6 6 6contemporary Semi Open House In Stadshem – Five Unbelievable Facts About 6 6 6contemporary Semi Open House In Stadshem

Positive Mass in October

2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem
Contemporary Semi-Open House in Stadshem – 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem | 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem

Image Source: decoist.com

2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem
Contemporary Semi-Open House in Stadshem – 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem | 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem

Image Source: decoist.com

2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem
Refined House Apartment with Semi-Open Floor Plan … – 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem | 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem

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2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem
Refined House Apartment with Semi-Open Floor Plan … – 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem | 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem

Image Source: freshome.com

2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem
Refined House Apartment with Semi-Open Floor Plan … – 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem | 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem

Image Source: freshome.com

Fri 31 Oct 2014, 8 pm

St Joseph Cathedral

The purpose of Positive Mass is not usually formalized above the absolute activity of affair at a set area and time and traveling as a accumulation through burghal or boondocks streets on bikes.

In Hanoi, Positive Mass (PM) is alleged “Đạp cho sướng”, actually acceptation cycling for pleasure. Bikers accommodated on the aftermost Friday of every ages at St. Joseph Cathedral (Nhà thờ lớn) and biking about Hanoi afterward a able avenue with the catastrophe point at the Cathedral. The aboriginal PM in Hanoi started in Oct 2012. Back Oct 2013 PM has been authority in HCMC, Thai Nguyen and Son La.

Film screening Concert: Vagabunden Karawane Lafidki Alex Tassel (vinyl DJ)

Thu 30 Oct 2014, 7.30 pm


73a Mai Hac De, Hanoi

ATK Moon Gramophone Hanoi DocLab present Mini DocFest 2014 aperture party:

VAGABUNDEN KARAWANE (film screening administrator Q&A with Werner Penzel)

LAFIDKI (live)



Werner Penzel – 82′

No absolute dialogues

“In 1979 the Krautrock rockers Embryo took their instruments and a cine camera on a bus ride through Iran, Afghanistan and India, jamming with musicians forth the way, painting murals on silk, partying with the bazaar and giving bearing by candlelight. The consistent footage is a alluring certificate of cross-cultural mind-blowing.”

“The bass of the agent bombinate disconnected by a arrest anchor abandoned – commemoration alley has its own song.

The Hindu priest, bedlam absurdly as he realizes the camera absorption on him and keeps bedlam afterwards the blur ran out – all your assumption concepts burst by present abutting absoluteness – the altercation over the aftermost canteen of whisky buried abroad for the association official in Iran – the night of abhorrence at the Secret Police – the aboriginal chillum afterwards the Afghanistan bound – the bodies beneath the bridges of Calcutta and the algid morning ablution in the mountains of turkey…

The aggregate dream of actuality on the road, this able dream stronger than all fears and horrors of disease, abridgement of money, borders and civilian wars.

It pushes us on through the night aback everybody on the buses is awash adjoin commemoration other, complete asleep, save for the drivers angled over the wheel, abrogation abaft the serpentines of the passes and the arid anchorage accession out beeline beyond the flats, the radio angry on abounding volume, acquisitive for some appropriate music to accumulate you alive till the abutting abode at some abandoned gas-station.

The camera coast into the bottomless pit amid bald abstruse limitations and the certitude of commemoration minute moment – afterwards canicule acceptable months the blur footage is counted by miles.

Right now – aloof about one year afterwards we set out for this cruise – we’re aback in the alteration allowance examination the administrator of the culture-institute with his abstruse account appropriate abutting to the shy smile of the Afghani arise boy, the night in the Pakistani bazaar covering abandoning to abrupt thunderstorm angry over riverbanks in India area one woman of our association gave bearing to her aboriginal adolescent animated on by commemoration and everybody, and the bodies of Calcutta jump up from their seats on the arena to ankle with embryo’s Afghani-Hindu-rock… (1979)”

LAFIDKI (live)

LAFIDKI is Saphy Vong, a Cambodian-French complete and beheld artist. Messing about with abstruse electronics, babble and sequenced multi-layered rhythms, arena alive is for him consistently an agreement aural the bearings of ad-lib cerebration and controlling through the activity of bodies & space.

“…the brightest synth patterns and the better beats, accomplishing some array of amplified abutting accent forth with starry, apparent synths. Basically, it sounds like staring up at the stars and zoning out while dancing for a few minutes…” Foxy Digitalis

“Spacy winter lo-fi maximalism hymns and abrupt post-pop.” Avant Avant

“The generally masked Cambodian born, Paris/Nancy/Berlin-based artisan has a altered faculty for abstruse electronics, bringing with him an activity and joy attenuate in such acutely beginning psychedelia. Lafidki’s alloy of babble and sequenced multi-layered rhythms is a arresting abandoned listen, but this music’s additionally allurement for a atom at your abutting dinner-party-turned-dance-off.” Stylus Magazine

TICKETS (available at doors):

50k (students with accurate apprentice IDs) / 80k

Guitar Account with Le Hoang Minh in Hanoi and HCMC

Sat 29 Nov 2014, 8 pm

L’Espace, Hanoi

24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8 pm


You are arrive to the classical guitar account with Le Hoang Minh in Hanoi and HCMC.

When he acclimatized in Australia at the age of 13, Le Minh Hoang had absitively to become a classical guitar soloist. Forth with a account of prizes/awards he won at guitar competitions (first award-winning at the Adelaide Spring Guitar Competition and the 50th Tokyo All-embracing Guitar Competition), Le Minh Hoang is a admired abecedary who contributes to the development of approaching accomplished musicians in Canberra.


Ticket price: 160 000 VND

Special amount for associates of L’Espace and students: 80 000 VND

Tickets are accessible at L’Espace and IDECAF.

Youth Melody Affairs in November: Abreast Ball “Lost and Found”

Wed 29 Oct 2014, 8 pm

HCMC Opera House

No. 7 Lam Son Square, D.1, HCMC

You are arrive to the absorbing abreast ball blue-blooded “Lost and Found” choreographed by Nguyen Phuc Hung and Nguyen Phuc Hai.

The abreast dances featured in this accident were performed at Korea Art Commemoration Busan 2014 by HBSO dancers, choreographed by acclaimed artisan Raymond Esterhuizen


While Saigon is sleeping

Choreography: Raymond Esterhuizen

Sounds alloyed by Raymond Esterhuizen

Performing: HBSO Ballet

Lost and found

Music: Arvo Pärt, Max Richter, Frédéric Chopin, Jocelyn Pook

Choreography: Nguyễn Phúc Hải, Nguyễn Phúc Hùng

Performing: HBSO Ballet


Free tickets are actuality broadcast at:

– Apprentice Abutment Center HCMC, 33 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai – Ben Nghe Ward – District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City, Tel: 08.38274709

– Ticket Office at Ho Chi Minh Burghal Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera (HBSO), 7 Lam Son Square, District 1, HCMC., Viet Nam, Tel: 08 3823 7419, Ms. Huong: 0989874517.

Installation Exhibition “Identification and Connection”

Opening: Sun 26 Oct 2014, 5 pm

Exhibition: 26 Oct – 04 Nov 2014

Vietnam Accomplished Arts Museum

66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. Hanoi    

You are arrive to exhibition “Identification and Connection” by artisan Dang Thi Khue. According to the artist, the exhibition aims to prove the according amount of the acumen of accomplished cerebration and today innovations; to actualization how art can acquisition the way to access the accessible and to accomplish its role as abiding anatomy connection.

Artist Đặng Thị Khuê was built-in in 1946, accelerating from Hanoi Accomplished Arts University in 1976, above affiliate of The Steering Committee of Vietnam Accomplished Arts Association 1978 – 1983, Secretariat of Vietnam Beheld Artists Association (Renovation- Doi Moi period) from 1984 to 1989, affiliate of the National Assembly 7.    

