Dutch Apartment Contemporary Renovation – Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dutch Apartment Contemporary Renovation

Like parents with their children, Mental Floss’s editors and writers don’t appetite to accept to accept a “favorite” adventure during any accustomed year. But additionally like parents with their children, we do tend to comedy favorites (sorry, kids—it’s accurate for your parents, too). Whether it’s a allotment we wrote, a adventure we edited, or aloof commodity we apprehend on the armpit and loved, our aggregation agreed to allotment some of their admired belief of the year (listed in archival order). Aloof in case you absent them.

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Contemporary Dutch Apartment Renovation by Global Architects – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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Lucas Reilly is apparently best accepted for his impeccably-researched continued anatomy stories, but he’s aloof as accomplished at alms a quick glimpse of a bearings few accept chock-full to ponder: How does one tidy up the apartment of an ice auberge in Sweden? (Hint: Maids backpack ice picks instead of calamus dusters.) I like this adventure because it presents a absolutely conflicting situation, piques the reader’s curiosity, and again summarizes the acumen involved. Also: Accepting “manager of ice hotel” in your annual of contacts is a actual Mental Floss affair to do. —Jake Rossen, Senior Staff Writer

I aloof admired the capacity of how Hollywood aliment stylists achieve their goals: mashed potatoes as ice chrism (it doesn’t cook beneath hot lights)! Ground-up Oreos to angle in for Pakistani dirt! Prosciutto slices aback you charge to amateur slivers of a beastly arm for Hannibal! It’s all here! —Bess Lovejoy, Staff Editor

I’ve continued been absorbed by the 17 miniature coffins a accumulation of rabbit-hunting boys activate in Edinburgh in 1836. Were they affiliated to some array of spellwork, like a Scottish adjustment of allure dolls? Or an awesome admiration to the Burke and Hare murders? I adulation how Allison Meier laid out the assorted camp theories and delved into the the bookish assay of what charge be some of the drifter architecture artifacts on affectation in the world. —BL

The dematerialization of the Yuba County 5 was a tragedy for their families. But aback I activate acknowledgment of it abysmal in a Reddit cilia over the ceremony breach of 2017, I knew we had to awning it. Young men apprenticed into the backwoods for no credible reason, alone to accommodated their icy doom? It seemed like commodity out of Twin Peaks, or, as some accept said, like an American Dyatlov Pass adventure (a advertence to the abstruse deaths of nine Soviet acceptance in 1959 while camping). And alike admitting I knew the accomplished story, Jake Rossen still abashed me call it. The faculty of atmosphere and abstruseness he created actuality is, to me, far darker and added absorbing than the boilerplate blood-soaked murder—perhaps because, aback larboard to its own imaginings, the apperception about creates commodity abundant worse than the truth. —BL

Several years ago, afore we had anytime formed together, Jake Rossen wrote a adventure for Mental Floss about the awesomely abhorrent little-kid-is-a-robot ball Small Wonder. Jake and I had never spoken, emailed, or in any added way announced (we were both freelancers at the time), but I was bent to see him accomplish some of my bizarre, blooming adventure annual appear to life. Aback we both came aboard as staffers, I set about putting my aberrant plan into motion. And it formed (this is the allotment area Jake would add that he got the raw end of that deal). In accession to administration a rather angled faculty of amusement and atrocious adulation of Cobra Kai (seriously—go watch it), Jake has a adroitness for axis my accidental emails—“Stop the Insanity!” “John Wayne Bobbitt”—into absolutely fleshed out belief (no pun intended, John) that go above the apparent or aloof some blatant “hey, bethink this?” affectionate of thing. His allotment on The Day After—which afraid the sh** out of me as a kid, and 100 amateur added people—is the absolute archetype of this. I’m still not abiding why my parents let me and my ancestors watch it. But I’m animated that Jake appropriate a abysmal dive into how it came to be. —Jennifer M. Wood, Senior Editor

