New Winnipeg Jets Jersey 2011-

The new Winnipeg Jets jerseys were unveiled via an elaborate ceremony at 17 Wing in Winnipeg  on September 6, 2011.  Four Winnipeg Jets players, Andrew Ladd, Eric Fehr, Nik Antropov and Mark Stuart emerged from the cargo hold of a Hercules aircraft wearing the 2011 Winnipeg Jets jerseys.

There was considerable speculation and rumor as to the design of the new Winnipeg Jets jersey since the team unveiled the new logo. Several mock designs appeared on various websites, none of which were confirmed as the actual new Winnipeg Jets jersey design. However, the counterfeit jerseys seized by the RCMP were not too far off from the authentic jets jerseys in their design.

Mark Chipman did not bend the truth when he indicated the jersey would not have any Red in it, other than the Maple Leaf in the logo.

Some NHL licensed retailers, such as the NHL Shop and  Cool are taking pre-orders for authentic 2011 Winnipeg Jets jerseys, but Reebok has notified these retailers that jerseys will not be ready for delivery until early October of 2011. In fact, the NHL Shop has listed delivery of the Jets jerseys at December 15, 2011!

Vintage Winnipeg Jets Jerseys

The Red, White and Blue of the vintage Winnipeg Jets jersey, along with the distinctive Jets logo is one of the most recognized jerseys in hockey history. The professional version of the Winnipeg Jets organization began as a franchise in the now defunct World Hockey Association at the outset of the 1972 season. After 7 seasons and three Avco Cup league championships (1976,1978,1979) in the WHA, the Jets were welcomed into the NHL fold in 1979. While many of the teams in WHA folded, the Winnipeg Jets, (New England) Hartford Whalers, Edmonton Oilers and Quebec Nordiques joined the National Hockey League.

Winnipeg Jets Jersey – 1980’s

Though the Jets had joined a new league, they maintained the same jerseys and logo that they wore in their last season in the WHA. The home jersey continued to be white with the familiar blue and red stripe running down the arm of the jersey from neckline to wrist, while the same blue and red striping pattern was applied horizontally around the bottom portion of the body of the jersey. The home jersey was almost all that was familiar to Winnipeg Jets fans as the team certainly didn’t enjoy the same success in the NHL that they did in the WHA.

The road jerseys that were worn throughout the 1980’s were, of course, blue with the white and red stripes from neck to wrist down the sleeve. The wider white stripe, with narrower red stripe above, circled the bottom of the jersey horizontally. The logo on the road jersey featured a white circle with the word “Jets” in blue across the center and the word “Winnipeg” below in red. The logo was completed by an image of a blue jet inside a smaller red circle that was offset above the “J” in the word Jets. Along with the jerseys, the Jets wore blue hockey pants with a wide red stripe and a narrow white stripes down each side.

Winnipeg Jets Jersey – 1990’s

The last incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets Jersey featured several subtle changes to the jersey and a complete redesign of the Jets logo. The most notable change in the jersey was the darkened shade of blue used in the new jersey design. While the home jersey continued to be white and the road jersey blue, the stripes on the sleeves of the jersey had been changed from the vertical stripe from neck to wrist, to a set of 3 horizontal stripes just below the elbow. Another subtle change made to both the home and away jerseys was the change from Red and White striping around the neck to a purely Red stripe in the new design. The final alteration to the jerseys was the addition of a third horizontal stripe at the bottom of the body of the jersey corresponding with the new striping pattern on the sleeves.

The most drastic change to the new Winnipeg Jets jersey was obviously the overhaul of the logo. The new Jets logo featured a few changes to update the look and feel, without completely changing the Jets ‘brand image’. The new logo utilized a more modern font and the moved the word “Winnipeg” from below the word “Jets” to above and also extended the “J” past the confines of the circular limit of the logo.

The new font and emphasized “J”, the new logo also removed the previous circle-enclosed jet from the upper left of the logo and replaced it with a partial jet that emerged left from the “J”. The new Winnipeg Jets logo also featured a more modern drop shadow effect that served to give it more depth – a nice touch.

Winnipeg Jets Vintage Merchandise Still Selling!

Not only are the new Winnipeg Jets jerseys selling like hot cakes, the vintage Jets jerseys are still very popular with hockey fans. In fact, vintage Winnipeg Jets apparel is some of the most popular vintage hockey merchandise on the market.

In a recent interview on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, a local River City Sports store in Winnipeg noted that they can’t keep vintage Winnipeg Jets merchandise in stock! But, it isn’t just in Winnipeg. At any NHL arena you are sure to see Winnipeg Jets hats, Jets t-shirts and probably the odd Dale Hawerchuk or Teemu Selanne Winnipeg Jets jersey!