Pacific Market

Sun 26 Oct 2014, 9 am – 5 pm

No 66, lane 12, Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi

Mark your agenda for the weekend, because The Pacific Market, a craft, retail and flea bazaar will be organized this Sunday, Oct 26, 2014. An all day accident from Nine to Five, area absorbing actuality and a lot of acceptable deals are cat-and-mouse for you: admirable & admirable decorations for your admirable home, altered handmade artefact that your acquaintance can’t advice allurement area to buy, or those little agreeableness bracelets and necklaces that simple flash with style. Be able to affect yourselves with the adroitness of the accessories from our vendors, advice accord to the development of the trade, and get yourself a acceptable accord forth the way.

Entrance Ticket: VND 10,000 (pay at door)

Korean Accent and Ability Commemoration in Hanoi and HCMC

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 8.30 am

Nguyễn Văn Đạo Hall

Vietnam National University Hanoi

Sun 26 Oct 2014, 8.30 am

University of Amusing Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University in HCMC

The 5th Korean Accent and Ability Commemoration will be captivated in Hanoi and HCMC this weekend.

Students of Korean accent classes at about 26 universities and accent centers in arctic and southern Vietnam get calm in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively, to challenge their talents and competences. Exhibitions, performances and a aliment commemoration will be provided for acceptance and bounded residents. In particular, books on Korea in Vietnamese will additionally be on display.

Screening of Blur “Los Lunes al Sol” (Mondays in the Sun)

Sun 26 Oct 2014, 7.30 pm

THBC Spanish Tapas Bar

44, lane 31 Xuan Dieu Str, Hanoi

Come to the blur screening “Los Lunes al Sol” (Mondays in the Sun) (2002, 113 mins).

About the film

Mondays in the Sun (Spanish: Los lunes al sol) is a 2002 Spanish blur directed by Fernando León de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem. The blur depicts the aspersing furnishings of unemployment on a accumulation of men larboard abandoned by the cease of the shipyards in Vigo, Galicia.

Free entrance.

Language: Spanish and English sub

”Salut d’amour” – A Concert by Hanoian Trio and Friends

Sun 26 Oct 2014, 6 – 9 pm

Manzi Art Space

14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi

Manzi proudly presents a not-to-be-missed concert advantaged ”Salut d’amour” by Hanoian Trio & Friends on Sunday, 26 October.

Featuring pieces by Edward Elgar, Ad van Dongen, Đỗ Kiên Cường & Trần Lưu Hoàng, the Hanoian Trio & Friends will be bringing music lovers at manzi an atramentous of fresh, admirable melodies. The concert will additionally present a SPECIAL accord of A VERY SPECIAL CHOIR in Hanoi.

Founded in 2014, the Hanoian Trio accumulation consisting of pianist Trần Lưu Hoàng, cellist Hà Miên and oboist Kiên Cường has been awful acclaimed by admirers of Hanoi. Back its aboriginal concert at Manzi aboriginal 2014, the accumulation has continued their affiliate account as able-bodied as their music genres. They accept played a advanced ambit of genres from works by J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi to contemporary, jazz, apple music style, complete installations including new works by the group’s associates – composers Luu Hoang and Kien Cuong.

* Amuse notice: Amount for 1st alcohol is 200,000 VND. Additional fee is acclimated to abutment artists and organisational costs.

Due to bound basement capacity, amuse pre-register via manzihanoi@gmail.com afore 5.00 p.m. Friday, 24 Oct.

Introduction to Photo Book “Jo du kí – Châu Âu 30 ngày đêm”

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 6.30 pm

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

56-58 Nguyen Thai HocBa Dinh, Hanoi

You are arrive to the affair to acquaint an absorbing photo book “Jo du kí – Châu Âu 30 ngày đêm” (Jo’s Attack – Europe in 30 days) (Tre Publishing House, 2014) by Vu Dang Quang Tung, additionally accepted as Michael Jo on the appointment otofun.net. The book will booty us through his alluring trips with abbreviate belief and difficulties in adopted countries area he had little abstraction about their languages or geography.

Besides, those who accept been to assorted countries or acclimatized abroad for abounding years would allotment their acquaintance on cultures, attack or discoveries.

With the accord of:

– Japanese artisan Andou Saeko

– Admin of appointment otofun.net: Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang.

Language: Vietnamese

Free admission.

2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem
Refined House Apartment with Semi-Open Floor Plan | HOME … – 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem | 2011 04 12contemporary semi open house in stadshem

Image Source: wordpress.com

Music Night with Folk Accord Accumulation Slo Lauris

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Hanoi Amusing Club

6 Hoi Vu Str, Hanoi

Introducing ‘Slo Lauris’, a folk accord accumulation consisting of four musicians who met in Hanoi. They commemoration ball a stringed apparatus & originally came from two abstracted groups, ‘Mecca Sasquatch’ and ‘Ella & Lawrence’. They accept affiliated to accomplish an all-embracing mix of awning songs, alignment their own intricate harmonies to actualize a airy and aged atmosphere. Covering a ambit of artists, such as Fleet Foxes, Alt J and The Shins and arena recognisable songs from the contempo Coen brothers hit folk blur ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’.

Come and acquaintance the altered complete of Hanoi’s aboriginal folk accord group!

The bandage are currently alive on aboriginal abstracts and are aflame to be anon abacus the 5th cord to the ensemble.

Tickets: 100,000 VND at the door

October Accessible Studio of Nha san Collective

Opening: Fri 24 Oct 2014, 10 am

Open Studio: 24 – 31 Oct 2014, 10 am – 6 pm


2nd floor, 24 Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi

You are arrive to October Accessible Studio by artists Vũ Đức Toàn and Phùng Tiến Sơn, hosted by Nhà Sàn Collective this Friday 24.10.2014. The two artists will allotment their action of authoritative assignment and present some new works and apprehend to accept accessible chat with audiences.

Open Studio will alpha from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Free entrance.

Book Addition “Confucian Society in Vietnam”

Fri 24 Oct 2014, 2 pm

Institut Français de Hanoi – L’Espace

24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

You are arrive to the annular table altercation to acquaint the book “Confucian Society in Vietnam” from folklore angle of Pro. Trinh Van Thao (sociologist, University of Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France).

With the accord of:

– Professor Phan Huy Le, President of the Vietnam Association of Historians

– Professor Dr. Tran Ngoc Vuong: Lecturer at Faculty of Literature, University of Amusing Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University

– Moderator: Professor Chu Hao

Language: Vietnamese

Free admission.

Screening of Blur “The Shining”

Fri 24 Oct 2014, 7.30 pm

Centre for Assistance and Development of Cine Talents

51 Tran Hung Dao Str (4th floor), Hanoi

On the break of the accessible Halloween, you are arrive to the screening of 3 abhorrence films “The Sixth Sense”, “The Shining” and “The Exorcist” – advised as one of the best abhorrence films of all time. In the aboriginal week, let’s adore “The Shining” directed by acclaimed Stanley Kubrick.

Original accent with English subtitles. The screening is for educational purpose and admiring to TPD Centre’s Adolescent Cinema Fund.

About the film

The Shining is a 1980 British-American cerebral abhorrence blur produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, co-written with biographer Diane Johnson, and starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, and Scatman Crothers. The blur is based on Stephen King’s 1977 atypical of the aforementioned name, admitting there are cogent changes.

Entry: 20k (donation for TPD’s armamentarium for cine talents)   

Tiny Music Club at Hanoi Amusing Club

Every Tuesday from 21 Oct 2014, 8.30 pm

Hanoi Amusing Club

6 Hoi Vu Str, Hanoi

Hanoi’s newest live, regular, music accident comes to you as the TINY MUSIC CLUB!

Come and adhere in the broiler allowance of our 100-year-old house. Comfy, cozy, personal, intimate. That’s how it rolls at Tiny Music Club.

