Winnipeg Jets and Projected NHL Division Alignments

| May 22, 2011 | 25 Comments

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  1. Bob says:

    Nashville to southeast Winnepeg to Northwest, Minnesota to central

  2. Andrew says:

    In response to stupac I totally agree they should bring the whalers and campell for like the new England division so there are other older teams

  3. Stupac says:

    Whatever happens, it doesn’t sound like east and west conferences will be a reality. Bring back Campbell and Wales!!!

  4. stephenphilsfan says:

    Here is what needs to happen:
    Do exactly what the news guys said but move nashville to the southeast. They should be in the east anyway. i guess anything that keeps the flyers in the atlantic works for me, i guess.

  5. Phil says:

    This should be a really easy fix. Put Winnipeg in the northwest division, move Minnesota to the Central division. Move Columbus to the Atlantic Division (They should’ve never been in the Eastern Conference), and move New Jersey to the Southeast Division. That last part may seem a little weird but it’s the easiest thing to do without having to come up with a whole new system.

  6. Richard Kozak says:

    I am a habs fan , and I really like Jeff Hastings comment made June 25 , 2011 at 12:07AM . WOW The original 6 teams in one division , that would really bring hockey back to its real roots , and it would be a dream come true , for all original 6 teams ( fan bases),- Come on N.H.L – YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND PUT A TRUE STAMP ON THE N.H.L

  7. Jeff Hastings says:

    I would like to see the Wild move to the Central to renew the old Norris Division rivalries with the Blackhawks, Red Wings and Blues. And start a rivalry with the Blue Jackets, since both teams came into the league at the same time.

    However, I believe it will be the Stars going to the Central and Colorado going to the Pacific.

    Now lets get crazy. Why not have 5 divisions of 6 teams! And bring back those cool division names!

    Original Six Division
    Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, New York Rangers, and Toronto.

    Adams Division
    Buffalo, Columbus, Nashville, New Jersey, New York Islanders, and Ottawa.

    Patrick Division
    Carolina, Florida, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, and Washington.

    Norris Division
    Calgary, Dallas, Edmonton, Minnesota, Saint Louis, and Winnipeg.

    Smythe Division
    Anaheim, Colorado, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Jose, and Vancouver.

    Play 6 games vs each division opponent: (30 games)
    Play 2 games vs 5 of 6 opponents in the other four divisions: (40 games)
    Play 3 games vs 1 of 6 opponents in the other four divisions: (12 games)
    Giving us a grand total of 82 games.

    Crazy, no?

  8. RK says:

    here is what should happen
    move the preds to southeast div
    have winnepeg in north west with vancouver edmondton calgary and colorado and then move minnesota to the central div

  9. Donnie says:

    This is what the new divisions should look like:They obviously would have to rename some of the divisions,so I left out names for them for now.This is the only way to do this:

    Eastern Conference

    Division 1
    New York
    New York
    New Jersey

    Division 2

    Division 3
    Tampa Bay

    Western Conference

    Division 1

    Division 2

    Division 3
    San Jose
    Los Angeles

    One alternative some might want is to switch Pittsburgh and Philly just to have Crosby and Ovechkin playing in the same division.But one thing I never hear anyone ever say is how is Pittsburgh in a division with teams in New York,New Jersey & Philadelphia when they’re closer to Detroit than anyone in their division?Could you imagine the Steelers in the same division as the Jets & Patriots?LOL.I know some might also say you can’t split up Philly & Pitt,but it was done once before already.

  10. Jason says:

    Why not keep it simple:

    Nashville to Southeast
    Winnipeg in Central


  11. BERT says:

    Reply to Whisky
    Bruins and Habs will always hate one another on the rink.
    A tradition that goes way back, Montreal to the north and New York to the south. No matter the division there in they will always be our rivals. Its set in stone.

  12. BERT says:

    Bruins and Habs will always hate one another on the rink.
    A tradition that goes way back, Montreal to the north and New York to the south. No matter the division there in they will always be our rivals. Its set in stone.

  13. Kellen Soares says:

    @Whiskey: That seems cool. I just need at least 3 Sharks-Stars and Wings-Sharks games a year, because those are 2 of the Sharks’ biggest rivals.

  14. Kellen Soares says:

    Let’s see… I’m a Sharks fan, and I don’t really follow the east, but I know some rivalries and geography. Maybe Nashville could go to the Southeast, Colorado to the Central, and Winnepeg to the Northwest? I don’t want to break up the Stars-Sharks rivalry.

  15. Nick says:


  16. dan says:

    I think that detroit moving to the east would take too much movement in the other divisions. I’d say move nashville to SE because they are the closest to the teams they’d be playing. Move minnesota to central and winnipeg to northwest and problem solved.

  17. bc says:

    OK…here is an interesting way of going about realignment. Remove Ottawa and place Detroit there so they can be with Toronto again. Nashville heads to the SE. Winnipeg and Ottawa now end up in the Central with Chicago and St. Louis.
    OR Swap Nashville and Winnipeg…Done ez and everyone should be happy

  18. cheese whiz, taste bacon says:

    the sabres go*

  19. cheese whiz, taste bacon says:

    Firstly I’m from Quebec so I’m not very good at English. I think the jets will go into the Central Division and the Red Wings will go with the Leafs (Northeast Division) because the Red Wings want to go there since long. Go with the Sabres in the atlantic division and Devils with Carolina (southeast division)

    Do you think I say anything?

  20. whiskey says:

    • Detroit plays in the West
    • Vancouver, a city that is actually on the Pacific Ocean, is not in the Pacific Division, so it never plays another team in its time Zone.
    • Boston, a city on the Atlantic, is not in the Atlantic division.

    This might be a chance to “fix” the divisions.

    Here’s my idea for a reconfig of ALL divisions (Moves have a *.):

    Pacific Division:
    San Jose

    -Play in your own time zones! Television deals work better when your teams play in the time zone of the fans.

    NorthWest Division:

    -Not all the Western Canadian teams should be lumped together. That was a problem for the Jets last time.

    Central Division:
    St. Louis

    -I always thought Dallas should be a rival of Nashville…

    SouthEast Division:
    Tampa Bay

    -Get more Crosby vs. Ovechkin games.

    NorthEast Division:

    -Detroit will start selling out, as now Leafs fans will have a place to go other than Buffalo.

    Atlantic Division:
    NY I
    NY R
    New Jersey

    -A true Atlantic Division, and I’m actually getting sick of the Boston vs. Montreal thing.

  21. Fredrik says:

    Yeah, me too. Nashville may be the easiest choice although Detroit is more east than them. I hope for the latters though, i’m a Penguinsfan and would like them in my division believe it or not. Tired of their complaining on travel above all, and my best friend roots for them.

  22. admin says:

    I like your thought process Matt.

  23. admin says:

    Which team do you think should move?

  24. Fredrik says:

    TSN did’nt mention wich team would move to the East for 2012-13, what a surprise i have yet to hear any media discuss that.

  25. Matt says:

    When I first heard of this move from Atlanta to Winnipeg, I wondered how division boundaries would change. I think the most logical solution is to add Winnipeg as a Western Conference team in the Northwest Division replacing the Minnesota Wild and having them not join the Eastern Conference but remain in the Western as a part of the Central Division and choose either the Columbus Blue Jackets or preferably the Nashville Predators into the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Nashville is the closest franchise geographically to Atlanta and it is also located in the Southeast region of the country. I think it would be very beneficial to the Wild because as a member of the Central Division they will find themselves playing more games against Detroit and Chicago which would add a great amount of fuel to the fire of the Minnesota-Michigan hockey rivalry.

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