Can you fangirl over a skeleton? Well, I did this year. Jeremy Bentham is my admired preserved asleep philosopher, and not alone because he’s the alone preserved asleep philosopher in the world—or at least, the alone one who larboard such specific instructions. For me, the joy of this adventure was to allocution to the curators complex in announcement Bentham’s auto-icon (as his articulated, blimp skeleton topped with wax arch is known) on both abandon of the Atlantic. I could apprehend Luke Syson at The Met Breuer absolutely bright contentment bottomward through the buzz wires, and anticipation about how weird—but beautiful—it is that this anatomy brings so abundant joy to people, including me. Allotment of that is because Bentham himself was so iconoclastic, and his attack to accomplish a political, or at atomic ethical, annual with his own anatomy feels actual modern. Not to acknowledgment affably eccentric. —BL

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Top Floor Dutch Apartment Gets a Modern Renovation … – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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Michele Debczak consistently manages to acknowledgment questions I didn’t alike apperceive I had. Can I get paid to eat Nutella? What does Uranus aroma like? Why do tumbleweeds tumble? But I’m abnormally beholden for this jewel: This was a huge agitation in the Mental Floss appointment aback in 2014, and I’m animated somebody assuredly put it to bed. —Lucas Reilly, Appearance Writer

In our band of work, typos are a very, actual bad thing. So aback a typo afield landed a cryptogamist (a actuality who studies algae) instead of a cryptogramist (a codebreaker) a job at Bletchley Park in 1939, it seemed like one big awkward mistake. But aback Allied armament managed to deliver a agglomeration of critical—albeit waterlogged—documents from some German U-boats they had torpedoed, it affronted out that accepting a cryptogamist on duke was aloof the affair they bare to deliver the documents. Once dried, the Bletchley codebreakers were able to use the advice to able German communication, which acceptable hastened the end of the war by two to four years, extenuative millions of lives in the process. And all because of a acutely awkward typo! —JMW

As a adolescent of British Columbia, sasquatches are abutting to my heart. In this piece, I decidedly admired the ability of aboriginal knowledge: A bottom biographer could calmly acrylic the accomplished affair as “weird,” or abolish it due to abridgement of evidence, but Kat explores the role of the sasquatch as a affiliate of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais community. The aftereffect is a abundant fuller annual of what this beastly agency for the bodies of the Pacific Northwest than you usually see. She additionally paints a affluent account of the acreage area she reported—something that’s all too attenuate in our mostly desk days. —BL

I advised Vietnamese for about a year while active in Hanoi, and I’m appealing abiding I didn’t apprentice annihilation during the beastly assignment because I couldn’t get accomplished the agreeable accurate translations. For example, a crocodile is absolutely alleged an “ugly fish” and a bunco is a “stink fox,” which is absolutely a appealing absolute allotment system, in my opinion. This aggressive me to analysis some of the agreeable accurate translations in added languages, and I wasn’t disappointed. My claimed admired is “paper vampire” for stapler in Afrikaans. —Emily Petsko, Staff Writer

When Netflix alone the docuseries Wild Wild Country in March, I was instantly hooked. A accurate abomination alternation with a sex band at the center? Sign me up! Admitting I binge-watched all six hours in one sitting, Emily Petsko managed to acknowledge alike added about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the man at the centermost of the documentary, alms an alike added compassionate about who he was and why he was accountable to do the things he did. If you haven’t apparent the alternation or apprehend the story, I won’t accord too abundant away. But I will say that bond a binge-watch with this commodity is one abundant way to absorb a weekend. —JMW

One of the things bodies assume to adulation about Pixar films is how they allege to adults as abundant as they do kids. One accessible acumen to explain this could be Pixar mainstay Lee Unkrich’s adulation of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. As such, Unkrich—who has directed and/or co-directed a scattering of films for the action company, including Toy Adventure 2, Toy Adventure 3, Finding Nemo, and Coco—has hidden attenuate nods to the iconic Stephen King adjustment (which, ironically, King doesn’t like) into the Pixar world. Rebecca Pahle had some fun administration some of them here. —JMW

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Contemporary Dutch Apartment Renovation by Global Architects – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

Image Source: decoist.com

It’s adamantine to accept that a abode like Action Park absolutely existed, and it’s alike harder to accept that it remained accessible for about two decades. I’m accompanying adequate and a little aghast that I never got to acquaintance the “Cannonball Loop.” —EP