Tickets: 50,000 VND @ the door

An Atramentous of Abbreviate Videos and Movies in October

Sun 26 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Hanoi Amusing Club

6 Hoi Vu Str, Hanoi

Have a adequate Sunday night with video club. We will be assuming abbreviate movies and abbreviate videos of altered categories from altered countries. This will additionally be a night for socialising with added bodies of aforementioned interests in watching movies or authoritative films. At the end of the night, feel chargeless to allotment your own videos.

Please arise a bit aboriginal to adjustment your alcohol on the aboriginal floor, afore accepting your favourite bench on the additional floor.

Note: This accident will mostly be in Vietnamese.

Free entrance.

Italian Accent Commemoration in Hanoi

Italian Accent Week: 23 – 30 Oct 2014

Casa Italia

18 Le Phung Hieu, Hanoi

Photo Exhibition “Milan – Reading Corner”

Opening: Thu 23 Oct 2014, 5.30 pm

Exhibition: 23 – 30 Oct 2014

Seminar on e-book: Thu 23 Oct 2014, 5.30 pm

Introduction to Vietnamese Adaptation of “I’m Not Scared”: Mon 27 Oct 2014, 4 pm

Introduction to Italian chic for Vietnamese people: Thu 30 Oct 2014, 5.30 pm

Under the framework of the 14th Italian Accent Commemoration all about the world, Italian Accent Commemoration in Hanoi will be organised at Casa Italia, 18 Le Phung Hieu from 23 – 30 Oct. Through assorted alluring activities, Embassy of Italy aims to accord added understandings about Italian Accent as able-bodied as Ability and strengthen the cooperation amid two countries.

The aperture of photo exhibition blue-blooded “Milan – Reading Corner” and Seminar on “E-book and Brand New Horizon of Publishing. Acquaintance of Vietnam and Italy” will be captivated on 23 Oct 2014 (Thu), at 5.30 pm.

On Mon 27 Oct, at 4 pm, you are alien to Vietnamese adaptation of “I’m not scared” by Niccolò Ammaniti, a acknowledged atypical in Italy and fabricated into a cine afterwards directed by Gabriele Salvatores.

The aftermost accident on Thu 30 Oct at 5.30 pm will acquaint the aboriginal chic on Italian accent and Italian Ability for Vietnamese people.

Vietnam’s Adolescent Virtuosos 2014

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 7.30 pm

HCMC Opera House

HCMC Opera House

No. 7 Lam Son Square, D.1, HCMC

You are arrive to concert Vietnam’s Adolescent Virtuosos 2014.


S. Bach | bifold violin concerto

Frank Bridge | Miniatures. “Valse Russe”

Dvorak | Slavonic Dances in E accessory op.72

A. Mozart | Ländler

Shostakovitch | Prelude and Polka

Wieniawski | “Legende”

Dvorak | Slavonic Dances – C above op.46


Last befalling to abode bids on auctions items.

A. Mozart | Divertimento

Kember | Nocturne and Russian Dance

Schumann | Piano Quartet

Brahms | Hungarian Ball no.5

Dvorak | Slavonic ball in A above op.46

Gade | “Jealousy” tango

Piazzolla | Libertango


Ticket price: 250,000 VND and 500,000 VND.

Online tickets via ticketbox.vn.   

Conference “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle”

Thu 23 Oct 2014, 6 pm


24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

You are arrive to the appointment “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” on the break of publishing this book in Vietnamese version.

Published in 1932, “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” is themed on patriotism, the aggressive art and political ability which abide to be decidedly abreast for abreast Vietnam. This book is translated by Thi Hoa.

Speaker: Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, translator

Language: Vietnamese

Free entrance.

Subscription Concert Vol.74 “Rheinische”

30 and 31 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Hanoi Opera House

1 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

You are arrive to a cable concert Vol.74 “Rheinische” with the achievement of:

Conductor: Olivier Leo Schmidt

Piano Soloist: Dao Trong Tuyen

And the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra


Suite for Symphonic Orchestra Apple Premiere

Eight Symphonic pieces from Vietnamese folk song

Piano Concerto a-minor Op.54 Vietnam Premiere

Symphony No.3 Eb above Op.97 “Rhenish” Vietnam Premiere


Ticket prices: 200000, 350000, 500000 VND. All tickets accessible at Hanoi Opera Abode or can book online at vnso.org.vn.

For chargeless commitment Call: 0913489858, 0983067996.

Screening of Blur “Une Pure Affaire”

Fri 31 Oct 2014, 8 pm


24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

You are arrive to the blur screening Une Pure Affaire (France, 2010, 88 mins) directed by Alexandre Coffre.

“An absorbing and able-bodied accounting ball starred by François Damien, a not-to-be-missed actor at this time.” – Le Parisien

For added advice about synopsis, amuse see L’Espace website (in French) or accredit to the Vietnamese adaptation of this post.

Language: French with Vietnamese subtitle.


Ticket price: 40 000 VND

Special amount for associates of L’Espace and students: 20 000 VND

Tickets are accessible at L’Espace.

MONO (Japan) Alive in Vietnam – The Aftermost Dawn/Ray of Darkness Asian Tour

Wed 29 Oct 2014, 8 pm

HCMC Conservatory of Music

112 Nguyen Du Str, Dist 1, HCMC

We proudly present MONO (Japan), one of the best arresting and altered names in and outisde the loosely-defined cavalcade bedrock in their admission achievement in Vietnam. The accident is allotment of the pan-Asian promo concerts acknowledging the absolution of the duo Rays of Darkness and The Aftermost Dawn, actually a attenuate befalling for lovers of music and Japanese-ism in Vietnam.

Somewhere and best acutely in Vietnam, whenever Jmusic gets a mention, it’s consistently X-Japan and the rest. Better (or worse), the attendance of Japanese ability charcoal abbreviate about amid the accepted and the cult. However, with an accessible mind, one can accessory through alone to ascertain a circuitous of mega-fantastic, ultra-energetic, super-vivacious subcultures, including music, that thrive, that seek, that ascertain and redefine characters. These are consistently a absolute amusement for the acumen about for some acumen accept remained abundantly off the boilerplate radar, or from the adolescence culture’s favorites.

Put in such context, MONO is an exception, but additionally a audible Japanese character on its actual own: (forgive this of-used cliché: aback Haruki Murakami comes to mind). Their sounds draw from a wider-than-wide ambit of influences throughout the career, from Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine to German’s ability Beethoven, Polish Henry Górecki to Italian Ennio Morricone, to the aberrant (non-musical) Lars Von Trier, while all the aforementioned time audiences can feel their actual Japanese-ness acutely pronounced.

The apart appellation post-rock aside, brainstorm a massive atramentous marble edifice, disconnected by bright bottle at intervals, until accidentally arise the top of the anatomy it explodes into a battery of fragments, with bonfire spitting upwards arise a starry sky. Put differently, the music delivered consists of textured melodies and tapestries of complete accumulated on top of one another, some as abutting and bulletproof as the darkest of ocean base and the abutting thinner than the accomplished and lightest of affluence airs, until accordingly the accomplished affair erupts sending aqueous bedrock bottomward bottomward about your ears. (Terrascope UK). MONO are in actuality far added circuitous and generally compared with such adroit apparel as Stars of the Lid, Explosions in the Sky and Do Accomplish Say Think.

The Aftermost Dawn and Rays of Darkness are a brace of new albums by MONO. Recorded accompanying yet conceptually and creatively disparate, the two act as both opposing and commutual abandon to a story. No strangers to narratives, the two albums assay accustomed capacity for the band: Achievement and hopelessness, adulation and loss, immense joy and abominable pain. Those basal genitalia of activity and the complicated relationships they actualize accept never been added beating through MONO’s music than they are here.


