What It Means To Be A Fan

| October 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

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  1. Oakley says:

    Craig – great article on how we all need to support our home team. Except for one thing: you suck. How dare you refer to our team after waiting 15 years for them to return. How would you feel moving to this “Northern” city and reading your article for support? Nice shootout win for the boys tonight – they battled hard, Ladd fought and we unfortunately lost Enstrom to a hard hit. I didn’t watch a team that “sucked” tonight, but I certainly would like to see you “sacked” for including such a comment in an otherwise positive fan column. Go Jets Go!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by to comment Einar!
    We have certainly been waiting a long time to chant Go Jets Go for real… it’s awesome!

  3. Einar Carlsson says:

    This is a great Article and I agree with everything about supporting our Jets win or lose. I can’t afford tickets, but I will support my team with Jets gear and cheering for them in my living room. Can’t wait for the one game I’m going to with my boss and i think I may lose my voice from cheering.
    Like the rest of Canada, I’ve been waiting for NHL in Winnipeg to be a reality again for way too long. I can remember yelling Go Jets Go! at Oilers games….now it will make sense to people sitting around me…..Go JETS Go and Go Longhorns.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment. I remember watching that Blackhawks – Jets game and seeing quite a few Winnipeg Jets jerseys and flags. I thought it might have been the camera people cherry picking the Jets fans out of the crowd.
    It is great to know that there were actually a lot of Jets fans at the game.
    Go Jets Go!

  5. Gary Schellenberg says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I tried to get season tickets and was one of the many who failed but that did not diminish my pride in having the Jets back. My wife and I went to Chicago to take in the Black Hawks – Jets game and were time and time again approached by Chicago fans congratulating us on the return of the Jets. We sat among 21,000 fans and there were many Jets jersey’s and flags in the crowd. It was great and I was filled with pride when we scored the first two goals. It was fine that we eventually lost to a better team because we are back. Go Jets.

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