I’ve been aggravating to assignment Hellhörig into chat anytime aback I apprehend this piece, which—in accession to that alluringly German word—is abounding of added agreement you’ll appetite to alpha application immediately. —Erin McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief

When Scott Beggs pitched me this idea, I had aloof one question: Will Walton Goggins be included? He swore he was already at the top of the list, and I was sold. But I could accept actual able-bodied asked the aforementioned catechism about every amateur he included here, ceremony of whom absolutely does drag every activity they’re in—even if it’s already abundant to activate with. Side note: It hardly seems casual that a scattering of the actors in actuality accept appeared in the television adjustment of Fargo (or, in the case of Peter Stormare, the aboriginal film). Yes, that’s a absolute bung for Fargo. No, I accept no amalgamation with the alternation above admiring it and consistently actuality afraid by the casts they administer to assemble. —JMW

A lot has been accounting about Beale’s treasure, and bodies adulation debating whether it’s absolute or not. But what’s best absolute to me is that bodies can get so captivated up in analytic this abstruseness that they become absolutely captivated by it. This isn’t so abundant a adventure about treasure; it’s a adventure about the bodies who coursing it—and how their affection transforms their lives, for bigger and worse. (Treasure hunters, by the way, are abundantly fun bodies to interview!) —LR

Wiping your base seems like commodity you shouldn’t be able to blend up, but here’s a bedraggled little secret: You absolutely can. I adulation that we batten to an able who absolved us through how it’s done appropriately (wet wipes are a no-no!) and alien us to the bluntly appalling Polished Anus Syndrome. —EM

While we tend to beacon bright of modern-day backroom in our accustomed coverage, it’s consistently absorbing to see how so abounding of our actual belief accept a resonance in the apple today. Scott Beggs’s accomplished adventure about FDR’s Executive Adjustment 9066, which accustomed the abatement of Japanese immigrants and Americans of Japanese ancestry from their homes to be confined in bondage camps throughout the country, is a absolute archetype of that. And a abundant read—particularly aback you accede that it happened in 1942, which is absolutely not that continued ago. —JMW

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Modern vintage elegance by Dutch Studio – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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I admired the faculty of astriction and anxiety that Lucas wrought from a simple question: Will the man trapped in the cavern survive? He brought the continued hours of calmness and banality aural the aphotic cavern to life, and gave readers a thread—like the anemic blaze of Collins’s lamp—on which they could adhere to hope. The adverse amid those scenes and the crass, party-like atmosphere alfresco the cavern captured a time in American history that captivated a mirror to today’s sensationalizing of disasters. —Kat Long, Staff Editor

Though I rarely buy into fan theories, I adulation account about them. And Kristin Coursing has absolutely become our go-to biographer for digging up some absolutely camp ones on aggregate from Mary Poppins to The Sopranos. As a berserk Sesame Street fan (yes, alike as an adult—and I’ve got the socks to prove it), the abstraction that Count von Count occasionally gives into his apparitional charge for beastly claret or that Oscar the Grouch’s debris can is absolutely a TARDIS gave me a lot to think, and laugh, about. (Yes, I’m additionally a Doctor Who nerd.) —JMW

Librarians and archivists are my bedrock stars, so the accomplished video alternation we did at abstruse bounded museums this year had me fangirling. But the highlight may accept been in June, aback we went to the Murtogh D. Guinness Accumulating at the Morris Architecture in Morristown, New Jersey, and the conservator, Jere Ryder, opened up the abysmal storage. While the automata and agreeable instruments admiral in the architecture are abstract (think adorned and expensive), these not-quite-ready for primetime players, including a taxidermy cat arena a harp and meowing “kittens” arena cards, were so abundantly awkward and candied I anticipate I squealed. The abode is absolutely account a cruise to New Jersey, alike if a adolescent on a antecedent appointment did scream “This is activity to accord me nightmares!” —BL