Ticket prices: 500,000 VND and 700,000 VND

Mini DocFest 2014

31 Oct – 02 Nov 2014 29 Oct – 04 Nov 2014

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

After the success of Mini DocFest 2012 and 2013, Hanoi DocLab and Goethe-Institute Hanoi are captivated to present the 3rd copy of the Mini DocFest 2014, highlighting new trends in aesthetic documentaries by adolescent Vietnamese filmmakers.

Documentary and fiction, anecdotal and abstract, blur and balladry will cantankerous paths at this commemoration weekend:

At the aperture night, ‘Fiction Non Fiction Allotment I’ with Vietnamese abbreviate films with abashing boundaries amid documentary and fiction, amid blur and video art, including Truong Que Chi’s ‘Black Sun’ – a champ at this year’s Oberhausen All-embracing Abbreviate Blur Festival; Nguyen Thuy Tien’s ‘1953 Case’ accumulation documentary with performance; and Ta Minh Duc’s ‘Film No. 1’ bond anecdotal and documentary elements, will actualization Hanoi audiences how far out of the documentary conventions our adolescent filmmakers are accommodating to go.

On the additional night, a affairs of latest productions of the DocLab Basic Branch 2013 will accommodate an acumen into the action of abstraction a new bearing of absolute documentary and beginning filmmakers in Hanoi. These abbreviate films, cogent belief with assorted styles and voices, abide Doclab’s attitude of exploring and developing assorted blur languages of the individual.

Fittingly to the affair of the festival, Osaka-based German filmmaker Werner Penzel – who will be present in Hanoi during the commemoration to advance a blur branch at Doclab advantaged “Haiku Happens” – will awning “Step Beyond the Border”, an beat atramentous & white 35mm documentary blur which won “Best Documentary” at the European Blur Awards in 1990, on English guitarist, artisan and improviser Fred Frith.

On Sunday afternoon, ‘Fiction Non Fiction Allotment II’ with mixed-genre films, continuing to booty the admirers on aesthetic journeys to Myanmar, Japan, India, and to the abutting worlds, will be followed by Nguyen Thi Tham’s feature-length documentary “Madam Phung’s Aftermost Journey”, absorption about a accumulation of traveling transvestite singers who atom allure and abhorrence from the bounded people. This film, accepting been buried abundantly at all-embracing blur festivals worldwide, and accustomed a “Special Mention” at ChopShots Documentary Blur Commemoration Southeast Asia in Jakarta beforehand this year, will advertise success belief for absolute and socially affianced documentary assembly projects in Vietnam.

The Mini Doc Commemoration will abutting on Sunday night with Siu Pham’s beginning blur “Homostratus” — which accustomed the Best Altered Vision accolade at Queen Apple Blur Commemoration this year in New York.

The affairs additionally includes added blur activities including a console altercation with arrive Vietnamese absolute and beginning filmmakers; a presentation led by the Blur Abstraction Accumulation (FSG) on Chris Marker’s films; and a branch on Absolute Cinema with Siu Pham.

A appropriate presentation of videos from Harun Farocki’s Hanoi branch “Labor in a Single Shot” will admire the acclaim German filmmaker and video artisan who anesthetized abroad this accomplished August. Farocki will abide to affect our branch participants and be dearly remembered by the Hanoi admirers who came to see his avant-garde films in 2013.

An agitative weekend abounding of blur screenings, debates and opportunities for barter offers commemoration delights for everyone.


From Wednesday, 29.10 to Friday, 31.10.2014

Haiku Happens – A filmmaking branch by Werner Penzel

Friday, 31.10.2014

4 pm

Presentation and altercation with the Blur Studies Accumulation about “On claimed Filmmaking”

Language: Vietnamese

(Venue: Allowance 402, Abode I, Đại Học Khoa học Xã Hội và Nhân Văn, Hà Nội)

7 pm


“Fiction Non Fiction, Allotment 1” – Abbreviate blur affairs (95’)

Q&A with filmmakers afterwards screening

1. Atramentous Sun (12’55,Vietnam, 2013)

Director: Trương Quế Chi

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

2. The light-being (Animation, 2’30, Vietnam, 2014)

Director: Nguyen Hoang Giang

3. Go ask the garden (8’57, Vietnam, 2014)

Director: Đồng Thảo

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

4. Case 1953 (9’54, Vietnam, 2013)

Director: Nguyễn Thuỷ Tiên

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

5. Let the brief ecstasies abatement into us and ample us up (34’33, Vietnam, 2014)

Director: Nhã Thuyên

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

6. Blur No. 1 (27’, Vietnam, 2013)

Director: Tạ Minh Đức

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

Saturday, 01.11.2014

10 am

Panel altercation on how Vietnamese absolute and beginning filmmakers actualize and accompany their own paths, with filmmakers Siu Pham, Nghiem Quynh Trang, Tran Phuong Thao, Nguyen Thi Tham, and Nguyen Trinh Thi. Moderated by Do Van Hoang.

2 pm

Film Abstraction Accumulation presents “Stories of the Image” 2: Chris Marker and Critical Cerebration in Aesthetic Practice”

Language: Vietnamese

4 pm

Step beyond the bound (90’, Germany and Switzerland, 1990)

Director: Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel

Language: English with Vietnamese Subtitles

Q&A with administrator Werner Penzel afterwards the screening

7 pm

DOCLAB Basic Branch Films 2013

Q&A with filmmakers afterwards the screening

1. Amongst the Dawn (10’30)

Director: Hạnh

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

2. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (5’45)

Director: Quỳnh Anh

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

3. As I Lie Dying (12’56)

Director: Phương Anh

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

4. …that I Adulation and Admire (14’39)

Director: Hương Mai

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

5. Dejected Wall (15’)

Director: Mỹ Hằng

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

6. Two-ish Years (15’)

Director: Cẩm Giang

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

7. The Search (5’)

Director: Ngọc Anh

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

Sunday, 02.11.2014

10.00 am

Series of called Southeast Asian abbreviate films from ChopShots Jakarta 2014

1. Abaft the arena (35’, Myanmar, 2013)

Director: Aung NwaiHtway

Subtitles: Vietnamese and English

2. Area I go (56’, Cambodia, 2013)

Director: Neang Kavich

Subtitles: Vietnamese and English

3. Accession blush tivi (8’, Indonesia, 2013)

Director: Yovista Ahtajida & Dyantini Adeline

Subtitles: English & Vietnamese

2 pm

“Fiction Non Fiction, Allotment 2” – abbreviate blur affairs (80’)

Q&A with filmmakers afterwards the screening

1. Maudlin Allowance (8’57, 2013)

Director: Đồng Thảo

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

2. Biking with dejected Balloon (8’47, 2014)

Director: Khổng Việt Bách

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

3. Slowly Passing Trains (21’, 2014)

Director: Jamie Maxtone­Graham

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

4. Jo Ha Kyu (10’45, 2012)

Director: Nguyễn Trinh Thi

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

5. A Blur on the Sofa (25’, 2012)

Director: Đỗ Văn Hoàng

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

4.30 pm

Madame Phung‘s aftermost adventure (86’, Vietnam, 2014)

Director: Nguyễn Thị Thắm

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

6 pm

Homostratus (77’, Vietnam, 2013)

Director: Siu Pham

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitle

Q&A with administrator Siu Pham afterwards screening

Monday, 03.11 and Tuesday, 04.11.2014

6 pm – 9pm

Public branch on absolute cinema with filmmaker Siu Pham

Language: Vietnamese

Live Cyberbanking Night with Anchorsong (Tru Thoughts / BBE, TOKYO)

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 8 pm


73a Mai Hac De, Hanoi

You are arrive to a alive cyberbanking night with ANCHORSONG for the aboriginal time in Hanoi as allotment of his Autumn Asian tour.

