a few teams that put in offeres to pick up Clistsome. The Jets got the bid since all the teams where ahead of them in the standings. That just tells you how good this kid is if the contenders all want him.

So now the Jets need to try and make the playoffs with the players they have on hand. Chevy is gambling that the guys he has right now have enough talent and chemistry to come together to make the playoffs and who can blame him. Since his teams has gotten healthy the Jets have played pretty well. Yeah there was the collapse against the Flyers and the horrid 3rd period against the Oilers but other than that this team looks legit.

Blake Wheeler, Andrew Ladd and Evander Kane have all been able to contribute. That is what this team needs. It needs its stars to be dominate and lets not fail to mention Big Buff who really has stepped up his game.

Within two weeks we will know where we stand. All the games in hand will have been played and then and only then will we know if the Jets will be able to make that final push. If March 15th comes around and the Jets are either in a playoff spot or within 4 points of one then I think that they will have a decent chance of playing in the point season. Anymore than 6 points back and its probably over.

Its probably going to come down to the last week and Chevy is putting his money n the guys who got him there. No one thought come the end of February that the Jets would be in contention. I think a lot of the experts thought the Jets would be out of it by the All Star break. Well they are still in the mix and with a little luck the Jets have a good chance at making this inaugural season extra special.

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