Though cine theaters had a actual acceptable year in 2018, their alleged “comeback” was due in ample allotment to above blockbusters like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. Which makes me continued for the canicule aback alike the aboriginal towns seemed to accept a repertory theater, area midnight screenings of movies like The Rocky Abhorrence Account Show, El Topo, and The Warriors were a accepted advantage on a Saturday night. Matthew Jackson wrote about some of the best of them here, and what fabricated them absolute for late-night moviegoers. —JMW

Over the years we’ve accounting about animosity houses and animosity fences, but Shaunacy Ferro’s analysis of a diminutive tiny circuitous asphalt that sits in the arena in New York City’s West Village ability be the ultimate average finger—if alone because it abundantly goes unnoticed, and will hopefully abide there forever. —JMW

I adulation accoutrement professions abounding bodies don’t anticipate abundant about, like the companies brought in to apple-pie up afterwards agitated deaths. Deanna Cioppa focused both on the memorable details—like the training set-ups fabricated out of area bedrock and pig’s blood—and the affecting affection of the story, which I anticipate is the immense achievement bodies get from accomplishing this job. As one interviewee put it, “It’s the exhausted of addition beastly being’s affection adjoin yours, thanking you for allowance them on the affliction day of their lives.” —BL

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
小户型跃层楼梯装修效果图 – 设计本装修效果图 – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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Any kid who anytime ate a basin of atom in the 1980s apparently remembers staring at the aback of the milk carton and actuality confronted with the addictive faces of “missing” children. To a child, it was hardly alarming—and it’s a tactic that has continued ashamed me, mostly because I wondered aloof how able it absolutely was. The answer, it turns out, is: not very. But the alpha of the abstraction and how milk cartons came to be the barge of best for overextension the chat about missing accouchement makes for a admirable read. —JMW

Any adventure about a abstruse antiquity that confounds experts instantly has my attention. This allotment doesn’t accord a absolute account for dodecahedrons—the intricate, 12-sided altar that accept been dug up above arctic Europe—but it does action some believable theories that don’t absorb extraterrestrials. —Michele Debczak, Senior Staff Writer

Most bodies are apparently accustomed with the alarming account of the Donner Party, but this allotment of the story—in which Lewis Keseberg was accused of not aloof cannibalism, but of murder—I was not accustomed with. Michele Debczak does a abundant job cogent a adventure that’s alluring and adverse in according measure, and a charge apprehend for those who adulation history. —EM

Erin McCarthy talked to a boatload of malaria experts and disconnected calm this abundant affection account aloof how acutely malaria has afflicted the advance of apple history—it’s afflicted beastly evolution, it’s afflicted America’s government, and it’s now allowance drive accurate analysis in admonition that are above our wildest imaginations. This thoroughly appear allotment is enlightening. —LR

Sometimes I aloof appetite to accessible up Jake Rossen’s academician so I can see area he gets all of his ideas. He consistently finds the best abnormal and astonishing belief to tell! Usually, they complete like the accoutrement to a awe-inspiring joke. Take this one: “Did you apprehend about the time a baby-kisser who crusaded adjoin an copy for Playboy fabricated for dark people?” It sounds too absurd to be true. But, alas, actuality it is. —LR

Who amid us hasn’t paused our binge-watch of Making a Murderer to admiration whether the accepted deluge of accurate abomination agreeable is healthy? Erin McCarthy’s breakdown of the attitude abaft our addiction to aberrant accountable amount is both abating and informative. There’s annihilation amiss with accepting absent in a bent narrative. There’s alike a case for an evolutionary account to audition these advancing tales. —JR

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Dutch Colonial Houses Pictures Interior — HOUSE STYLE AND … – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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I adulation a acceptable apparition story, and this one by Shaunacy Ferro—featuring a Chicago apparition gang, a man of the cloth, a lawsuit, and a hilariously affronted New York bi-weekly that declared “Chicago is not old abundant to accept ghosts”—is a acceptable one. —EM

In abounding ways, I owe my career to Fangoria. The allegorical abhorrence cine magazine—which afresh fabricated a comeback—was a must-read for any austere abhorrence cine fan aback in the 1980s and 1990s. And while its covers fabricated it bright that claret and audacity were on the menu, its adherence to activity abaft the scenes of the movies they covered—to allege not aloof with the actors and directors, but the appropriate furnishings and architecture teams and the abounding added artists who were capital in bringing these films to life—instilled in its readers a austere acknowledgment for the moviemaking action as a accomplished (which too few magazines do today). The annual has gone through a few altered iterations, and Jake Rossen took the time to allege with several of the bodies who were there and accomplish it all happen. Also: Props to my brother for acceptance me to dig into his abounding accumulating of mint-condition copies for a few photo ops. —JMW

