Wild Vs. Jets Dec 13th Game Preview

| December 13, 2011 | 2 Comments

Minnesota Wild 2–7-3 43pts

Winnipeg Jets 13-12-4 30pts

7:30pm MTS Centre

The league leading Minnesota Wild come into town tonight to face the Jets. Wait what? Did I just write that sentence? League leading Minnesota Wild? That has to be a mistake. Let me check.

Ok so I used the Google and sure enough the Wild are at the top of the standings. Wow thats weird. Anyway it doesn’t matter since the MTS Centre has been a graveyard for the top teams in the NHL. The Jets are gold at home and when its against a top opponent they are even better. Winnipeg needs to shake off the loss to the Red Wings. As of right now they need to treat that game as an anomaly and just get back to doing what has brought them success. The one hiccup is that the jets could be without some of their top players as Antropv, Big Buff, Fehr and Hainsey are all listed as questionable.



The one thing that the Wild have going for them and the reason for their rise is that they have been getting contributions from everyone. This team doesn’t have a superstar (don’t say Heatly) but they still are managing to put the biscuit in the basket. This makes things difficult for the Jets as they can’t just focus on one player to shut down. They will need to consider everyone as a scoring threat. That makes its hard on Coach Noel when it comes to game planning. By having such a balanced attack it takes some of the home ice advantage away from the Jets. You might as throw trying to match lines out the window which as the home team you get to do since you have the last change.


From the sounds of it the Jets have let the game against the wings go and it is now long forgotten. Thats a good thing. Sometimes you can learn from losses but I thinks its best if this one is considered dead and buried. The Jest were horrible and it would be the right thing for them to just let it go and focus on the Wild. I’m not going to make excuses for professional Hockey players but they have a pretty good one for the loss against the wings. I just want to know what the hell happened at customs. Was there a Wings fan or a former Thrasher fan working the gate and were they trying to mess with the Jets knowing that they had to play the next day? Whatever it was the team just needs to worry about the team they will be playing tonight.


The Jets like to play at home and their record sure indicates it. They are 7 out of their last 8 and have won 4 in a row at MTSC. Every announcer for the other team has made note of how loud the Hanger (or are we calling it the Phone booth?) can be. PLayers like to say that the crowd doesn’t effect them but its pretty clear that the boo birds have been achieving their desired effect. Kovlachuck was down right distraught that the Jets fans would boo him. The Jets are going to need the crowd tonight as the Wild are a great team and one of the best on the road this season. Yet I will wager that they have never seen a crowd like this. Tonight begins a new rivalry which will officially kick off next season as the Jets and the Wild are placed in the same division. lets show these guys what they are in for next year.

Go Jets Go!

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  1. bcmike says:

    The Jets did the can opener on the wild and lured them into a wide open game. However the Wild looked super dangerous at all times and played the Jets tough. They effectively shut down Kane and made it extremely tough for the Jets to gain the zone.

    If I was an opposing team I would be studying tape from the Wild game, not the Detroit game if I wanted to figure out how to play the Jets.

  2. bcmike says:

    The Jets need to bring their run and gun game to the MTSC tonight. Open it up and force the wild to abandon defense and get into a shooting match with them. Although the Wild have a lot of weapons they’re not used to the wide open attacking game the jets can bring. Waive the carrot in front of them and dare their forwards to trade chances with us, that in my mind is how we can beat these guys.

    The fans also need to rock that building tonight to show the Jets Detroit was a an anomaly.


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