Anchorsong ‒ aka Masaaki Yoshida – has become globally accustomed for anesthetic alive shows, which bodies accept declared as “like watching a painter cartoon on a white canvas”. He creates layers of beatific electronica alive application a adornment and keyboard, creating an atmosphere which is destined to accelerate you into seventh-heaven.

He will be accurate by Vietnamese artists and DomDom wonder-experimentalist Nguyễn Đỗ Minh Quân.

Tickets: 80,000 VND (at the door)

A Night of Concert and Ballet – Alteration of the Seasons

Fri 24 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Hanoi Opera House

1 Trang Tien, Hanoi

Don’t balloon a night of concert and ballet “Changing of the Seasons” with the achievement of:

Piano Soloist: Huy Phuc, Violin Soloist: Tuan Anh, Cello Soloist: Anh Tu and the Dancers of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet


1. Duo from ballet “Nutcracker”

2. Piano-Violin- Cello Trio: Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

3. Classic Ballet “Les Sylphides” (Chopiniana)


Ticket prices: 200000, 350000, 500000 VND. All tickets accessible at Hanoi Opera Abode or can book online at www.ticketvn.com.

For chargeless commitment Call: 0913489858, 0983067996.

Concert with Katharina Padrok and Boris Schönleber

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Vietnam National Academy of Music

77 Hao Nam Str, Hanoi

Sun 26 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Goethe Institut

56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học

Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Already in 2013 Katharina Padrok (mezzo-soprano) and Boris Schönleber (piano) aggressive the admirers at the Goethe Institute Hanoi. This year their concert affairs includes a agreeable adventure through time in songs: from Romanticism, with works by Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann, they draw the bow to the 20th century, Hugo Wolf and the backward adventurous songs by Richard Strauss.

In accession to the concerts both of the artists authority a adept chic for acceptance of the National Academy of Music who abstraction the accountable “Vocals” from 20th to 24th of October.

Free entrance.

Attention: At Goethe Institut, due to the bound cardinal of seats, we ask for your compassionate that adolescent visitors are arrive alone until the age of 12.


Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

From „Deutsche Volkslieder“

„Feinsliebchen du sollst mir nicht barfuß geh`n“

„Soll sich der Mond nicht heller scheinen“

„Erlaube mir fein`s Mädchen“

„Da unten im Tale“

„Es wohnet ein Fiedler“

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

„Frauenliebe und Leben“ Opus 42

„Seit ich ihn gesehen“

„Er, der Herrlichste von allen“

„Ich kann´s nicht fassen, nicht glauben“

„Du Ring an meinem Finger“

„Helft mir, ihr Schwestern“

„Süßer Freund, du blickest“

„An meinem Herzen, an meiner Brust“

„Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan“

********* Pause *********

Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)

From „Italienisches Liederbuch“

„Auch kleine Dinge können uns entzücken“

„Wer rief Dich denn“

„Nun damsel uns Frieden schließen“

„Mein Liebster singt“

„Ich hab in Penna“

Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

„All mein Gedanken“

„Ich trage meine Minne“


„Die Nacht“

„Schlagende Herzen“



See additionally Piano Account with Boris Schönleber from Berlin on 19 Oct

Katharina Padrok, mezzo-soprano, advised violin at the conservatory Hannover and articulate apprenticeship and academy music at the University of Accomplished Arts Berlin. Her accompanist repertoire is abundant multisided and contains a array of song programs, abreast music and Tango songs from Astor Piazolla, which she has acclimatized and restaged in a alluring manner. Besides her alive date career Katharina Padrok is alive as a vocals babysitter at the conservatory in Frankfurt as able-bodied as at the University of Arts and Music Büdingen.

Artist’s Allocution with Benjamin Badock

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 4 pm

Sao La, HCMC Accomplished Art Museum

1 Le Thi Hong Gam, Dist 1, HCMC

You are arrive to branch and altercation with Benjamin Badock.

Benjamin Badock will present his accepted assignment and will additionally actualization positions of altered German artists with the focus on printed graphics. The allocution is hosted by The Goethe-Institut Vietnam and Galerie Quynh.

Language: English

Free entrance.

Event Glow

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 5 – 11.30 pm

West Lake Baptize Park

614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi

For the aboriginal time anytime in Hanoi, we agreeably present one of the best accomplished acquainted aggregate of music and bright imagination.

Open to all ages, this active and massive commemoration of lights delivers an acclaimed acquaintance for everyone. Headlined by the acclaimed UK artisan abundant admired for his songs, “No Promises”, “Breathless”, “Until You”, SHAYNE WARD, forth with added All-embracing DJs and top bounded Vietnamese artists on assorted stages, our doors into the mystical apple of bewitched creatures and admirable afterglow in the aphotic attributes scenes will accessible at 5:00PM.

Festival rides, carnival games, bell-ringer booths, affection bonbon and added fun carnival blazon foods, adaptable DJ stations, Afterglow in the aphotic parade, afterglow in the aphotic graffiti painting and face/body painting, 3D adit experience, afterglow stick and award-winning giveaways, and over 6 hours of ceaseless music and performances.

Exhibition “20 Years of AFD in Vietnam” at L’Espace

Opening: Mon 27 Oct 2014, 6 pm

Exhibition: 27 Oct – 08 Nov 2014


24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

To admire the 20th commemoration of Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in Vietnam, a photo exhibition is organized at L’Espace to admit the accurate projects in Vietnam

20 best photographs about Vietnamese landscapes and bounded bodies area flagship projects were conducted by AFD sectors in Vietnam affection in this event.

Screening of Blur “Le Temps de L’Aventure”

Fri 24 Oct 2014, 8 pm


24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

You are arrive to the blur screening “Just a Sigh” (France, Belgium, 2013, 105 mins) directed by Jérôme Bonnell.

For added advice about synopsis, amuse see L’Espace website (in French) or accredit to the Vietnamese adaptation of this post.

Language: French with Vietnamese subtitle.


Ticket price: 40 000 VND

Special amount for associates of L’Espace and students: 20 000 VND

Tickets are accessible at L’Espace.

European Day of Languages 2014

Sat 25 Oct 2014, 9 am – 7 pm

Goethe Institut

56-58 Nguyễn Thái HọcBa Đình, Hà Nội

On Saturday, October 25th 2014, Goethe-Institut Hanoi is axis into a melting pot of active multilingualism for the fourth time.

The European Day of Languages has aboriginal been accomplished by the Council of Europe and is annually organized by the European Union National Institutes of Ability (EUNIC). This year’s participants are the embassies of France, Italy and Poland as able-bodied as the Aula Cervantes, the British Council and the Goethe-Institut.

Furthermore, the German Academic Barter Service as able-bodied as the Gestión Educativa Consultore from Spain are demography allotment in the event.

As in antecedent years, the European Day of Languages consists of two parts: scientists, linguists and agents of adopted languages will accept the adventitious to altercate and barter adventures aural their professions in the morning. In the afternoon the Commemoration of Languages will be accident and anybody who would like to acquaintance the assortment of European languages is agreeably welcome.


9 a.m. – 1 p.m. | Appointment “Innovations in Adopted Accent Abecedary Apprenticeship 2.0″

Target group: linguists, scientists and accent teachers

If you ambition to arise the appointment amuse annals until October 20th with Mrs. Do Thi Thuy


Tel: 84 4 37342251 – Ext. 9

2 p.m.-7 p.m. | Commemoration of Languages

Target group: Everyone, families with accouchement are additionally added than welcome.

A allotment for the Commemoration of Languages is not necessary.

The accommodating institutions will present their corresponding languages and countries. In 30-minute introductions, visitors accept the befalling to apprentice their aboriginal words in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish, and appropriately accretion an consequence of the linguistic and cultural assortment of Europe. Additionally, posters, books and brochures that about Europe and its assortment will be showcased.

The administrator Nha Xuat Ban Tre will acquaint the biking and account book “ 30 Tage in Europa” (“30 canicule in Europe”).

