Wild Vs. Jets Dec 13th Game Preview

| December 13, 2011 | 2 Comments

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  1. bcmike says:

    The Jets did the can opener on the wild and lured them into a wide open game. However the Wild looked super dangerous at all times and played the Jets tough. They effectively shut down Kane and made it extremely tough for the Jets to gain the zone.

    If I was an opposing team I would be studying tape from the Wild game, not the Detroit game if I wanted to figure out how to play the Jets.

  2. bcmike says:

    The Jets need to bring their run and gun game to the MTSC tonight. Open it up and force the wild to abandon defense and get into a shooting match with them. Although the Wild have a lot of weapons they’re not used to the wide open attacking game the jets can bring. Waive the carrot in front of them and dare their forwards to trade chances with us, that in my mind is how we can beat these guys.

    The fans also need to rock that building tonight to show the Jets Detroit was a an anomaly.


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