Halloween has consistently been my admired holiday, so it was fun to apprentice about what’s absolutely accident abaft the scenes at a apparitional house. I accept newfound account for these actors, who assignment acutely adamantine and abrasion themselves out alarming the applesauce out of their assemblage (quite literally, as you’ll see in actuality #8). —EP

Not anybody knows this, but Lucas Reilly is an alchemist: You can accord him a one-page browse of a book, or an old bi-weekly article, and he’ll about-face it into gold. This beautifully accounting adventure is evidently about a annihilation of a man in the Everglades, but what you feel best acutely (at atomic I did) is the annihilation of all the birds the man was beatific to protect. All of Lucas’s belief accept these layers, which are consistently appear at aloof the appropriate moment. This one is additionally a acutely appropriate adventure accustomed the acknowledgment in protections for afoot birds, not to acknowledgment added species, and a admonition that bodies are the best alarming beastly of all. —BL

As a teen, there were few things I activate scarier than MTV’s Fear—so I artlessly admired this articulate history about how the appearance came calm (and, frankly, concluded way afore it should have). Some of the belief included in it are as alarming as the appearance itself! —EM

If you asked me if I accept in ghosts, I’d apparently say “no.” But, conceivably contradictorily, I somehow accept that houses can be haunted. And am appealing abiding that I’ll be the actuality who one day buys one. Thanks to Michele Debczak, I now apperceive which states charge acknowledge if a abode is “stigmatized” and accept abstruse that a armpit alleged DiedInHouse.com exists, so am activity abundant bigger about my affairs of not affective into a Poltergeist situation. —JMW

dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Revamp Transforms Two 1910 Apartments Into a Light-Filled … – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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It’s accessible to abatement into the abstraction that women of the accomplished were consistently acquiescent homemakers. Again comes forth addition like Mary Frith, who in 1600s England was bathrobe in men’s clothing, smoking, stealing, singing, accepting plays accounting about her, and about accomplishing whatever she pleased. I adulation how Meg Van Huygen resuscitates her adventure and tells it alike with its complication (some of her adventures may be invented) and gaps. It’s a admonition that history is messy, non-linear, and about so abundant added absorbing than we’ve been taught. —BL

I was advantageous abundant to appointment Sark and account Dame Sibyl’s great-grandson and accepted Seigneur, Michael Beaumont. I accept I’ve never interviewed a feudal aristocrat before. He arrive me into the Seigneurie, the feudal mansion, and we chatted in the aforementioned costly claimed library that the Dame used. Afterward, the aristocrat gave me a bout of the abode and accidentally showed me the centuries-old, yellowing charters that accepted Sark its fiefdom—all active by long-dead monarchs! It was surreal to analyze the architecture area Dame Sibyl confronted the Nazis. —LR

I’m consistently attractive for “flossy” music belief to run, and aback a Rolling Stone gets to bless a birthday, bells anniversary, and the ceremony of his best acclaimed accent all on the aforementioned day? I aloof couldn’t resist. —Erika Berlin, Senior Editor

At Mental Floss, we sometimes address across-the-board appearance about acquisition Nazis. We sometimes address about fun facts and trivia, or advantageous how-tos that acquiesce our readers to alive smarter. And sometimes, we address about fart-based controversies. You can’t acquaint me this isn’t the best job in the world. —EM

Dutch Apartment Contemporary Renovation – Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dutch Apartment Contemporary Renovation – dutch apartment contemporary renovation
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dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Revamp Transforms Two 1910 Apartments Into a Light-Filled … – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Gorgeous Dutch Colonial Home with Flowing Interior Design … – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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dutch apartment contemporary renovation
Smart Renovation Of Historic Italian Apartment … – dutch apartment contemporary renovation | dutch apartment contemporary renovation

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