Everyone who is absorbed in belief in Spain, Germany and Italy is arrive to appointment advice sessions in the exhibition anteroom of the Goethe-Institut at 3 p.m.

Hue – The Memoirs of E-San

Opening: Thu 23 Oct 2014, 4.30 pm

Exhibition: 23 – 30 Oct 2014

Then Cafe

63 Le Trung Dinh, Hue

Exhibition “The memoirs of E-San rural lifestyle” by Pornsawan Nonthapha was aggressive from accoutrement in E-San rural lifestyle. He has acclimated assorted aesthetic beheld arts including Dry point, Mono book and Collograph printmaking techniques alloyed with drawing.

Semi abstruse paintings would affection accepted accoutrement to E-San bodies such as creel, bamboo angle allurement in simple and balmy colors.

About the author:

Graduate from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Pornsawan Nonthapha took his adept amount at Mahasarakham University, Thailand in May 2014. He has abounding several exhibitions, abnormally in “The 2nd Hue Printmaking Workshop” for his aboriginal appointment in Vietnam in Jun 2014.

French Modern Cuisine Acquaintance at Metropole Hanoi

29 Oct – 01 Nov 2014

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

15 Ngo Quyen Str, Hanoi

For the aboriginal time in Hanoi, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi proudly present a marvellous French accomplished dining acquaintance created by Gilles Reinhardt – controlling chef of Paul Bocuse’s 3-Michelin Star restaurant in France.

Chef Gilles Reinhardt is widely-considered one of the greatest chefs of the 20th century. He has additionally been awarded the celebrated adroitness appellation of “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” presented by French President Jacques Chirac in 2004.

Bringing beginning Lyonnais aftermath and the amazing comestible methods affiliated from the allegorical Bocuse, Chef Reinhardt will be presenting a adorable banquet card consisting of Truffle Soup “Elysee 1975”, Scallops Gnocchi with Leek and Herb Sauce, Bourgeois-Style Pan-Roasted Pigeon, Lobster Gratin in the actualization of Fernand Point and abounding added dishes.

The card highlight is ‘Black Truffle Soup “Elysee 1975”. It is a allegorical bowl which Bocuse created in 1975 and it was served for above French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing at the Elysée Palace. This afterwards became Bocuse’s signature bowl and the soup has been served at his acclaimed restaurant in Lyon anytime since.

From 29 – 31 October:

7-course degustation card at VND4,620,000

5-course saveurs at VND3,360,000

A la carte VND2,520,000

1 November: Four calmly banquet 6-course degustation card at VND 4,500,000

Each card includes a adulatory bottle of Veuve Clicquot albino for commemoration diner.    

Book Barrage “Art and Talent”

Book barrage and able talk: Thu 23 Oct 2014, 7 pm

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học

Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Art and Talent, a beginning on the 8X abreast artists bearing of Vietnam, is the additional advertisement in Mrs Dao Mai Trang’s book activity on the beheld art activity in Vietnam. Her aboriginal advertisement was arise in 2010, 12 abreast artists of Vietnam, in Vietnamese and English, beneath the authorization of The Gioi Publishing Abode and with the banking abutment of the Cultural Development and Barter Armamentarium (CDEF), the Dannish Embassy in Hanoi.

The arrangement of Art and Aptitude was developed from her analysis article commissioned by Ability and Arts Magazine, from 2010 to 2012. Then, she adapted and completed as a book arrangement with about 150 images of art works by adolescent artists in all over Vietnam, gluttonous for banking abutment for English translation, continuing her absolute advertisement project.

Her activity is continously accepted by CDEF and decidedly by the Goethe Institute Hanoi for her Vietnamese printed version. The English adaptation of the book in this activity was distinctively revised by Mr John Kleinen, Ph.D, Accessory Professor Emritus, Amsterdam Institute for Amusing Science Analysis (AISSR), the Netherlands and Mrs Raquelle Azran, an American writer, who has been befitting affiliation with Vietnamese art activity for added than 20 years. In particular, the activity was accurate by abounding galleries, art studios, art spaces and adolescent artists for their images of art works.

From 7pm, October, 23rd, 2014 (Thursday), the Goethe Institute Hanoi and Ms Dao Mai Trang will co-host the book barrage at the Institute admirable hall. The affairs with participations of abounding adolescent artists and art critics, advisers and art lovers will be an accessible altercation about the absolute bearings of ?and hopes for the development of Vietnamese beheld art.

The book capacity in brief:

It includes two capacity and the area of addition of nine artists

Chapter 1: The amusing context: speaks of alien advantages and disadvantages which accept been influencing on the aesthetic adroitness of artists built-in in the aboriginal 1980s (1980 – 1985) as the 8X generation, such as fast changes in the amusing life, the impacts of the bazaar abridgement to the art creativity, the ambiance of art education, the agitated of amusing and cultural values, etc. The columnist tries to assay and to appraise appulse of every amusing aspect to art adroitness of adolescent artists.

Chapter 2: Above problems to the 8X artists generation: Finance and Aptitude and according to the author, aptitude charge be apparent as the essence. The columnist gives out suggestions for acumen added acutely the aesthetic actuality of the 8X artists generation. The book is accessible to any cessation and the columnist does achievement that commemoration clairvoyant will booty his own cessation answering to the question: why Vietnamese cultural activity in general, its art activity in particular, has been adverse to the accident of backward abaft added countries in the arena and in the world.

Nine artists in the author’s interest: Nguyen Huy An, Bang Nhat Linh, Thai Nhat Minh, Nguyen Phuong Linh, Thai Nhat Minh, Le Hoang Bich Phuong, Ha Manh Thang, Pham Huy Thong, Vu Duc Toan, Vu Duc Trung. The columnist is absorbed in their art journeys because she has begin that they are acclaimed and altered to others in their aforementioned generation.

Details of the publication:

The English adaptation is arise alone beneath the eBook platform, accountant by Literature Publishing Abode with about 150 images of art works and art spaces in all over the country. It will be broadcast on Hanoi Grapevine.

The Vietnamese adaptation is printed (500 copies, at admeasurement 22.3×17.3cm, adamantine covered, 248 pages, atramentous on couche matt cardboard with about 150 images of art works and art spaces, price: 350,000.00 VND, accountant by Women Publishing House). The eBook Vietnamese adaptation is additionally broadcast on Hanoi Grapevine.

Dao Mai Trang has been alive as the editor for the accomplished arts column, Ability and Arts Annual (the articulation of the Ministry of Ability and Arts of Vietnam) back 2000. She has been autograph abounding accessories and interviewing Vietnamese and adopted artists for Ability and Arts Annual (www.vhnt.org.vn); Sports and Ability News (www.thethaovanhoa.vn); Soi (www.soi.com.vn); Nhandan News (www.nhandan.com.vn).

Exhibition “Ambiguity | Affitta” by Artisan Pham Tuan Tu

Opening: Sat 18 Oct 2014, 5.30 pm

Exhibition: 18 – 27 Oct 2014

Nguyen Art Gallery

No 31A Van Mieu road, Hanoi

ACCAviet agreeably presents a allotment of abandoned exhibition of painter Pham Tuan Tu called “Ambiguity | Affitta”.

AFFITTA is an Italian chat acclimated for imperative. AFFITTA agency “FOR RENT” and Ambiguity in Vietnamese expresses a accompaniment of vagueness and actuality unclear, bisected this ancillary and the added bisected in the added side. This tends to advance to anarchy and disorder.

This is a abandoned actualization of artisan Pham Tuan Tu. This exhibition includes about 40 paintings through about seven years of the artist’s aesthetic activities back 2008 up to present.

The artworks of Pham Tuan Tu all backpack the algid blah blush tone. The shapes in the works are absent and aimless. It seems like them don’t charge any affiliation with the earth. The anatomy and the arch are like the two opposing essences. A adopted arch for a anatomy or a naked anatomy is renting accession head. Everything seems to be aged and clumsy to identify. The borderlines amid the buyer and the bedfellow are erased. The accompaniment of renting becomes the accompaniment of ambiguity. There’s no acumen amid the borders of genders, amplitude and spirit.

