Who Should Stay and Who Should Go – A look at The Jets Free Agents

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Mason could be one of the odd men out

So since the Jets are out its time to channel our inner Leafs fan and look towards next season. The Jets have a bunch of UFA’s and RFA’s coming up so I think its time to take a look at who we should keep and who should go.


Pavelec RFA – He is pretty much the Star of the team and should be Chevy’s first priority this summer. He is the type of goalie you can build a team around.

Kane RFA – Kane scored 30 goals this season and has only scratched the surface of what he can do. Sure there were some off ice rumors but he is a legit top 6 forward who will only get better.

Slater UFA – Slater is good character guy who is also one of the top faceoff men in the league. He is a niche player but everyteam needs a guy like this.

Wellwood UFA – Wellwood had the best year of his carrer and seems to flourish in Claude Noel’s system.

Machacek RFA – Machacek has been great as a call up from St. John’s. I think he has earned his spot with the big club if he can keep up the pace.


Glass UFA – I am a huge Tanner Glass fan. If he can fit into the Jet’s plans then I would be totally OK with resigning the gritty forward.

Flood UFA – Flood has the skill set to be an everyday NHL player. The Jet just had an over abundance of D men this year and sadly Flood was the odd man out most night. I think that if there is space for him you need to hold onto this guy because he could easily turn into a top 6 D man for a long time.

Mason UFA – If Mason is willing to take a pay cut then I would sign him. The Jets have some really good goalie prospects and if they are ready to make the move then there is no need for a high priced back up.


Fehr RFA – Listen I wanted Fehr to come in here and do well. I honestly thought he could net 20 for the Jets and contribute night in and night out. Sadly that didn’t happen and it’s clear that he is still feeling the effects of his shoulder injury.

Jones UFA – Jones was the Jets worst D man down the stretch. He was prone to turnovers and seemed to regress as the season wore down. Letting him go would open a spot for a guy like Flood.

Stapleton UFA – Its a numbers game and I think that Stapleton’s number has come up. He’s a marginal 4th line player who has a lot of energy and a good work ethic. Unfortunately for him there will probably be some guys who are about to make the move like Scheifele and the Jets will need to clear a roster spot.


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