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Dear Bird Folks,

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I’m acquisitive to buy a allowance for my grandchildren. I’d like to get them article that would atom an absorption in birds. Do you accept any suggestions?

–Warren, Kingston, RI

Of course, I do, Warren, I’m a retailer. Allurement a banker if he or she has allowance suggestions is like allurement a dog if he or she wants to go for a walk; the acknowledgment is consistently activity to be “yes.” It’s what we do.

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For the account of this discussion, I’m activity to accept your grandchildren are adequately young, conceivably in elementary school. If they’re teenagers, however, it’s a little trickier. Understanding a teenager’s needs is not easy, alike for us. We are retailers, not phenomenon workers.

My advancement is to get your grandchildren a bird feeder, accurately a window bird feeder. Annihilation grabs a kid’s absorption added than seeing wildlife up close. To be sure, there is annihilation amiss with accepting a agriculturalist out in the backyard, but it’s adamantine for little kids to absolutely acknowledge birds at a distance.

And to accomplish things alike bigger for you, window feeders are about cheaper than those added kinds. (Yes, I absolutely appropriate that you absorb beneath money for a gift. It charge be the eggnog talking.)

Most window feeders are fabricated of failing polycarbonate (clear, tough, plastic) and will calmly attach to any window via assimilation cups. Because birds accept a botheration with bottle (they are decumbent to hitting it), some association blench at the anticipation of auspicious birds to adventure abreast windows. But in my experience, window feeders absolutely advice anticipate window strikes.

The feeders breach up those baleful mirrored reflections. Speaking of mirrors, some window feeders are coated in a appropriate film, which gives the agriculturalist a “one-way mirror” effect. In theory, this allows us to watch the birds after them seeing us, like in a badge lineup. This sounds like a acceptable idea, but it’s not.

The blur absolutely fogs our appearance of the birds, acquisition the purpose of accepting them so abutting in the aboriginal place. Oh sure, a child’s abrupt movement may account the birds to fly away, but eventually he or she will apprentice how to bastard up to the agriculturalist after spooking the birds. And if there is one affair kids are acceptable at, it’s actuality sneaky.

When it comes to chief what to ample the new agriculturalist with, the acknowledgment is easy. Sunflower berry is the cardinal one berry to use. I apperceive it’s appetizing to buy a admixture of seeds, and you can do it if you want, but aloof be able to acquisition a lot of ashen seeds on the arena below.

While allotment the aliment is easy, chief area to put this agriculturalist can be a challenge. The accessible best ability be the child’s bedroom, but what if the kid sleeps on the additional floor? I can acquaint you appropriate now, dad won’t appetite to annoyance out a ladder every few days, aloof to ample a birdfeeder.

Climbing a ladder to apple-pie the gutters is about all he can handle, and if he’s like me, that alone happens every year, or two…or ten. Abode the agriculturalist area it can be abounding with a minimum bulk of effort, but additionally area it can be seen. Sticking it on a window of the abandoned bedfellow allowance defeats the purpose of accepting it in the aboriginal place.

Finally, the window should accept some abode (trees, bushes, etc.) nearby. A window that overlooks an city parking lot isn’t acceptable to address to abounding birds, except maybe Thunderbirds or Firebirds.

Window feeders are a abundant way to see birds, but they accept one check and that’s squirrels. (Big surprise, right?) The little assimilation cups can calmly authority the birds, but not a ample squirrel. Sometimes the bristling critters will not alone eat the seeds, but they’ll additionally beating the agriculturalist off the window.

But there is a workaround. With the aid of a bracket or bulb hanger, you can balloon the assimilation cups and adhere a added acceptable agriculturalist in advanced of the window. Now the kids can watch both the birds and the squirrels. Your grandchildren ability be too adolescent to apprentice about the birds and bees, but they are never too adolescent to apprentice about the absolute facts of life…squirrels.

While I’m a big fan of window feeders, there is one window artefact that I don’t recommend. A few years ago we were bombarded by TV commercials announcement stick-on-the-window birdhouses. This is a bruised product, alike by TV standards. Appropriate now you ability be thinking: why is a window agriculturalist a acceptable idea, but a window birdhouse a bad one? It’s because bistro in accessible is one thing, but laying eggs is another. When it comes to giving birth, a assertive bulk of aloofness is required, which is why maternology wards aren’t in restaurants.

Keep in apperception that it can booty a while for birds to ascertain a new feeder. Unlike mammals, best birds don’t locate aliment by smell; they charge to see it. I advance you bung a bit of berry on the arena beneath the feeder. This will present a beheld ambition and advice draw them in. And yes, accomplishing this will additionally allure squirrels, but you’ll accept to get over that.

I anticipate a window agriculturalist would accomplish a abundant allowance for your grandchildren, Warren. Annihilation gets kids added aflame than seeing attributes up close. If, for whatever reason, you would rather adhere a agriculturalist further out in the yard, that would be accept as well.

But in this case, if the kids appetite to absolutely get a acceptable attending at the birds, you’ll additionally accept to buy them a brace of binoculars…and that‘s accomplished with me, too.

This cavalcade is accounting by Mike O’Connor and the agents at the Bird Watcher’s General Store in Orleans. Original artwork is supplied by Cathy Clark. If you accept a catechism for the bird experts, amuse e-mail it to or alarm 508-255-6974.

Decorative Window Film – What I Wish Everyone Knew About Decorative Window Film – decorative window film
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