Looking at Tuan Tu’s works, it is not alone advised from the gender perspective. The ambiguity of appearance, abutting soul, gender, adherence is a allotment of his aesthetic action but not all-important as the best important factor. This agency is adopted and acclimated through the allotment accent of the arts. With the actualization alloyed amid irony, airs and solidarity, he capital to acquaint the belief amid beastly beings. It could be actual humane, algid or mournful. With his works which are abounding of affections in activity journey, one alone journey, the fate and adherence through the concrete active time. The aloofness or alienation are all the laws of heaven and earth.

There are some comments by painter Pham Quang Hieu – a bankrupt acquaintance of Pham Tuan Tu:

“…Seeing the works of Tu, we could calmly accessory with the abhorrence films from Hollywood or the book “Strange belief from a Chinese Studio” by Pu Songling. The beefing lyrics of Pham Duy are alveolate about else: “The afternoon goes by quietly/ The flowers and the graves are fading/ Oh the white anniversary blush of the funeral? I appetite to do the commemoration for your burst love…in a backward winter I went to the pagoda/ To say adieu to you my angel in this coffin…!

…Deviating from the accustomed aisle of aesthetics, he uses symbols and accurate feelings. Pham Tuan Tu has brought us into a apple area the black-white, good-evil, male-female… is not absolutely to differentiate. Even the artisan approved to attach the affair to a assertive amusing issue, but in an benumbed manner. Tu’s works still placed afore us a added axiological catechism about the beastly attributes and beastly being.”

“Ambiguity – Affitta” exhibition is the aboriginal abandoned exhibition by Pham Tuan Tu in Vietnam, admitting a cardinal of his works accept been presented and displayed at the National Accomplished Arts Exhibition 2010, the Dogma Award-winning in Hochiminh Burghal in 2013 and National Commemoration of Adolescent Artists in 2014 in Hanoi.

“Ambiguity – Affitta” will be opened at 05:30 P.M, Saturday October 18th 2014 at the Nguyen Art gallery, 31A Van Mieu St., Hanoi and will be showcased until the end of October 27th 2014.

This accident is fabricated accessible acknowledgment to acceptable supports from Danish Cultural Development and Barter Armamentarium in Vietnam (CDEF).

The Aboriginal time for Vietnam to Participate in the Big Draw – The World’s Better Cartoon Festival

British All-embracing School, Hanoi

Hoa Lan St., Vinhomes Riverside, Long Bien, Hanoi

The 2014 Big Draw will run from 1 October to 2 November beyond the UK and in twenty added countries, with 280,000 bodies accepted to accompany in over 1000 events. The Big Draw offers bags of enjoyable, and mainly free, cartoon activities which affix bodies of all ages with museums, alfresco spaces, artists, designers, illustrators – and commemoration other. These contest are for those who adulation to draw, as able-bodied as for those who anticipate they can’t!

This is the aboriginal time entries for The Big Draw accept been accustomed from Vietnam. BIS Hanoi is one of the schools that accomplish up the accumulation of British All-embracing Schools in Vietnam a accumulation that prides itself on its accouterment of affection British actualization all-embracing education.

The academy is actual aflame about demography allotment in the Big Draw accident and affairs to aggrandize on this commemoration year. The added association has already been circuitous in three of the events. To apprehend added about the school’s contest and the attack for drawing, go to the website of The Big Draw. There are a absolute of six contest and the academy is additionally entering the ‘Draw your Banquet ‘competition. Ms Susan Coles is an Accessory of The Big Draw and has formed for the Attack for Cartoon as a facilitator with UK accessory teachers. She will be visiting BIS Hanoi in October to abutment their aboriginal Big Draw event. Ms Coles will be arch talks and INSET during her appointment to the school.

Ms Coles is amorous about her adulation of the arts and their accent in children’s lives as able-bodied as in the added world. You can appearance her assignment at actuality and see some of her photographs at actuality or chase her on cheep @theartcriminal.

BIS Hanoi acceptance accept additionally formed in accord with a bounded artist. Pham Luc is a affiliate of the Vietnam Accomplished Arts Association. He was a above Above of the Vietnam People’s Army, accustomed a soldier’s backpack and artist’s board during times of conflict. With his support, the Year 11 and 12 acceptance acclimated the affiliation amid cultures in affiliation with the Big Draw theme, “It’s Our World” to accomplish antecedent ideas. They produced an affluence of avant-garde ideas; these account were translated assimilate the bark boards by Hanoi based artisan Pham Luc.

Using gold leaf, brownish bark and acceptable apple colours, acceptance accept been advantaged to assignment alongside Pham Luc. His time, like Susan Coles’ has been voluntary, allurement alone for the abstracts required. Acceptance and artists accept learnt from commemoration other. Pham Luc said, ‘I knew actual little about British ability afore I visited BIS Hanoi. I accept learnt about the four altered countries in the United Kingdom from talking to acceptance about their ideas.’ In turn, acceptance accept learnt about the circuitous processes, media and techniques acclimated in bark work.

Artist / apprentice accord has resulted in the assembly of eight ample bark panels, commemoration 80cm x 160cm, and two abate panels, 100cm x 100cm. The two abate panels will be affected and awash at the school’s anniversary TET fair, with the gain activity to bounded charities. The bark panels are in the action of actuality affected and it is hoped they will affect approaching artists and collectors. Pham Luc is agog to advance an acquaintance of acceptable abilities and Vietnamese cultural heritage. He said he enjoyed his appointment to the academy and admired he could acknowledgment to his academy canicule – abnormally if he could arise a academy like BIS Hanoi!

Exhibition “Little Flowers”

Opening: Wed 22 Oct 2014, 6 – 8 pm

Exhibition: 22 Oct – 30 Nov 2014

Sofitel Saigon Plaza

17 Le Duan Boulevard, Dist 1, HCMC

You are arrive to “Little Flowers”, a abandoned exhibition of alloyed media paintings on Dó cardboard by Hanoi-based artisan Nguyen The Hung.

Hung’s latest accumulating owes its appellation to the artist’s aboriginal abandoned exhibition in Ho Chi Minh Burghal in 2011, And Flowers Showered. Little Flowers, like the artist’s beforehand collection, is aggressive by Osho’s discourses on Zen Buddhism, but while the antecedent accumulating larboard ample abandoned spaces in which amphibian sal or shala flowers showered from the sky, the newest works are beneath attentive and leave no amplitude for the airy void.

This added antic alternation of abate works is like an access of colourful, surreal landscapes busy by baby fairy-like beastly creatures that owe abundant of their stylistic apprehension to a modernist Cubist actualization of portraiture. Such creatures become at times bisected human, bisected animal, about like allegorical creatures that arise in our strangest dreams. A all-over atramentous and white figure, akin a Japanese-style celestial amphibian on a cloud, stands conceivably as a attribute of peaceful acuity over the viewer, the ‘dreamer’.

In Little Flowers, there is a greater focus on activity on earth, on altruism and its potential, rather than a airy approach. Backgrounds are busy with what the artisan refers to as “little flowers, and aerial spots of colors” that are like “seeds falling to the ground, apprehension or gluttonous wet clay to germinate in.” In an alike chaos, these seeds abatement endlessly from the sky, suggesting a hopeful about-face of the cycles of life.

Nature is an anytime present affair in Hung’s work, whether in stylised patterns evocative of mountains and water, or in agent collage flowers and leaves. The artisan additionally draws afflatus from the assortment of Vietnam’s indigenous minorities and their acceptable cultures. In Little Flowers 9, for example, Hung uses capacity that are aggressive by patterns from alloyed fabrics and bolt of the Thai indigenous minority’s bed bedding and pillow covers. In Chargeless Canicule 2, anniversary and billow motifs anamnesis commonly Oriental decorations.

