What a Long Strange Trip – Last Game of the Season Bolts Vs. Jets

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Tampa Bay Lightning 37-36-8, 82 pts

Winnipeg Jets 37-35-9, 83 pts

6:00pm MTS Centre

There are no keys to the game, there are no points of emphasis all there can really be is a thank you. This has been a magical season and while there is some disappointment of not making the playoffs theres no why you can say this season wasn’t a success. 15 years ago I stood in the Winnipeg arena and said goodbye to a team that I though never could come back. I cried, I mourned, I let go. Then over the past 4 years the rumblings and the what ifs began. The naysayers said that Winnipeg was too small, its rink wasn’t up to NHL standards and that the NHL would never come back. The rumors grew but still a lot of people still said it would not happen. Then last spring the winds started to change. It had turned from won’t happen to when will it. For a while it looked like the Coyotes would be returning home but the NHL wasn’t prepared to let the dog die. The good news for Winnipeg is that there was no shortage of struggling southern teams. The Atlanta Spirit Group was looking to unload the Thrashers and well you all know how that story ended. The Jets are back and now we close the chapter on their return.


The guys did great. Despite what the local media says this team doesn’t lack the talent to compete. The players went out and gave all they could. It wasn’t a lack of talent issue that hurt this team it was a lack of depth and experience. When I look back at this season I will remember how the players stepped their game up at home. How they would give a little more just to not let the fans down. Until the last week of the season they were in the hunt. Even when they were eliminated they still played hard and that says a lot about these guys. This team will succeed because of that attitude.


This season was all about the fans and not just at the MTS Centre. Wherever the Jets played a small contingent of Winnipeg crazies would be in attendance. The fans defined this team. I watched every game online this year and most of the time I would have the opponents feed. EVERY one of the announcers mentioned how amazing the fans were. They were shocked with how fast the season tickets sold, with how knowledgeable the fans were, with the amount of passion on display. For me there where three shining moments. Against Buffalo when the Jets were able to get under Ryan Miller’s skin with the infamous “silver medal” chant. I really didn’t think that could be out done then Washington came in and the fans hit Ovechkin with “Crosby’s better”. That moment was so awesome that it made sportscasts around the world. But if I had to pick one moment when the fans really shined it was when the Ducks came. Every player on the other team was booed when they touched the puck save one, Temmu. The fans cheered for the Finnish Flash as if he still wore a Jets Jersey. It was an amazing scene that still gives me chills.

This is the last game preview of the year and I wanted to thank all of the readers for sticking with us all season long. It was a lot of fun and look to this site for all of you Jets news throughout the offseason. I know for myself I am shocked I was able to get through all 82 games without offending all of my readers.


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