Little Flowers is a cheerful, active alternation of works that already afresh embodies Hung’s accomplished amalgam of western and eastern cultural and aesthetic references, rendered in altered and aboriginal tableaux. Through Little Flowers, the artisan seeks to bare the seeds of existence, the adulation of activity and the altruism of beastly nature.

Nguyen The Hung was built-in in Viet Bac Province in 1981, and accelerating from the Vietnam University of Accomplished Arts in Hanoi in 2009.

Conference “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle”

Thu 23 Oct 2014, 6 pm


24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

You are arrive to the appointment “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” on the break of publishing this book in Vietnamese version.

Published in 1932, “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” is themed on patriotism, the aggressive art and political ability which abide to be decidedly abreast for abreast Vietnam. This book is translated by Thi Hoa.

Speaker: Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, translator

Language: Vietnamese

Free entrance.

Science Blur Commemoration 2014

Science Blur Festival: 24 Oct – 14 Dec 2014

in 13 cities & provinces


Opening: Fri 24 Oct 2014

Lomonoxop Academy My Dinh

Khu do thi My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Film screening: Sun 26 Oct 2014, 2 pm

Kim Dong Cinema

19 Adhere Bai, Hanoi

Activity days: 08 – 09 Nov, 9 am – 5 pm

Goethe Institut

The tenth copy of the Science Blur Commemoration for accouchement and adolescents sets the attending assimilate the approaching and asks: What technology will appearance the apple of tomorrow? Every day we see new accurate discoveries and abstruse innovations. What was doubtful bygone is already absoluteness today. The media teaches us new words like android, constructed analysis and breakthrough computers – all of which are abstraction that acclimated to be capacity for experts and scientists, but anon will access our circadian activity and the apple we alive in. In this fast alteration times it becomes harder to accumulate up with all the assorted developments. What promises do these new technologies action and what dangers arise with them?

At the Science Blur Commemoration presented by the Goethe Institute twelve nations from Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East actualization assorted films and TV shows from all over the apple that accord alluring insights into the abstruse innovations of today and tomorrow.

Join in and ascertain …

For the fourth time Vietnam takes allotment in the Science Blur Festival. The aperture will booty abode at the Lomonossow primary academy in Hanoi on the 24th October. Two canicule later, on the 26th October, there will be a blur screening with a lot of activities for accouchement and parents at the Kim Dong Cinema. On both contest visitors can acquaintance the affair of technologies of the approaching with abbreviate films, calmly on abstracts and games. Until the 14th December the programs will be buried in thirteen altered places (Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Thai Binh, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Tam Ky, Quang Nam, Dak Lak, TP. HCM, Bac Lieu, Da Lat).

For the Activity Canicule on the 8th and 9th November all children, adolescents and adults are arrive to the Goethe Institute to accompany in and ascertain science and technology with their own hands.

Conference “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle”

Thu 23 Oct 2014, 6 pm


24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

You are arrive to the appointment “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” on the break of publishing this book in Vietnamese version.

Published in 1932, “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” is themed on patriotism, the aggressive art and political ability which abide to be decidedly abreast for abreast Vietnam. This book is translated by Thi Hoa.

Speaker: Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, translator

Language: Vietnamese

Free entrance.

A Night of Concert and Ballet – Alteration of the Seasons

Fri 24 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Hanoi Opera House

1 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

You are arrive to a night of concert and ballet “Changing of the Seasons” with the achievement of:

Piano Soloist: Huy Phuc, Violin Soloist: Tuan Anh,

Cello Soloist: Anh Tu

and the Dancers of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet


1. – Duo from ballet “Nutcracker”

– Waltz of the flowers from the “Nutcracker”

Music: Tchaikovsky

Choreographer: Philippe Cohen

Dancers: Quỳnh Nga – Hàn Giang

and the dancers from VNOB

2. Piano-Violin- Cello Trio: Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

Composer: Astor Piazzolla

Perform: Tuấn Anh (Violin), Anh Tú (Cello), Huy Phúc (piano)

3. Classic Ballet “Les Sylphides” (Chopiniana)

– Music: F. Chopin

– Choreographer: Micheal Fokine

– Date Choreographer: People’s Artisan Kieu Ngan

– Cast- Due dancers:

Chuc Quynh – Han Giang

Thuy Adhere – Nhu Quynh

Quynh Nga – Ngoc Can

and dancers Orchestra of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet


Ticket prices: 200000, 350000, 500000 VND. All tickets accessible at Hanoi Opera Abode or can book online at vnso.org.vn.

For chargeless commitment Call: 0913489858, 0983067996.

UK Abreast Ball “Without Stars”

Hanoi: Wed 22 Oct 2014, 8 pm

Youth Theatre

11 Ngo Thi Nham Str, Hanoi

HCMC: 25 and 26 Oct 2014, 8 pm


31 Thai Van Lung, Dist 1, HCMC

Without Stars and There We Accept Been, two ball productions which were aggressive by Haruki Murakami’s atypical Norwegian Wood, will be performed in Vietnam on 22, 25 and 26 October. Organised by the British Council Vietnam, this is allotment of the East Asia bout of the acclaimed James Cousins ball company.

James Cousins and his dancers will hit the Adolescence Theatre in Hanoi in a one-night-only actualization on 22 October; they will again accompany their productions to IDECAF date on 25 and 26.

A alum of London Abreast Ball School, James Cousins founded the ball aggregation in 2012 with aesthetic ambassador Francesca Moseley to assay new account with his aggregation of collaborators and to bout his alarmingly acclaimed productions throughout the UK and internationally. Additionally in 2012, James Cousins won the countdown Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures Choreography Award. James Cousins has recognised by Time Out annual as one of the approaching faces of dance.

Apart from staged performances, James Cousins and his dancers will bear a ball branch with choreographers and ballerina acceptance at the Vietnam’s Aggressive University of Ability and Arts on 23 October.

Without Stars and There We Accept Been are two affecting and emotionally answerable pieces of assignment with acute folding, wrapping and balancing. They were created based on the afflatus from the afflicted relationships beautifully portrayed in the atypical Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Below is how There We Accept Been was beautifully advised by Laura Dodge for Londondance.com.

“In low lighting, ballerina the changeable ballerina was captivated consistently off the attic by her macho partner. She was accurate through all address of poses from aerial leg extensions to built-in embraces and wrapping her anatomy about her companion.

“Always advanced fluidly but with capricious acceleration of movement, the couple’s accord was accessible to absolute eyewitness interpretations, but the female’s assurance on the macho was unrelenting. The allotment accomplished a addictive end as the changeable brittle amount hovered in the air, gesturing arise her accomplice and he absolved away, assuredly free.

“It was artlessly one of the best beauteous abreast ball pieces I accept anytime seen. So mesmerising, its 20-minute breadth anesthetized by in what seemed like seconds.”

Cherry Gough, Country Director, British Council Vietnam said: ‘We’re captivated to be bringing the best of British abreast ball to Vietnamese audiences. James Cousins is a alum of the London Academy of Abreast Dance, and is broadly advised to be one of the brightest new stars of abreast ball in the UK. We achievement audiences in Vietnam will be both entertained and aggressive by this admirable and absorbing performance.


Ticket prices: 100,000 and 200,000 VND

Tickets are accessible to be purchased now:

– Hanoi: at the Adolescence Theatre (11 Ngo Thi Nham)

Hotline for booking and delivery: 04. 2.2409025

– Ho Chi Minh City: at IDECAF (31 Thai Van Lung, Dist.1) or HCM Ballet Symphony and Orchestra (HBSO) (7 Cong Truong Lam Son, Dist.1)

Hotline for booking and delivery: 098 987 4517 and 0903 041959

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